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    Mauritius In March cover

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    Mauritius is a beautiful island nation located in the Indian Ocean region. It belongs to the African continent, but separated from the mainland and surrounded by water on all four sides. Mauritius is flocked by tourists from all over the world owing to the scenic beauty it offers given the less price incurred for the travel, sightseeing and stay. Mauritius in March is a synonym with exoticness. The place beams with greenery and breath of fresh air with the monsoon season coming to an end. A quick read of the details presented makes planning a trip to Mauritius much easier.

    Weather In Mauritius In March

    Mauritius experiences warm weather with cool winds at night from May to December. It is the best time to visit Mauritius along with a family where children can have a great time playing with the waves. Weather in Mauritius in March aptly suits for those who wish to have a look at the calmness of beaches drenched in rainfall. The cool breeze caresses your soil with less noise around as Mauritius becomes a traveller’s paradise during March and not just a tourist’s paradise.

    Best Places To Visit In Mauritius In March

    When you are visiting Mauritius in March, you should never miss out on visiting the following locations. These locations abound with nature’s bounty and you can have a great time with your beloved ones here. The temperature in Mauritius in March is also very apt for travel.

    1. Trou Aux Biches

    Beach Side

    Image Source

    Haven’t the pictures of a hut shaped elevations in the shores of beaches lit beautifully with orangish colour dim lights made you wish you were there enjoying the sight? Then, Trou Aux Biches should be on your list. The place is perfect to visit at all times of the day. In the mornings, one can enjoy snorkelling and swimming. The entire zone is dotted with many eateries serving delicious street food that you can gorge on after every swim.

    Where: Pamplemousses, Northwest part of Mauritius
    The average temperature during March: 29 degree Celsius
    How to reach: Can be reached from anywhere in Mauritius by taxis or buses

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    2. Le Morne Beach

    Beautiful Beach

    Image Source

    If you are a water sports enthusiast, then you should never miss out on visiting Le Morne Beach. Name any water sport, there are shops and stores around the vicinity to provide the sports goodies. All the water sports costumes are perfectly fitted with safety gear that one can carefreely sport on the beaches. The best time to visit is during the early morning, so one can enjoy sporting for an entire day till the sunsets. If you are thinking of where to stay in Mauritius in March, then the ideal choice would be to stay in a beach resort on the eastern coast of the country.

    Where: Southwest Mauritius, Mauritius
    The average temperature during March: 29 degree Celsius
    How to reach: Drive from Balaclava Caves is the shortest way to reach the beach

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    3. Chamarel Colored Earth

    Colourful Earth

    Image Source

    If you wish to spot your windows desktop wallpaper appearing live before your eyes, then you must be visiting the Chamarel Colored Earth. The place is known for the seven different layers of sand colors. Red, Cyan, Pink, Purple are some of the names to mention. This is one of the rare phenomena on earth. So, one cannot afford to miss out on this gorgeous location while jotting down the places to visit in Mauritius in March.

    Where: 7 Colored Earth Road, Chamarel, Mauritius.
    The average temperature during March: of 29 degree Celsius
    How to reach: Easily accessible from the capital

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    4. Casela World of Adventures

    World of Adventures

    Image Source

    If you get bored of looking at the waters all the time and have had enough time for yourself, then it’s time to interact with some fauna. The Casela World of adventures as the name suggests gives you an excellent experience of being alongside wildlife in open jeeps and moped. The elephants, zebras freely roam around where the visitor can even touch the animals. This is not for the faint-hearted.

    Where: Royal Road, Cascavelle, Mauritius
    The average temperature during March: of 29 degree Celsius
    How to reach: By road, very near to the airport

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    5. Rochester Falls

    Stunning view of Waterfall

    Image Source

    When you wish to dive into freshwaters after a good sunbath instead of the usual procedure of bathing in the sea, it provides you with a whole new experience and vibe. Rochester Falls is one of the best places to visit in Mauritius in March. The entire falls are decked with serene rocks and lush greenery all around it. Apart from the green solace, one can also devour the sweetest tropical fruits available there.

    Where: A9, Mauritius
    The average temperature during March: 29 degree Celsius
    How to reach: Located south of Mauritius, easily accessible by road

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    6. La Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park

    Couleurs Nature Park in Mauritius

    The La Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park is one of those parks which hosts some of the earth’s rarest formations. The place is known for the best nature trails it can provide to its visitors. The hanging bridge that is so safely constructed gives the thrill of enjoying the flora and fauna from the top. This park is the best place to visit if you are a lover of nature, flora, and fauna. The place smells of freshness due to the abundance of a variety of trees.

    Where: B102, Chamouny, Mauritius
    The average temperature during March: 29 degree Celsius
    How to reach: Accessible by road from all parts of Mauritius

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    7. Blue Penny Museum

    Amazing Museum

    Image Source

    The Blue Penny Museum is the place for history buffs which makes it one of the most interesting places to visit in Mauritius in March. It houses all the artifacts and other items which speak about the history and evolution of Mauritius. The colonial history of Mauritius under British, French, and Dutch, the first-ever stamp to be produced by Mauritius are housed here. For the ones who have stamp collecting as their hobby should never miss out on visiting this place.

    Where: Block A, Waterfront Complex
    The average temperature during March: 29 degree Celsius
    How to reach: By taxi via a tour operator

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    8. Eureka Home

    Eureka House

    The Eureka Home consisting of 109 windows and doors was the home to the aristocrats who ruled Mauritius. The place is so enchanting to take a walk around as it is surrounded by Lakes, mountains and other attractions. It is also considered to be one of the oldest homes in Mauritius. Apart from the colonizer’s items, the place also holds some rare and exotic Chinese and Indian artifacts.

    Where: Moka, Mauritius
    The average temperature during March: 29 degree Celsius
    How to reach: Easily accessible by road from the capital

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    9. Aapravasi Ghat

    Ancient Territory

    Image Source

    The land which was ruled by three powers namely Brits, French and Dutch in itself stands as a testimony to the rich natural resources in the territory. The slaves from Asian and African countries were made to work in the sugar plantations in Mauritius. The Aaparavasi Ghat is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it speaks of the hardships endured by the slave population of Mauritius.

    Where: Port Louis, Mauritius
    The average temperature during March: 29 degree Celsius
    How to reach: Drive from the airport as it is in the capital

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    10. Grand Bassin

    Grand Bassin

    Image Source

    The Grand Bassin located very close to Mauritius’s capital Port Louis is home to a Shiva temple located very much above the sea level. The place is revered by the Hindus for the fact they correlate it with the Shiva temple that is located near River Ganges. The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva also has shrines of Lord Hanuman, the monkey god, and Goddess Lakshmi. This place shows how religion knows no boundaries and has united people across continents.

    Where: Savanne, Mauritius
    The average temperature during March: 29 degree Celsius
    How to reach: An hour drive from the capital

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    Best Things To Do In Mauritius In March

    Now that the never to miss list of places are known, it is pertinent to know the best things to do in Mauritius. If you are thinking of what to do in Mauritius in March, then this list comes handy.

    1. Museum Hopping

    Beautiful Museum

    Image Source

    Learning about the past in Mauritius is a pleasure in itself. There are many places where history speaks volumes. The museums showcase its diversity as its population largely consists of the people hailing from continents Asis, Europe, and Africa. The museums of Mauritius is an excellent way to learn about the flora and fauna of the island along with the rich culture it has preserved. Some of the must visit museum are The Blue Penny Museum, The Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Memorial Centre for Culture. The Mauritius Postal Museum, and The Natural History Museum of Port-Louis. The best part is that all ancient places are surrounded by excellent restaurants and beautiful locales.

    Where: Eureka Home, Blue Penny Museum

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    2. Snorkelling

    Experience Snorkelling

    Image Source

    This is one of the best water sports to try out at Mauritius. The crystal-clear bluish waters of the island nation are apt for one to swim alongside the colourful marine life. In such an amazing marine view, not opting for snorkelling is a total loss when in Mauritius. The rich life of flora and fauna the waters of Mauritius exhibits will give you an experience that is exceptional, and the fact that snorkelling is ideal even for non-swimmers, there is no other reason why you wouldn’t go for it. Being in an island nation, there isn’t a scarcity of spots where you can opt for snorkelling. Some of the ideal and famous spots are Trou Aux Biches, Pointe Aux Piments, Flic En Flac, and Le Morne Beach.

    Where: Le Morne Beach

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    3. Beach Hopping

    Beautiful blue beach

    Image Source

    Beaches are the highlights of Mauritius, and the fact that it is an island nation, there is no reason to emphasize on the beauty of the beaches here. There are many beaches in Mauritius that offer splendid view of landscape and aquatic life. It is dotted with rocks and stones along the shores. One can just spend an entire day at those beaches. It is also very ideal to watch the sunrise and sunset. Apart from this, you can even indulge into many water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving, and surfing only if you are good at it.

    Where: Trou Aux Beaches

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    4. Tasting Beer & Rum

    Tasting Beer

    Image Source
    It is no doubt that the island nation filled with sugar plantations offers an exotic taste of beer and rum. This gives a once in a lifetime chance of indulging into rum and wine tasting tours and Mauritius is indeed a heaven for wine and rum lovers. There are many winery where you can go on a tour of tasting wine, beer, and rum alongside learning about how it is done. Some of the famous winery tours include Rhumerie Saint Aubin, Rhumerie de Chamarel, and Takamaka Boutique Winery.
    Where: Takamaka Boutique Winery

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    5. Nature trails

    Beautiful Nature

    Image Source

    When in Mauritius, it’s not always blue, the island has its wonderful share of greens as well.. To take long walks conversing with nature, there are plenty of nature parks in Mauritius. Not only this, if you are an ardent nature lover and an adventure lover, you can go hiking. Hiking trails in Mauritius are located amidst the nature. You can also opt on exploring the beauty of flora and fauna of the islands in Mauritius by opting for water sports activities. Needless to say that Mauritius has some unique species of the same.

    Where: Chamarel Colored Earth

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    Tips for visiting Mauritius in March

    The trip to Mauritius would turn out to be more memorable when you follow the following tips.

    • Make sure to take care of your belongings. There are many cases of petty theft like pickpocketing in Mauritius.
    • Make sure to book your tickets well in advance to avail the best discounts.
    • Just carry your driving license awarded by your home country. To drive around Mauritius, one need not possess an international driving license.
    • Basic knowledge of English would suffice to communicate in the island nation.
    • It is always recommended to carry a first aid kit as the trip is bound to be filled with adventures.
    • Thus, taking note of all the above details, it becomes really easy for one to start planning their trip to Mauritius. To experience heaven on earth, one need not pay a huge sum but visit Mauritius.

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    Thus, taking note of all the above details, it becomes really easy for one to start planning their trip to Mauritius in March. Mauritius is an exotic island which is blessed with nature’s beauty in abundance. There is everything one needs to have a perfect vacation, be it nature-stricken beauty, delicious seafood, rich history, water sports and adventure activities, and whatnot. To experience heaven on earth, one need not pay a huge sum but visit Mauritius. So, plan a trip to Mauritius to know what you have been missing out on.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Mauritius In March

    Q. Which is the best time to visit Mauritius?

    A. The best time to visit Mauritius is from May to November when the climate is dry and one can enjoy the beaches. The temperature reaches up to 22 degrees in winter. Mauritius is also pleasant to visit post-monsoon.

    Q. Is Mauritius a safe place to visit?

    A. Mauritius is a very safe place to visit with families as the crime rate is too low. It is very much suited to travel with family.

    Q. How to reach Mauritius?

    A. The best way to reach Mauritius is by air. The airport at capital Port Louis is very well connected to all major cities in the world. The nearest way to reach Mauritius by ship is from Madagascar. Reaching from other parts of the world via sea would take a minimum of 10 days.

    Q. How is the network/data coverage in Mauritius?

    A. The roaming charges are high. If one buys a local SIM card during the trip, then the charges are nominal. Almost every hotel or major public spot offers a WIFI facility.

    Q. What are the best travel options in Mauritius?

    A. The best way to travel within Mauritius is taxis. The entire country is very well connected via public transport system, but one needs to be aware of the timings. One has to keep left while driving if vehicles are rented.

    Q. What are some strict laws followed in Mauritius?

    A. Consuming alcohol under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited. If anyone is found violating the driving laws, then a fine is imposed.

    Q. What kind of food will I get in Mauritius?

    A. One can find all types of cuisines in Mauritius ranging from French, American, Indian, Chinese, etc., The spice levels are a bit high.

    Q. What should I pack for my trip to Mauritius?

    A. Since Mauritius doesn’t experience any cold weather conditions. It is recommended to pack loose, cotton clothes and carry a pair of sunglasses.

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