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    christmas desserts brazil

    Like across the world, 25th December in Brazil means family time, love, religious manifestation and lots of food and drinks. Since December in Brazil is a hot summer month; therefore people here are in a tropical mood. The traditions followed by Brazilian for Christmas resembles more with that of Western Europe or America. Christmas in Brazil is celebrated during summer i.e., in the Southern Hemisphere summers turn up and the weather during Christmas is hot. Therefore Santa Claus also comes in a dress made up of silk to keep him cool. In this blog, you will be getting more insight on how Brazilians celebrate Christmas and Brazil Christmas celebration.

    Brazil one of the most happening places in the world. They believe in partying hard but also believe in adhering with the traditions also. Christmas is an occasion celebrated with family and friends. On this day they cook delicious food, give gifts to each other and enjoy the whole night. However, Christmas celebration is not done at a very wide scale like the New Year. They follow their age-old tradition wherein children keep a sock on the window and wait for the Santa Claus to exchange it with gifts. They follow the notion wherein they light up the Christmas tree with lots of light and light fireworks also to illuminate the path of Santa Claus. It is also said that Santa Claus comes in a dress made up of silk which helps him in keeping cool during the hot summer of Brazil.

    Christmas in Brazil

    Christmas in Brazil

    Image Source

    Traditional Christmas celebration in Brazil resembles somewhat to that of Western Europe. This day is marked with native meets, family dinners, Christmas trees and Santa. In Brazil, Santa Claus is also known as Papai Noel or Bom Velhinho which means Good Old Man. The tradition of Christmas says that children leave a sock near the window and if the Santa Claus passes by he will exchange it with a gift. To illuminate his way, people decorate Christmas trees with huge neon lights and light fireworks to embark the occasion. The largest Christmas tree is found in Rio de Janerio on Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon weighing around 542 tons and is decorated with some 3.3 million bulbs.

    Brazilians hold dinner for their entire family, where all their near ones like uncles, aunts and cousins meet up. This might turn up in a costly affair as buying gifts for everyone might be expensive and time-consuming also. For this there is an alternative wherein a Secret Santa or Amigo Oculto is given accountability of buying a gift for a particular person without the knowledge of that person. On the eve of giving the present, the giver will first describe the person until everyone guesses who it is.

    Christmas food in Brazil is most important for the day. It reflects persuasion of many cultures like Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Germany etc. the main course usually includes Turkey Breast, vegetables, colored rice, ham, potato salads, lasagna and few other dishes.

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    Brazilian Christmas Dessert

    Christmas savories are delicious and they end up making a sumptuous meal. These desserts are simple to make and are loved by all. Since Christmas is celebrated during summer, desserts preferred during this season are cold and soft ones. Some of them are discussed below:

    1. Rabanada


    Image Source

    This dessert somewhat resembles French toast in English. Pieces of bread are dipped in egg and milk batter, then deep fried and served with sugary syrup. To make the syrup, Brazilians use port wine.

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    2. Brigadeiro


    Image Source

    It is one of the most preferred desserts of Brazil. It resembles a chocolate truffle having a caramel texture. It is made up from condensed milk, butter, and cocoa powder. These ingredients are then mixed together, stirred continuously over low heat. On cooling down they are then rolled into small balls and speckled with chocolate.

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    3. Cicada


    Image Source

    This sweet dessert is made up of eggs and shredded coconut. Cicadas can be made in different texture and colors like sweet, golden brown and little hard in nature. This dessert is baked in the oven but served at room temperature giving it a soft texture. The final touch is given by garnishing the almonds.

    4. Romeu & Julieta

     Romeu & Julieta

    Image Source

    Named after the characters of famous Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet, it is made from a simple combination of Goiabada and Cheese. For this dessert white cheese is specifically used. The dessert is made with one layer of guava followed by another layer of cheese. Both the layers go in equal proportions.

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    5. Pacoca


    Image Source

    This typical dessert of Brazil is made up of groundnut, cassava flour, sugar, and salt. This dessert in powdered form and is also one of the most loved desserts of Brazil. However, at times it becomes a little messy to use and consume both. Easy to make and Brazilians love to eat this dessert.

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    6. Quindim


    Image Source

    Some of the main ingredients are sugar, egg yolks and ground coconut. This dessert is in custard form presented in upside down form, with a glossy façade, yellow in color and is in the shape of a donut. It is served in slices.

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    7. Torta Holandesa

    Torta Holandesa

    Image Source

    It is a replica of Dutch Pie. The pie is made up of a layer of wafers, wrapped in cold white cream garnished with dark chocolate ganache. This dessert was originated in Sao Paulo named after a famous cook Silvia Leite.

    8. Mousse de Maracuja

    Mousse de Maracuja

    Image Source

    This is one of the simplest desserts and does not require any kind of baking. Made up of 3 ingredients passion fruit, condensed milk, and heavy cream mix them together and allow it to cool in a refrigerator.

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    9. Pudim de Leite Condensado

    Pudim de Leite Condensado

    Image Source

    One of the typical desserts it is made up of condensed milk, milk, and eggs. If you love cakes and pies, you are going to love this dessert. In fact, you won’t be able to stop yourself from having just one serving.

    10. Beijinho


    Image Source

    It is a dessert similar to Brigadeiro, made up from condensed milk, butter, and coconut. These ingredients are then mixed and rolled out in small balls. They are covered in grated coconut while Brigadeiro is covered in chocolate.

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    While the whole country is soaked in festive spirits with each and every street and house decorated with Christmas embellishments, these desserts in Brazil will only make your Christmas sweeter. Plan an international trip to Brazil and head for one of the best Christmas experiences around the world.

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