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Nepal has one of the distinguished mountainous features of the Himalayas. Canyoning in Nepal is one of the most popular adventure sports and recreational activities. By canyoneering, one can enjoy the beauty of Himalayan Mountain caves, canyons, waterfalls, rivers, dense forest, and rolling hills in Nepal. It is a tourist-friendly kingdom in South Asia.There are many adventure sports service providers, who take tourists and adventure seekers to various places for canyoning in Nepal. They are authorized by Nepal Tourism Department. They have many canyoning packs. It is advisable to come here under such an adventure tour package to go for an adrenaline action canyoning on the Himalayas present in Nepal. Here we have listed a few places for canyoning. They are the best places to visit for amateur and professionals. They are with mild to high-risk canyoneering activities.

1. Jalbire Canyon


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You must visit Sindhupalchok District in Nepal for canyoning in Jalbire Canyon. This place comes under the Bagmati Zone. The Bagmati River has blessed the canyoneering adventure seekers by its flow like a river, waterfalls, and canyons in Jalbire. Its prominence is 13,943-ft above the mean sea level. Therefore, people with acute mountain sickness or AMS must not take a risk for venturing to any canyoneering activities. The popular activities here are as follows.

Jalbire Canyon Rafting: Canyon rating in Jalbire is the best to take by all canyoneering enthusiasts. Water is present in this canyon during post rainy seasons too. You can go in-group by wearing a lifejacket or swim float vests. It will be marvelous rafting as you can see huge high-rise canyon walls on the adjacent sides. Rafting is the best way to see the Jalbire Canyon from the down streams.

Jalbire Canyon Swimming: Swimming is possible in the waterfall cascade, river streams, and canyon pool. Most of the canyoneering activities like jumping, sliding, and rappelling in Jalbire Canyon ends in an aquatic location. At those spots, you can swim at least 15-minutes, if you visit here in a full day adventure canyoning in Jalbire Canyon. The knowledge of swimming is not necessary, as you will wear float vests. You will automatically float on any water bodies.

Jalbire Canyon Climbing: Climbing in Jalbire Canyoning is an extreme adventure activity. Those who have the guts to do it must try this adrenaline action. Most of the places are near aquatic bodies like waterfalls and canyon rocks. You must be energetic to climb the slippery rocks in this canyon. Yet, those who have a will can try this by wearing all safety gear and climbing gear and accessories.

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2. Raindi Hola, Nepal


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Raindi Hola is the preferred location for beginners for canyoning in Nepal. It is advisable to come under an organized adventure tour organizer package. They are available as a half-day and full-day packages. Half-day is about 4-hours adventure canyoning. A full day is 8-hour canyoning in Raindi Hola. One has to hike and reach this place. It will be great fun to go in a group and see the scenic places surrounding you.

Abseiling In Waterfalls: Abseiling is a daredevil activity, which is possible by the beginners too in Raindi Hola canyon. You will be descending the waterfall with the help of the attached rope to your hip. You will get an adrenaline rush as you abseil down the canyon rocks along with the flow of water. On the descent, you can see the scenic canyon vistas. All you need is courage that you can do it. The organizers will guide you if you went wrong. It will be great fun if you do it as per the advice. After abseiling, you will land in the waterfall cascade. You must dip and get refreshed after this adrenaline action. You can swim here for at least 15-minutes or until all your team members have done so.

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3. Jagat Khola


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There is no other hard place like Jagat Khola for canyoning in Nepal. This canyon is 26,000-ft above the mean sea level. This is not the right place to land for people with acute mountain sickness. It is advisable to consult with your doctor before venturing into canyoning in Jagat Khola, Nepal. People certified in canyoneering can seek all adventure activities here. The rest of the people must try if they are confident. This is a rough and tough canyon with many danger levels.

River Crossing in Jagat Khola: River crossing with the help of a rope is great fun and easy canyoning activity here. Everyone must try river crossing once in Jagat Khola canyoning adventure trip. The beginners must try short distance river crossing first. If they are confident, they can try of long-distance. You need some strength to pull your body weight on the supporting strong rope. White rapid water will flow just a meter down from your hanging body.

Rappelling in Jagat Khola Canyon: Rappelling is a high-risk activity here as the Jagat Khola canyon is of very hard granite rocks and deep canyon. You must not venture into this adventure activity if you have a fear of heights. This is because; you are going to rappel on the world’s highest canyoning place. Yet, those who have willpower can have great fun and thrills. The beginners must listen to the instructor carefully and ask doubts if any. Anyhow, you will not fall is guaranteed. Nevertheless, you must not get stuck in-between due to fear. Most of the base of this canyon is with water. Sometimes, you may be up to neck level water as the flow of water will rise and decent naturally.

Rappelling in Waterfall: There is no other place that will give you must excitement and adventure as you rappel down from through the flowing waters in a waterfall. You will rappel down by hitting the rocks of the canyon with your shoes. In this way, you will descend with rope support. By descending, you will also see the beauty of the Himalayas from this canyon. When you reach down, you will be in the pool of water. Here, you can rest for fifteen minutes by swimming in the cascade. If you do not wish to rappel along the waterfalls, you can choose the side of the waterfall. This will be descending on the granite rocks, which stands like a huge cliff.

Trekking The Jagat Khola Canyon
Trekking is the only option available here to reach this canyoning site. You must have a high energy level and confidence to undertake all adventure activities to do here. While trekking, you can see the vastness of this great canyon in Nepal. It will be a pride to take photos and keep in memory of the world’s most happening canyoneering place in Nepal. The swimming, sliding, rappelling and rock climbing are at different sites. You have to trek from one adventure activity place to another. Therefore, you will do most of the daredevil things in water, canyon and by rock climbing and sliding. In this way, from morning to evening you can have recreation, fun, and adventure once in Jagat Khola Canyon trekking.

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These are the best places for Canyoning in Nepal which one must pick for an adventurous experience amidst the best sights. From hustling through the beautiful landscapes and gazing at the beauty of nature, this experience is to be treasured for a lifetime. So if you’re planning a vacation in Nepal make sure to not miss out on this activity and have the best time of your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Canyoning In Nepal

What is the minimum and maximum weight limit necessary to go for a Canyon Swing in Nepal?

He or she must be in-between 40-Kg to 120-Kg to go for a Canyon Swing in Nepal.

Which are the right months to visit Nepal for canyoning?

June to November is the right time to canyoning in Nepal.

Is canyoning in the high-altitude places of Nepal is the best for people who cannot withstand high-altitude?

Yes, the people who have already proven with Acute Mountain Sickness or high-altitude sickness must avoid Himalayan regions of Nepal, which are above 10,000-ft for canyoning.

What is the minimum and the maximum number of people required for taking a canyoning adventure in Nepal?

It is advisable to come in a group of six people or more to go for canyon adventure in Nepal.

Can a solo woman try canyoning adventure once in Nepal tour?

Yes, they must join in a group with a canyoning adventure sports service provider in Nepal.

Can a honeymoon couples try canyoning adventure once in Nepal honeymoon tour?

Yes, they must book under a canyoning adventure activity in Nepal while coming here to spend their honeymoon.

What is the minimum age limit to take canyoning thrills in Nepal?

He or she must be above 12-years old. Yet, they can try riskless canyoning activities in Nepal.

Is canyoning in Nepal safe?

Yes, it is safe when you go with a registered Nepal adventure service provider. Going for canyoning alone is at your risk; even if you have all the necessary gears.

Is it possible to go for an extreme canyoning adventure in Nepal?

Yes, any people with proper canyoneering certifications are welcome to Nepal for extreme canyoning adventure for an adrenaline rush.

Do knowledge of swimming is necessary to go for canyoning thrills in Nepal?

No, the people who do not know how to swim will wear proper water float gear and swim vests by the adventure sports organizers.

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