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Most of us have grown up building our own houses with blocks or telling stories to others how we would love to build one in our own style. But, what if we tell you that you could relive those days and build a beautiful holiday home with snow for real? Because we just found the perfect DIY igloo hotel in Switzerland where you could actually make your childhood dreams come true. Be it making a romantic love nest with your partner or building a house with your family, the Iglu Dorf in Stansstad lets you do it all!

Situated in Switzerland, this ice hotel is rebuilt every winter with a different theme every year, but what makes it so exquisite is the fact that it actually lets its guests build their own igloos for the night. The special attraction for 2022 that makes this igloo hotel in Switzerland worth visiting for a winter holiday is its theme, which is based on Norse Mythology. So, you can absolutely imagine falling asleep to ice sculptures of Odin and Thor around.

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As far as the price is concerned, the hotel charges £286 or $397 per night. Also, for those who are really excited about building an igloo of their own, the snow village provides the required tools for constructing it too, and offers sheepskin and expedition sleeping bags that can easily withstand -40 degree temperatures.

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Now, if you’re thinking about it to be a really tedious task, do not because as Ido Balatti, the chief executive of Igloo Village Zermatt told the Daily Mail “Depending on the size and the amount of people building it, a usual small igloo, where you can sleep in with two people takes one day with two people to build it.”, it sounds like a day filled with adventure!

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And if you’re one of those who is not so confident with the construction skills, and is looking only for a romantic winter getaway, this igloo hotel in Switzerland also offers offers pre-built igloos that have gorgeous ice sculptures carved into the walls as per the year’s theme.

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From a standard igloo room to a family suite, hot igloo to a star igloo, there are a lot of options to keep you surprised. Not just this, but they also have modern day amenities such as personal fireplaces, wooden floors, rugs, and more.

While most guests prefer to stay for only a night due to the chilly temperatures, we think even a day is enough to make the most of your time there, enjoy at an outdoor bar, and capture beautiful memories amidst the snow. Isn’t it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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