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If you are a Delhiite, taking a trip to Udaipur has certainly crossed your mind at one point. Known for its scenic beauty and royal grace, Udaipur is a must-explore city for people who love to experience cultural attractions. Planning for a Delhi to Udaipur road trip can be an exciting endeavour, thanks to the beautiful pit stops you get on the way. So, embark on a lifetime adventure with loved ones.

Navigating The Delhi To Udaipur Road Trip

The route map from Delhi to Udaipur can make travellers relax with detailed directions on which road to follow; this way, travellers will get the best navigation. Look at the 5 must-visit destinations on your Delhi to Udaipur road trip.

1. City Palace

Raja's palace gracefully overlooks Lake Pichola, showcasing Udaipur's rich heritage on the Delhi to Udaipur road trip.

Image Source: Jakub Hałun for wikimedia commons

Be amazed by the impressive City Palace, exhibiting a plump display of architecture and historical artefacts that bespeak the glamour of the Mewar dynasty. Walk through the easy-to-navigate serpentine courtyards in awe of the precision with which tile work has been done, and be amazed at the beautiful views of Lake Pichola from the palace’s terraces.

Tip: Explore the homestay with many dungeons and expensive things, offering a glimpse into Udaipur’s past.

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2. Lake Palace

Overlooking Lake Pichola, the serene palace floating on the lake, defines the splendour of Udaipur on the Delhi to Udaipur road trip.

Image Source: Navneet Sharma for wikimedia commons

Experience the bliss of Lake Palace, a stunning heritage hotel in the middle of Lake Pichola, surrounded by a spectacular environment and exquisite accommodations and boasts of a unique and expensive history. At first, intended primarily for summer stays of aristocracy, these constructions breathe impressive luxury and calm elegance. A boat trip is your prime option to reach the palace, where you will enjoy its splendid environment and taste the best foods at its fine dining restaurants.

Tip: Take a boat trip to the palace to enjoy its splendid environment and savour the best foods at its fine-dining restaurants.

3. Jagdish Temple

 Masterpiece Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, showcasing exquisite carvings on the Delhi to Udaipur road trip

Image Source:Jmadhu for wikimedia commons

A holy place in Hinda, Jagdish Temple, which is worth seeing because of the fanciful carvings and sculptures dedicated to Lord Vishnu, is the one for you. Enter through the magnificent corridor, reach a 20-metre high tower, and see multi-coloured embossed pillars, the elaborated frescos of the myths by the artists.

Tip: Join the devotees in practising the prayer routines during the Aarti daily prayers for a spiritual experience in Udaipur.

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4. Lake Pichola

Magical lake with hilltop palaces, offering enchanting boat cruises on the Delhi to Udaipur road trip.

Image Source: Jakub Hałun for wikimedia commons

Being one of the must-visit destinations on the Delhi to Udaipur road trip, Lake Pichola features numerous hilltop palaces, temples, and majestic buildings. Get aboard the boat and be amused by the outstanding architectural features of the dramatic Lake Palace and Jag Mandir, seated in the middle of the calm and clear water. Relish the awe-inspiring scenes of the majestic city skyline and the Aravalli hills. These get reflected in the shimmering lake as you drift past the water body, becoming a part of the undying charm of the Udaipur Lake.

Tip: Enjoy a boat cruise to experience the lake’s beauty up close.

5. Maharana Pratap Memorial

Touching memorial honouring the brave defiance against the Mughal empire of Akbar on the Delhi to Udaipur road trip.

Image Source: Arastu Gupta for wikimedia commons

Finish your journey by paying respects to the mighty Maharana Pratap at his memorial, which has a statue just like him and more information about his gallant deeds. The museum with the monument to the brave hero lies there, where you can see weapons, armour, paintings, etc., about his glorious life.

Tip: Explore the museum to learn more about Maharana Pratap’s heroic tales and the history of Rajasthan.

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Finally, the trip from Delhi to Udaipur promises to be a rejuvenating mixture of adventure, high cultural intake, and extraordinary natural splendour of Indian architecture, old and new. Plan your trip to Udaipur now and set out to find out what is so unique about the city of lakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Delhi To Udaipur Road Trip

What is the perfect time to set out for the Delhi to Udaipur road trip?

The Udaipur visit is most suitable between November and March as the weather becomes comfortable, and the clear sky provides a good view for outdoor activities and street sightseeing.

How far is Delhi from Udaipur?

The Delhi - Udaipur route covers 662.9 km along NH 48 to NH 58 and takes over 11 hours to cover the trip, which would be obstinate through traffic and weather conditions.

What are the most sought-after attractions on the Delhi to Udaipur road trip?

Make sure to visit the City Palace and Lake Palace first on your itinerary; these two attractions will showcase Udaipur's magnificence. It is also advised to pay a visit to the magnificent Jagdish Temple and the tranquil Saheliyon ki Bari park. These attractions offer a glimpse of the stunning architecture and fascinating history of the city, ensuring that your trip to Udaipur is one to remember.

What are the valuable activities that are central to the life of the people of Udaipur?

There are a vast number of options to choose from when it comes to spending a day in Udaipur, and among the top ones are walking the city streets to feel the vibrant atmosphere, touring the lake cruises on Lake Pichola and Fateh Sagar Lake, buying the native handicrafts, and exploring that a wide range of Rajasthani authentic food.

How many days are enough for Udaipur?

While Udaipur is a magnificent city offering a plethora of experiences, three days of trip can help you get most of the major highlights. You can explore the lakes and live the Udaipur life.

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