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The state of Uttarakhand is home to the beautiful city of Bhimtal and is renowned for its verdant surroundings and lush greenery. This is a great destination for tourists who are nature lovers, wildlife lovers or photography enthusiasts. There are various cafes, ranging from quiet and secluded cafes situated amidst lush greenery to busy and lively lakeside cafes. Therefore, the cafes in Bhimtal are well-liked by the tourists and the locals, owing to the pleasing aesthetic and architecture and the delicious local food.

5 Cafes In Bhimtal

The following list of cafes in Bhimtal are some of the finest ones and feature delectable food items in their menu combined with beautiful views and sceneries as well as incredible aesthetics and designs.

1. I Heart Cafe

Beautiful interior of a cafe

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The I Heart Cafe situated in Bhimtal is one of the most popular cafes, due to its beautiful location, charming interior and incredible hospitality. The cafe serves some of the most delectable dishes from a variety of cuisines and delicious coffee. The sceneries and scenic views offered by the cafe as well as the exquisite wooden interior are some of the characteristics that attract customers here. Therefore, a visit to this cafe is an overall wonderful experience that is well-liked by tourists as well as the local people.

Location: Mehra Estate, Mehragaon, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand 263136
Opening hours: 9 am -8 pm (every day)
Price Range: Rs 50 onwards
Cuisines: Italian, American, Indian

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2. The Lake Hill Restaurant Cafe

Lake view cafes in Bhimtal are the best ones to unwind a hectic day.

Image Credit: Journey Cafe By The Lake Hill for Facebook

The Lake Hill Restaurant cafe in the stunning location of Bhimtal, is quite a popular hotspot among locals as well as tourists. This cafe is a true paradise for food lovers- it offers live music that exudes a lively ambience and also offers Kumaoni delicacies upon request. Quite popular among youngsters and students, the Lake Hill Restaurant Cafe is a food haven for foodies owing to the lip-smacking items on the menu, the cheap rates as well as the incredible design and interior of the cafe.

Location: Bhimtal Dant, Near Main Boat stand, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand 263136
Opening hours: 10 am-10 pm (every day)
Price range: Rs 100 onwards
Cuisines: Italian, Chinese, American, Fast food, Pan-Asian

3. Zooby’s Kitchen

Picture of a cute and aesthetically pleasing interior of a cafe

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A popular spot in the heart of Bhimtal, Zooby’s Kitchen is a family-owned restaurant chain that is situated in multiple locations. Established in 2009, this cafe features delectable dishes from a lot of cuisines, mainly Mughlai and North Indian cuisine. The aesthetically pleasing modern interior and the tranquil, serene ambience it exudes, attract a lot of tourists and local people to the cafe.

The menu also features an array of beverages, ranging from fresh and aromatic coffee and tea to filling milkshakes and smoothies. There is also an outdoor seating area, where visitors can sit and admire the view while enjoying the scrumptious meal. The cafe is especially popular with the younger generation due to the relatively cheap prices of the scrumptious dishes and the cute interior decor of the cafe. Overall, this is a great cafe for families, youngsters and groups of friends.

Location: Mehragaon, Crossroad, Mehra Gaon, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand 263136
Opening hours: 10 am-10 pm (every day)
Price range: Rs 100 onwards
Cuisines: Italian, Chinese, Indian, Pan-Asian

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4. Aquarium Island Cafe by the Lake Hill- Bhimtal

Stunning view of the Aquarium Island by the lake hill, one of the best Cafes in Bhimtal, Uttarakhand

Image Credit: Aquarium Island Café for Facebook

One of the most renowned cafes and a tourist landmark as well, the Aquarium Island Cafe in Bhimtal is a unique concept and an experience. Situated on an island in the picturesque Bhimtal Lake, the cafe is exclusively accessible by boat. The menu in the cafe features some lip-smacking selections from the local as well as other international cuisines and the exquisite interior decor perfectly complements the scenic view and the tranquil ambience it exudes. The Aquarium Island cafe undoubtedly provides the most enchanting view of Bhimtal Lake from its indoor as well as outdoor seating areas.

Tourists should not pass up on this unique opportunity to enjoy and indulge in a cafe on an island, in the middle of the lake. This is the ultimate paradise for food enthusiasts and a hidden gem that tourists must visit. The island also has a public aquarium alongside the cafe, which tourists can explore, and check out and is a fun tourist attraction for families and groups of friends

Location: Aquarium Island, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand 263136
Opening hours: 9 am – 7 pm (every day)
Price range: Rs 500 (Boat ride) onwards
Cuisines: Pan-Asian, Italian, American, Indian

5. Kita & Gucchi Cafe

A modern interior of a cafe to create beautiful memories.

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A charming and cute cafe with unique decor, the Kita & Gucci Cafe is another cafe that is quite popular among locals and tourists. The Kita and Gucchi premises is home to a multi-cuisine family restaurant as well as an aesthetically pleasing cafe, all in the same area. The dishes and beverages on the menu are very popular and delectable, and feature items from the local as well as other international cuisines.

The fascinating and unique interior of the cafe greatly enhances the cafe’s overall appeal and attractiveness. This is a great spot for tourists and travellers to relax after a long day of sightseeing. The comforting and rejuvenating atmosphere paired with the efficient service and the warm hospitality of the responsive staff members, makes this the ideal spot for families, friends and leisure travellers

Location: 2.5th Milestone from Lake Bhimtal-Bhowali road, Chowk, Kutani, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand 263136
Opening hours: 11 am -10 pm
Price range: Rs 750 onwards
Cuisines: Italian, Indian, Chinese, Pan-Asian

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Now that you have the perfect list of the top cafes in Bhimtal, it is time to pack your bags, plan a trip and set out on a trip to Uttarakhand to visit the beautiful destination of Bhimtal and try out these incredible, aesthetically pleasing cafes. Explore these incredible and unique cafes in Bhimtal, satisfy your taste buds and indulge in the delectable dishes and refreshing beverages these cafes offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cafes In Bhimtal

What are some of the top tourist attractions in Bhimtal, Uttarakhand?

Some of the top sightseeing landmarks in Bhimtal are the Aquarium Island Cafe, Bhimtal Lake, the Hanuman Garhi, the Butterfly Research Centre and Fundraiser Cafe, the Karkotaka temple, the Hidimba Parvat and much more.

Is the Kita and Gucchi Cafe pet-friendly?

Yes, the Kita and Gucchi cafe is pet friendly hence visitors can bring their pets and enjoy as well as make unforgettable memories with them.

When is the best time to visit Bhimtal, Uttarakhand?

The best seasons to visit are March-June and September-December, to truly and fully enjoy the tourist landmarks and these are also the peak seasons in Bhimtal. However, it is advisable to keep in mind that since it is the peak season the prices and rates of cafes, restaurants and accommodation options are going to be higher than usual.

Are there vegan options in the cafes in Bhimtal?

Yes, there are several cafes in Bhimtal that offer vegan options for tourists. However, it is advisable to look up the menu and website of the cafe before visiting to ensure that you can have the most incredible and wonderful experience hassle-free with no hindrances at all.

Is it mandatory to make a reservation at the cafes in Bhimtal?

Although most cafes accept walk-in visitors, it is advisable to book a reservation beforehand to guarantee a table in the cafe of your choice and face no hassles or problems.

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