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Zagreb has made an important place in the map of Croatia not just for being the capital of the nation but also for its rich history, incredible architecture and amazing culture. The beauty dots can be seen all around the city and even in the nearby areas when you step out for day trips from Zagreb.

The architecture of Zagreb represents the work style of the 18th and 19th century. A breathtaking glimpse of the cobblestone streets, hustle and bustle of the markets and also the charming beauty of Baroque cathedrals will impress you completely. A wide range of attractions can be seen in and around Zagreb which is just stunning to explore. Visitors generally get confused with a wide choice of places to explore and fail to decide as what type of day trip they will love to embark on. Scroll down to know about the best day trips from Zagreb and select the one you will love to explore.

Day Trips From Zagreb

There are some hands-full of beautiful destinations in and around Zagreb which are worth exploring. If you want you can visit them and return back to Zagreb on the same day. If you wish to spend a few days at the destination on your trip to Zagreb then good accommodation facilities are there. These below mentioned places are not only picturesque but will also make for best day trips from Zagreb Croatia.

1. Plitvice Lakes: enjoy the breathtaking views

breathtaking Lakes

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Known to be the house of 16 breathtaking beautiful lakes in Croatia, this place is a destination worth visiting for making the Croatia trip memorable. The lakes are well preserved by the Government to hold back the god gifted natural beauty of the place. The crystal clear water of the lake will make you feel amazed and blessed in life. The lakes meet each other at breathtaking waterfalls which remained active all the year round. Planning for day trips from Zagreb to Plitvice lakes will surely boost up your mind with new energy.

Places to see at Plitvice Lakes: Plitviče Lakes National Park, Gradinsko Lake, Veliki Slap and The lower lakes
Distance from Zagreb: 130 km

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2. Lake Bled- The stunning mountain getaway

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One of the most happening mountain getaways of Solvania is Lake Bled. If you are searching for day trips from Zagreb to Slovenia then visit Lake Bled. The surrounding scenery of this place is so appealing that you will fill like staying out here for a few days. The picturesque combination of alpine peaks, castles, churches and gorgeous lakes will turn your vacation a blessed one. This beautiful location is situated in the Julian Alps. Tourists will also get the opportunity to enjoy hiking and rock climbing.

Places to see at Lake Bled: Bled Island, Bled Castle, Straža Bled and Lake Bohinj
Distance from Zagreb: 198.4 km

3. Kumrovec: The land of Vineyards

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If you are looking for a unique one day trip from Zagreb then come and visit Kumrovec. Located on the Slovenian border right in northern Croatia, offers tourists the scope to know about the traditional village life of Zagorje region. The village is like a colorful painting on the canvas surrounded by charming vineyards and beautiful thriving farms. At the center of this village is Kumrovec’s open-air Old Village Museum. Besides the beauty of the place, the rich history of the village will also impress you. This destination is perfect for one day trip from Zagreb.

Places to see at Kumrovec: Ethnological Museum Staro Selo
Distance from Zagreb: 62.3 km via E59 and 56.8 km via D1

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4. Banza Luka: The beauty of the Vrbas river

Amazing beauty of river

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If you are planning for day trips from Zagreb to Bosnia, then the city Banza Luka will surely be the best destination for you. It will take nearly 2 .20 hours from Zagreb and throughout the journey, you will get to see breathtaking natural beauty. It is the second largest city of Bosnia and houses the beautiful vibrant green Vrbas river. The banks of the river are lined with willow trees and offer tourists the scope to enjoy a peaceful walk far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You can enjoy Kayak, hike, and Canoe at the Vrbas river basin.

Places to see at Banza Luka: Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Banski Dvor Cultural center, Muzej Republike Srpske, and Kastel Fortress
Distance from Zagreb: 187.5 km

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5. Istria: The Peninsula in shape of a heart

most beautiful and picturesque destinations

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One of the most beautiful and picturesque destinations of Croatia is Istria. If you are on a trip to Croatia and not attempting for day trips from Zagreb to Istria then you are missing something really special. Istria is an eye-catching peninsula which is exactly in the shape of a heart where Adriatic meets Continental Croatia. Visit this place to get a glimpse of diverse landscapes of Croatia. It is a wonderful destination for day trips from Zagreb by train

Places to see at Istria: Motovun, Istrian Vineyards, Town of Opatija and Trsat Hilltop Castle.
Distance from Zagreb: 229.1 km

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6. Varaždin – The old capital city of Croatia

Most beautiful destinations of Croatia

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Varaždin is the old capital city of Croatia and almost 2 centuries back it used to be a Baroque city located near to country’s border having neighboring destination Slovenia and Hungary. The architecture of the city is the main attraction of this place for which people travel down to this location for one day trip from Zagreb. The opulent style of architecture can be found in the churches and castles of Varaždin. It is one of the culturally rich and shortest day trips which one can take from now capital city Zagreb.

Places to see at Varaždin: Varaždin Baroque Town and Trakoscan Castle
Distance from Zagreb: 85.3 km

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7. Osijek- Inspiring Baroque architecture

cathedral Neo-gothic Croatia

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Located very near to the Serbian border, the amazing city of Osijek welcomes you to its land rich in unparalleled as well as characteristic Baroque style architecture. Attractive architecture, well-paved roads, and the hospitality of the people out here will impress the visitors.

Places to see at Osijek: Museum of Slavonia, Ante Starcevic Square, Fico, and Stomping Tank
Distance from Zagreb: 283.1 km

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There are many other places which you will love to explore while picking day trips from Zagreb to Split. It is advisable for you to prepare an itinerary for the trip before you get your tickets booked for an amazing Croatian holiday with the intention to visit all nearby places from Zagreb. Get ready for your trip to this amazing land of Zagreb for a memorable vacation.

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