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    Planning an international vacation is not just a cakewalk. It requires days of research, planning and of course the money to get on that flight and move out of the country. The budget concern always pushes the thought of international holidays to the back seat. But not anymore because there is a vast list of cheapest countries to visit from India which will give you a chance to finally make your dream come true without worrying about the budget.

    9 Cheapest Countries To Visit From India

    Here is a list of some of the most affordable countries to visit from India which one must definitely visit and enjoy a great time away from home.

    1. Bhutan
    2. Nepal
    3. Sri Lanka
    4. Thailand
    5. Malaysia
    6. Taiwan
    7. Philippines
    8. Malawi
    9. Serbia

    1. Bhutan


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    When it comes to planning a quick foreign getaway in a budget, Bhutan is considered to be the first one on the list. This is one of the cheapest countries to visit from India which has a package of things to offer to its visitors. Starting off from the surreal valleys to the majestic monasteries, there is a lot to explore here. The main highlight of this country is the Taktsang monastery which is located at a high perch.

    Average Cost: INR 20,000
    Best Time To Visit: October To December

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    2. Nepal


    Image Source

    Nepal is one of the friendliest neighbouring countries from India which is also quite sweet to a tight budget. Offering a vast range of surreal surroundings and beautiful landscapes, this place is a trekker’s haven. A home for the adventure junkies, Nepal is one of the most affordable countries to visit from India. Alongside that there are many majestic monasteries to admire and connect on a spiritual level.

    Average Cost: INR 20,000
    Best Time To Visit: October To November

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    3. Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka

    Image Source

    Declared as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, Sri Lanka is a beautiful country blessed with some of the most surreal landscapes. Holding the culture of more than 2000 years, this place is always in the bucket list of every traveler who wants to enjoy a budget friendly vacation. Starting from the beautiful beaches to the ancient forts and monuments, there is a lot to explore.

    Average Cost: INR 20,000
    Best Time To Visit: December To April

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    4. Thailand


    Image Credits: Erik Karits

    There is no doubt that this Asian country is known for more than just its beautiful beaches and islands. From the extravagant nightlife in Pattaya and Bangkok to the surreal white sand beaches of Koh Samui, there is a whole package of relaxation and adventure which awaits for an enthralling vacation. In addition to this, the place is also known to be one of the cheapest countries to visit from India.

    Average Cost: INR 30,000
    Best Time To Visit: November To Early April

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    5. Malaysia


    Image Source

    This is a must added on the bucket list for the people who are looking for the cheapest countries to visit from India. Surrounded by the sky-touching buildings to the gigantic structures like the Petronas Tower. Alongside that one can also get the chance to enjoy a panoramic view of greenery while riding a cable car in the Genting Highlands. This country has a plethora of opportunities which are just perfect for the people of all kinds.

    Average Cost: INR 30,000
    Best Time To Visit: November To February

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    6. Taiwan


    Image Source

    Might sound like an offbeat in the list of affordable countries to visit from India, but spending a vacation here is all worth it for the nature lovers. Surrounded by the scenic beauty of the lush-green mountains, this country is a holder of culture and heritage. Alongside that the locals are very welcoming and makes the visitors feel like home.

    Average Cost: INR 35000
    Best Time To Visit: April To June and September to November

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    7. Philippines


    Image Credits: Benedictus

    Surrounded by the vast ocean, Philippines is a country which is like a paradise for the people who fall in love with the tropical beauty. Starting from the beautiful beaches and the friendly locals, there is more than one reason to visit this place. And the best part is that it is also considered to be one of the cheapest countries to visit from India.

    Average Cost: INR 24,000
    Best Time To Visit: November To April

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    8. Malawi


    Image Source

    Called out as one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, Malawi is truly a gem to the eyes and soothes the soul of a nature lover. From the beautiful and untouched lakes to the Wildlife and culture, there are a vast number of reasons to visit this place. This ‘warm heart of Africa’ offers a glimpse of diversity and cultural beauty which is worth exploring.

    Average Cost: INR 31,000
    Best Time To Visit: Early May To Late October

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    9. Serbia


    Image credits: Emerging Europe.com

    Going beyond the Asian countries, this majestic country in the Balkans is also considered as an ideal choice to enjoy a great time amidst nature’s finest beauty. Surrounded by the surreal landscapes, Serbia is a place which reveals the most beautiful sceneries to capture. From the adventure junkies to the nature lovers, every person will find something for themselves here. Considered to be one of the cheapest countries from India, this cannot be missed.

    Average Cost: INR 43.000
    Best Time To Visit: March To May and September To October

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    So which one is going to be your pick for an international vacation? These cheapest countries to visit from India have a vast list of things to offer. From the beaches to the beautiful architecture and heritage, there is no chance that the visitors will get bored. So don’t give second thoughts and start planning your much awaited international holiday in one of these budget-friendly countries. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Cheapest Countries To Visit From India

    Which country is the cheapest to visit from India?

    Thailand is the cheapest country to visit from India which is known for the beaches and also beautiful temples.

    Which country provides a free Visa for Indians?

    Seychelles is one of the countries which provides free VIsa for Indian passport holders. This country is known for the beaches and beautiful islands.

    Which is the cheapest country in Europe to visit?

    Some of the cheapest and budget-friendly countries in Europe are Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, and Iceland.

    Is Bali cheaper than India?

    Bali is a very cheap place to visit in Indonesia and is quite an affordable place to visit from India. This place is particularly known for its beautiful temples and the lush-greenery which surrounds the place.

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