Phu Quy is a tiny island which is located about 100 km from the city Phan Thiết of Vietnam. During the time of French Indochina era, the name of this island was Poulo-Cecir-de-Mer. The northern part of Phu Quy Island has a population of 20,698 tourists.

Phu Quy is a district which has a total of ten islands, and Phu Quy is the largest island of all. The area of this island is 16.5km2. The highest point on this island is at 106 m which is Mount Cam Dat. The transport routes for reaching Phu Quy are limited. Here we will discuss all details one needs to know if they are planning a trip to Phu Quy Island. Have a look!

Best Time To Visit Phu Quy

Best Time To Visit Phu Quy

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The best time to visit the beautiful destination of Phu Quy is during the months of December and June. Phu Quy island weather is very rough during the time of October, and there are strong winds and storms due to which it should be avoided to visit Phu Quy in October. Phu Quy Island is very far from the city, or we can say the mainland. A person needs at least two to three days to explore the whole island and discover the different natural landscapes. A person also needs time to know about the rustic life of the tourists living on the island.

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Phu Quy: Best Things To Do

Phu Quy

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Phu Quy has been trying to call foreign as well as domestic investors for investing in the island to develop it. They are trying it to develop the infrastructure of the island especially the hotels and airports to offer excellent services to the tourists visiting the island.

The island is full of beaches with white sand, and it looks incredible. There is a combination of the white color of sand and emerald blue color of the sea water. These beaches are far away from the residential areas. Bai Nho is a very small beach which has an exquisite shape of a crescent with settings of rocks, but it is not favorable for swimming because of the reefs which are present under the surface of the water. The best place for swimming on the whole island is Vinh Trieu Duong beach which is very clean and incredible blue along with white sand.

Overall there are ten islands which are surrounding the main island. Some of these islands have spectacular views like the Hon Do (Red Island), Hon Den (Black Island), Hon Tranh and Hon Trung (Egg Island). Hon Tranh Island is at a distance of only 15 minutes from the Phu Quy Island but to visit there, a person needs a permit from the marine.

Linh Son Pagoda is situated on the Mount Cao Cat, and it has a unique type of shape. This mountain is at the height of 100 m above the sea level. A person could get a perfect view of not only the Phu Quy Island in Vietnam but also of the other islands from the peak of this mountain.

There are total three turbines of wind and six generators to provide power to the population of the island, and there is also a lighthouse on the Cam Mountain. A person has to climb 120 steps to reach to the top of the lighthouse. During the time of sunny days, the views from the top of the lighthouse are stunning.

Phu Quy Island: Best Places To Stay

Phu Quy Island accommodation is not very difficult because there are various places to stay. Here is a list of few hotels along with their location, tariff as well as distance from the Phu Quy Island.

1. Ca Ty Hotel

Ca Ty Hotel

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The hotel provides guests with free Wi-Fi connection. There are meeting rooms in the hotel for the arrangement of conferences. All the rooms of the hotel are air-conditioned and the service is brilliant. The hotel is at a walking distance to the Phan Thiet market and includes a car rental, laundary services and currency exchange services too!

Location: 40 Phan Boi Chau, Phan Thiet
Distance from Phu Quy Island: 0.3 km
Tariff: INR 1438 per day

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2. Minh Hien Hotel

Minh Hein Hotel

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High speed Wi-Fi connection is provided to the users by the hotel. There is a conference room to arrange any kind of meeting in the hotel for business purposes. Refrigerators are provided in all the rooms so that people can store drinks. Transportation tothe airport is provided from the hotel. In for an Asian breakfast on your stay? Well, do check out their in-house restaurant that serves plenty of delicious delicacies.

Location: F59-F60 Vo Van Kiet, Phan Thiet
Distance from Phu Quy Island: 0.6 km
Tariff: INR 1428 per day

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3. Saigon – PT Hotel

Saigon – PT Hotel

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Public Wi-Fi is provided to all guests by the hotel. The best thing about this hotel is that there is a minibar for the people to drink there. The rooms are a bit old but well maintained. So, if you’re planning to stay at a comfy place which also provides Vietnamese and international dishes, their in-house restaurant will surely offer you plenty of that. Don’t forget to check out the Doi Duong Public Beach, which is at a mere 1 Km from the hotel.

Location: 71 Nguyen Trai Street, Binh Hung Ward, Phan Thiet
Distance from Phu Quy Island: 1.2 km
Tariff: INR 898 per day

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4. Ocean Dunes Resort


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It is a great resort situated on the beach of Phan Thiet. The hotel has a pool for the guests to swim and the beach which is closeby to go skinny dipping. The resort has a gym for fitness freaks who want to maintain their fitness even on a trip. There is a bar for the people to end their day having a drink.

Location: 1 Ton Duc Thang Street, Phan Thiet
Distance from Phu Quy Island: 1.3 km
Tariff: INR 3652 per day

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5. TTC Hotel Premium – Phan Thiet

TTC Hotel Premium – Phan Thiet

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It is the tallest hotel and an iconic place in Phan Thiet with a height of 14 storeys. It is a 4 star hotel and is located facing the East Sea. It is only a 5 minutes distance from the places of entertainment, shopping and dining places. There is a minibar as well as a gym and workout centre for people who like working out irrespective of being on a vacation.

Location: Doi Duong Area, Le Loi Street, Hung Long Ward, Phan Thiet
Distance from Phu Quy Island: 1.7 km
Tariff: INR 2525 per day

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How To Reach Phu Quy Island

The local tourists of Phu Quy also find it very difficult to travel to the island. A boat ride for the island takes 6 hours with the large ships and 3 hours for the speedboats. The journey will depend on the weather conditions because if the weather is bad, then no boat or ship would be sailing. Sometimes it happens that the tourists are going to the island but are not able to come back for many days due to bad weather conditions.

By Train

By Train

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Four trains will take you on their route passing through this gorgeous island.

  • SPT2 (Saigon – Phan Thiet) – Departure- 6:50 and Arrival- 10:30
  • SPT1 (Phan Thiet – Saigon) – Departure- 14:05 and Arrival- 18:40
  • PT3 (Phan Thiet – Saigon) – Departure- 22:05 and Arrival- 03:25
  • PT4 (Saigon – Phan Thiet) – Departure- 17:05 and Arrival- 21:35

By Bus

By Bus

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A person can choose from Hanh Café, Phuong Trang, Hoang Long, and Sinh Tourist to travel straight to Phan Thiet from Saigon.

By Ship

By Ship

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There are two different types of boats or ships to Phu Quy Island. The one is the old slow ships which take 6-7 hours to reach to the island. The old ships are Que Huong 2, Phu Quy 7, Binh Thuan 16 and Binh Thuan 18. These ships are very old, and there are not only tourists but also animals and goods that are taken to the island through it. The other option is a medium speedboat. The problem faced is that there is only one medium speedboat Hung Phat 26 which takes about 3-4 hours to reach to the island. Phu Quy Island ferry takes up to 6 hours to reach the island during the time of calm seas.

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This travel guide for Phu Quy Island would be handy for everyone and especially to those tourists who are visiting Phu Quy Island for the first time. Phu Quy Island is a great place for going on a trip in the holidays. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Vietnam for an amazing time with your loved ones!

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