Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is well known all over the world for its luxury shopping, stunning architecture, its extravagant nightlife, and most importantly– the cafes in Dubai. Unique cafes in Dubai have their fame established worldwide and tourists from everywhere visit Dubai cafes in bulk every year. There can be nothing better than a heart to heart conversation over a large mug of steaming coffee in a place as beautiful as Dubai.

Best Time To Visit Dubai

Uae City Dubai

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The weather conditions of any place is a key factor in deciding whether or not it is a good time to visit, Dubai is no different. Dubai experiences a pleasant weather in the months of mid-November and early December. This time is always the best because it has a comparatively lower rush of the crowd. You can again favorable conditions for a vacation in Dubai around the first half of the month of March.
However, no time is a bad time for coffee and food. You can always hop into a cafe, grab a drink and there could be nothing better than that.

Whether it is a date in the new city or you just want to take an hour or two out to relax while sipping on your favorite drink– coffee and the cafes in Dubai have got you covered.

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6 Best Cafes In Dubai

The following list will let you know about a few cafes of Dubai that you won’t want to miss if you’re a caffeine junkie. Let’s get started.

1. Roseleaf Cafe

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These chain of cafes are among the most famous cafes not just in Dubai, but all around the world. The cozy ambiance of the place along with the aroma of freshly baked brownies will surely make you feel home. The Roseleaf cafe in Dubai exhibits great skills and passion for food and cooking that has been influenced by the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand and is sure to take your taste buds to the Wonderland.

From smoothies, juices, banana breakfast and not to forget our very dear coffee– they have it all. Or you can choose and customize your own dish. You just have to walk into one of their branches and enjoy your coffee.

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2. Café Bateel

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Café Bateel is not just about coffee. It is famous for its expertize in Mediterranean cuisines, preparations of the date fruit, chocolates and other special recipes such as the pecan pie, sponge cakes, salads– the list is never-ending. Café Bateel identifies as a cultivator and curator of food from around the world. It has also been recognized as one of the famous cafes in Dubai 2018.
Apart from the fine experience that this cafe aims at providing its customers with, Bateel also delivers quality food all across the globe. You can sit in your home and enjoy the food that will be delivered to you, right at your doorstep.

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3. The Sum Of Us

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This is yet another famous name in the field of cafes and bakeries. The sum of us, Dubai is a one-stop destination for all your coffee and bakery desires. The quality and the freshness of the food served here is guaranteed. The smell of freshly baked cupcakes and roasted coffee is going to fill your lungs with nostalgia as soon as you step in. You’re welcomed with a well-equipped menu to choose from. Whether it is fish, toasts, porridge or eggs– you can eat whatever you want to. And for drinks, they have a wide range of juices, smoothies, shakes and of course, coffee.
Not only this, but you can also relax in your hotel room while ordering online from The sum of us at the 6th Street, Trade Centre in Dubai and food will be delivered right to you. However, if you want to update your Instagram profile a little, it’s always better if you visit the place.

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4. The Hampton Cafe

The Hampton Cafe

The Hampton cafe, Dubai in UAE is famous for its rich aromatic coffee that drowns your taste buds in strong flavors with every sip that you take.
If you are a coffee freak, you should definitely consider this place in your to visit list. The Hamptons have launched their third location in August of this year and have been a great hit among the local crowd as well as among the tourists.
The menu of this place covers all the high-end meals from Asian, Middle Eastern, and American standards. The use of exotic herbs to a regular dish to add a twist is their field of expertize. If you’re around the Jumeirah islands or the Arabian ranches in Dubai, you cannot miss out on this cafe. Walk in and enjoy your meal.

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5. XVA café

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There cannot be a better choice when it comes to cute cafes in Dubai. This place is the best for all your Instagram worthy pictures and everything to do about beautiful photographs. With colorful walls, to cushions to vast wide yards– XVA, Dubai is all ready to set your social media on fire.
This place in Bur Dubai has got your hunger game sorted with all types of Middle Eastern food and the special lemonade that you must try, once you’re here. A private courtyard meal can be customized according to your requirements to give you the ultimate taste of extravagant dining. Special vegan and vegetarian options are also available. You can place your order online or even book a table of your choice beforehand for a special evening with your friends and family.

6. L’Eto Caffe

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The L’Eto Caffe in the City walk, Jumeirah is a new yet famous addition to the cafe family in Dubai. This place has become a hotspot for people of all age group coming in for food and fun.
Their menu includes exotic items such as Rosemary Turkey, assorted cookies, distinctive cakes, and many more. The Rose-Raspberry cake is one of their irresistible bakes. When it comes to new coffee shops in Dubai, the L’Eto is worth a mention. The food here is just not a feast to your taste buds but also a treat to your eyes. And the food-photography worm that you have, you can feed it well here. It all is the result of all the efforts, the purest of ingredients and the passion for cooking that the chefs put together, that comes out as the deliciousness melting in your mouth. The L’Eto Caffe is the best catch you can get.

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We all have a foodie in us who is dying hard to try new food from all over the world and there can be no place better than the cafes in Dubai. Starting from the themed cafes in Dubai to the exotic range of meals that these places serve, everything is unique and is sure to give you an experience like nothing else. If you are a person with a thing for coffee and extravagant eating, Dubai is the place for you. So, plan your trip to Dubai for trying the best cuisines with your loved ones!

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