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The enigmatic Derthu Mata Temple is a vision to behold. Perched at an elevation of more than 8,500 feet, the ancient Hindu temple sits at the land’s end, with the towering Deodar trees making up the surrounding area. Enclosed within a short fence, the temple’s architectural prowess can be seen from far away. The stunning temple is dedicated to Derthu Mata Devi, also called the Mother Goddess by the Sangri and Kumharsain people. The positive vibes are always present at the temple site, so people from all over the state come to worship the powerful Devi.

History Of Derthu Mata Temple

Derthu Mata Temple was built around the 12th century in Narkanda

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The Derthu Mata Temple is believed to have been constructed around the 12th century, even though the Goddess has been around the region for a much longer time. It is unclear who built the revered temple, but the locals are believed to have played an important part in it. Over the years, the temple got worn down, but the local people kept reconstructing parts. The temple is of utmost significance to the Kumharsain and Shangri people, who always pray to the Goddess they believe is the protector and guardian of the forest. The temple is in full celebration mode from the start of Navratra to the end, as this is when you can expect to see the most crowds.

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Why To Visit

The Derthu Mata temple after snow

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Derthu Mata Temple is enveloped in a thick forest of Deodar trees and it is difficult to see it from afar. It is only when you trek closer to it that you can see a magnificent temple that is built with craftsmanship and expertise. You need to climb a few steps to reach the temple and from here you can revel in the architecture that is a mix of Buddhist and Hindu temple construction styles. The wood carving is the main highlight of the temple as there is wood carving detailing everywhere. From the small carvings of the Goddess sitting on a tiger to the intertwined snakes in different colours, you will be mesmerised by the detailing from the start.

There is an inner sanctum where the deity is kept, and this is safeguarded by the grill door. You can do the pooja outside this door and light dhoop while ringing the handbell. It makes the ambience even more divine, and you can feel a sense of peace immediately. You can worship and pray to the Mother Goddess while performing pooja as you normally do. You can see many sacred red cloths tied to the big tree branches kept right outside the temple and at the temple premises. These are also tied to the grill doors. They signify the wish of the devotee. Just going around the temple and looking at the marvellous architecture is enough to make you feel amazing.

Trek To Derthu Mata Temple

The trek to the Temple is quite popular in the area

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If you are in the Narkanda region, you must visit the Derthu Mata Temple. Trekking to the temple is a great way to look at all the scenic places around the area while getting your heart pumping. The trek generally starts from the Narkanda Bus Stand, which is 10 kilometers on one side. It can take you around 5 hours to complete with breaks and plenty of moments to capture the amazing views with your camera and phone. The trek generally starts in the morning at around 8 am to 9 am, and you reach the temple anywhere from 1 pm to 2 pm, depending on your start time. The trek is locally organized by the people who live in the region.

The price of trekking starts at INR 3,000 per person, and you may receive a discount if you travel in a group, but it depends on the organizers. It is always better to book in advance and negotiate to see if you can get any discounts. The immersive experience will be one of your favourite moments from visiting the temple because it is so much fun! You will see locals in their natural surroundings, sheep grazing in the open fields, vast lush greenery with no end, and the clear blue sky. Breathe the fresh air and hear the birds chirping in this wonderland as you trek to your destination. It will leave a lasting impression on you. It is a spiritual place that will uplift you to the core.

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How To Reach

The road and the green nature.

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If you come from Narkanda, the Derthu Mata Temple is around 10 kilometres away. You have two options: trek or hire a taxi to the temple. If you want to experience the place’s vibe, going through the forest area and trek to the temple is best. Certain areas are uneven and muddy, so make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes.
If you want to go by a vehicle, know that expertise is a must as many hairpin bends exist on the way to the temple. If you are a beginner, it is best to avoid driving to the temple and hire a taxi or simply trek.

Tips For Visiting Derthu Mata Temple

  • Bring a red cloth to tie at the temple if you want to make a wish. If you want to do pooja, you should bring the required items with you.
  • Make sure you plan everything before you trek to the temple and you wear the right shoes and clothes according to the weather.
  • Avoid wearing any leather clothing or having a leather item with you when you visit the temple.
  • Do not litter on the temple premises or the nearby area. If you have trash, take it back with you in your bag.
  • Even though there is no restriction to stay at the field outside the temple, it is best to keep your noise levels down.
  • The roads to the temple can get jammed or blocked during the winter and rainy season so be aware of that before making plans to visit the temple.

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Your trip to Himachal Pradesh will be even more exciting if you visit the Derthu Mata Temple. The temple complex is so soothing and serene, and the surroundings make the place even more enchanting. The entire experience will uplift you. It makes for a fantastic trip with your family as you can trek to the temple while enjoying the lush greenery you see on the way and marvel at God’s gifts of nature!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Derthu Mata Temple

How much time is needed to visit the temple?

You need anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to visit the temple because time flies when you come to this tranquil temple and its beautiful surroundings.

Is it possible to find accommodation near the Derthu Mata Temple?

No, there are no staying options. Some locals offer camping options in the meadows but that is about the closest you can stay. You need to find accommodation options at Narkanda.

What is the entry fee to enter the temple?

There is no entry fee to visit the temple.

Why visit the temple?

The temple is revered by the locals and the trek to the temple across the forest will make you feel more alive than ever. It is one of the most unforgettable experiences.

Can you find any food stalls or eateries in the temple area?

No, there are currently no dhabas or eating options close to the temple. It is best if you bring snacks and food along with you when you visit the temple.

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