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Nestled in the heart of the Indian state of Rajasthan, Devi Kund Sagar in Bikaner is an essential site with a rich cultural and historical heritage that attracts tourists and locals, making it one of the must-visit places on everyone’s travel list to Rajasthan. The Devi Kund Sagar is widely known for its cenotaphs. These are built in the memory of the royal family of Bikaner, set against a deserted backdrop, and function as an essential site of attraction visited by many all year long. Along with offering a glimpse into the regal past and the state’s rich cultural heritage, this historic site is also one great example of the rich architectural wonders of the time.

Where Is Devi Kund Sagar Located?

The pristine Devi Kund Sagar is situated in Bikaner in the state of Rajasthan, India

Image Credit: Hari Makar for Wikimedia Commons

Offering a glimpse into the region’s notable historical past and rich cultural heritage, the Devi Kund Sagar is a monumental site of great importance. This scenic site is nestled in the Bikaner city of Rajasthan in India and is one of the most visited by both locals and tourists. Devi Kund Sagar dates back to the 16th century and serves as a cremation ground for the royal family of Bikaner.

The surrounding landscapes, including deserted regions, all add to the area’s natural appeal and are visited by many. The site is conveniently close to some of the region’s major cities and is known as a cultural hub for all tourists, where they can explore the area and its vibrant markets, popular tourist sites, etc.

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The Architectural Features

The Devi Kund Sagar in Bikaner, Rajasthan serves as an excellent example of skilled craftsmanship.

Image Credit: Gerd Eichmann for Wikimedia Commons

Dating back to the 16th century, this serene site in the picturesque city of Rajasthan is well known for its cultural significance, architectural features, regal history, etc. Devi Kund Sagar serves as a crematorium for the royal family of Bikaner. The site’s primary and highly detailed architectural features, which include the cenotaphs, serve as an excellent example of skilled craftsmanship and the Rajput style of architecture. Moreover, the striking detailing here leaves the visitors in awe.

White marble and red sandstone are exquisite elements used to build the cenotaphs. They also hold symbolic importance as they employ the evolution in the architectural styles of different periods and eras. Along with carefully carved pillars, elevated platforms, and dome-shaped structures, the site features a well-maintained garden and pathways that lead to it, which is a great architectural feature of the Rajput style, which in turn further adds to the aesthetics of the location.

Scenic Beauty Surrounding The Devi Kund Sagar

Situated amidst diverse landscapes, Devi Kund Sagar serves as a great spot for an ideal getaway

Image Credit: Gerd Eichmann for Wikimedia Commons

Nestled in close proximity to the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, this crematorium serves as a peaceful retreating site visited mainly by history enthusiasts wanting to learn about the region’s regal past and the royal family of Bikaner. The vast spread of the desert provides a dramatic backdrop for tourists seeking tranquility and a peaceful environment that is less crowded and easily accessible. This golden sand-filled tourist attraction site also offers a perfect setting for people who want to engage in landscape photography.

The Kund, which translates to tank, with the cenotaphs surrounding it, was initially built to serve as a water reservoir. The tank’s presence symbolises and highlights sustenance in this arid, deserted area. The site also features a serene garden and pathways leading to it, an essential feature of the Rajput style of architecture, which further enhances the natural beauty of this place, attracting locals and tourists alike. Sunset time is when the site and its surrounding region are enchanting.

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Devi Kund Sagar Tourism

The Devi Kund Sagar is one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Bikaner, Rajasthan

Image Credit: Z thomas for Wikimedia Commons

If you’re looking for a site to learn more about regal history and cultural significance, the principal city of Bikaner in Rajasthan is the perfect destination. Dating back to the 16th century, the Devi Kund Sagar is a crematorium that offers a glimpse into the rich cultural and regional history of anyone who visits. The significant architectural features of the site, including the cenotaphs and other architectural structures, welcome the tourists.

Anyone who visits this magnificent site is left in awe because of the distinct natural beauty surrounding it. Buses, tourist cars, autos, etc. are the various transportation options available. Connected to the region’s major cities, Devi Kund Sagar becomes easily accessible to the larger population and is visited by many for the same reason. Moreover, the site features well-maintained pathways leading to the green garden, where visitors can relax or engage in walks and strolls.

Must Explore Accommodation Option

The city of Bikaner has many ideal hotels and resorts available for visitors, including the historic Laxmi Niwas Palace

Image Credit: Z thomas for Wikimedia Commons

Situated conveniently from Devi Kund Sagar, the historic heritage hotel Laxmi Niwas Palace is among the best accommodation options for visitors visiting the serene city of Bikaner. This majestic hotel, which is the most preferred among visitors, is popularly known for its luxurious charm. This palace hotel is a perfect example of regal splendour. The resort’s well-managed, fully furnished rooms cater to the needs of every guest, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable stay.

Modern amenities include flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi, on-site restaurants, a swimming pool, a luxurious spa, a fitness centre, etc. Moreover, the resort’s staff is one of the best and sees all of the guests’ needs and requirements, making one’s stay here a carefree and relaxing one. The Palace Hotel also organises various cultural performances, offering tourists a glimpse into the region’s rich heritage. The hotel’s lush green garden houses many plant species and is a perfect spot for guests wanting to take walks.

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Explore Devi Kund Sagar, a crematorium for the regal family of Bikaner, on your next trip to Rajasthan. Known worldwide for its rich historical and cultural significance and serene and spiritual ambience, this site in Bikaner is one of the region’s most significant sites. Located near other major tourist sites of attraction, Devi Kund Sagar is one of the most preferred places visited by many, especially history enthusiasts across the globe all year long. This destination is also a great architectural wonder and attracts people who enjoy such sites. Whether on a solitary retreat seeking tranquillity or on a memorable family vacation, you must visit this historic site.

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Cover Image Credit: Z thomas for Wikimedia Commons

Frequently Asked Questions About Devi Kund Sagar

What is Devi Kund Sagar?

Devi Kund Sagar is a historical site located in Rajasthan and is the crematorium of the royal family of Bikaner.

Are visitors allowed in the Devi Kund Sagar?

The Devi Kund Sagar in Bikaner, Rajasthan is a significant tourist site of historical importance accessible to the public and is visited by many on a large scale throughout the year.

What is the fee to visit the Devi Kund Sagar?

There is a minimal fee for all. The fee, however, varies and is different for the locals and the tourists.

Are there facilities for tourists around the Devi Kund Sagar?

Various facilities are available for tourists around the Devi Kund Sagar. These include multi-cuisine restaurants, standard and luxurious accommodations, tour services, local markets, etc.

What are some of the nearby tourist attractions?

Some of the nearby tourist attractions which are close to Sundar Mahal include sites like the Junagarh Fort, Karni Mata Temple, Lalgarh Palace, etc.

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