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Israel has been the cultural center of the world, of which the numerous festivals in Israel are proof! They are one of the reasons why thousands of tourists flock to the country each year while some or the other festival or event is in place. In terms of festivals and annual celebrations, Israel has a lot to offer from music festivals to Pride Week, and even a large scale beer fiesta for its young traveler and the local population.

10 Best Israel Festivals

Below is a list of festivals in Israel compiled especially for you. Make sure you plan your vacation in the Middle East around these.

1. Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair

Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair

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The month of April starts with a beautiful festival in Israel, making Tel Aviv look as bright as a rainbow. Each year, thousands of artists send in their entries for selection. The works are evaluated by renowned scholars, international curators, art critics, gallery owners, and art collectors. After screening, the selected artists are given small studios to display and sell their art pieces. The USP of this fair is that every year, they have a new theme and make several changes to keep the fair exciting.

Location: Tel Aviv
Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair Dates: Yet to be announced
Ticket price: INR 855 to INR 1,045

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2. The Israel Festival

The Israel Festival

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This festival was first introduced to the international audience in the year 1961. Since then, each year the grounds display various forms of art. The performances range from stage art, theatre, classical music, and contemporary dance. The festival spans over a few days, taking place during the spring season. It attracts performers as well as art enthusiasts from all over the world. It is one of the most beautiful festivals in Israel in 2022.

Location: Jerusalem
The Israel Festival Dates: 8th -24th Sep, 2022
Ticket price: INR 380 to INR 2,850

3. Red Sea Jazz Festival

Jazz Festival

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There is nothing better than sitting under the starry sky, on the warm desert sand and listening to some authentic jazz music. The Red Sea Jazz Festival is the best Israel music festival. The festival hosts jazz musicians from Israel as well as internationally acclaimed artists. The festival happens twice every year in Eilat. The venue is always open air and it is all for free expression. All the songs and tunes are original and known as music for the soul.

Location: Eilat Port, Eilat.
Red Sea Jazz Festival Dates: 10th Nov - 12th Nov, 2022
Ticket price: INR 9,500 onwards

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4. Jerusalem Beer Festival

Jerusalem Beer Festival

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All the people who love their beers fresh and strong, this is the festival that you cannot skip. Each year, Jerusalem hosts beer brands and breweries from all over the world for the best beer fest. You can find over 100 brands here with either bottled beer or freshly brewed ones. Apart from this, they also hold demonstrations of the brewing process. The downtown is flooded with food stalls, top brands from all over the world and thousands of people. With the music always playing, it is like a fun college party on a much larger scale.

Location: Hebron Road Old Train Station, Downtown, Jerusalem
Jerusalem Beer Festival Dates: Annually in July - August ( 2022 TBA)

5. Seven Feasts of Israel

Seven Feasts of Israel

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The 7 festivals of Israel are a combination of 7 different feasts spanning over a period of several weeks. The feasts depict the covenant events between God and his disciples as they appear on Earth each year. The first feast begins with the old times of Testament and ends with John writing the Book of Revelation. This festival in Israel is observed with great devotion and intensity.

Location: Israel
Seven Feasts of Israel Dates: Yet to be announced

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6. Sukkot Festival

Sukkot Festival

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There is no dearth of traditional festivals in Israel. If you missed the 7 festivals of Israel, then you can plan to be a part of the Sukkot Festival. It is usually held in the month of September and is known as the Feast of Tabernacles. It is based on an event from the Bible and a part of the three festivals where the people are commanded to visit the pilgrimage sites. It is a week-long festival, starting with Shabbat.

Location: Israel
Sukkot Festival Dates: 9th Oct, 2022 - 16th Oct, 2022
Ticket price: Free

7. Karmiel Dance Festival

Dance Festival

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This is another festival from the Israel music festival category with the addition of several dance performances. Every year in August, people from all over the world come to Israel to showcase their talents. It is like a big fair with over 80 dance performances. Apart from the dance, there are various music performances to keep the audience enthralled. They also have a flea market, several food stalls and other pop-ups to keep you entertained throughout the festival.

Location: Galilee city, Karmiel
Karmiel Dance Festival Dates: Yet to be announced

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8. Hutzot HaYotzer

Hutzot HaYotzer

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August is the month that is dotted with Israel festivals and holidays. It also happens to be the perfect time to visit Israel if you love to shop. For two weeks, the streets of Hutzot Hayotzer are filled with various sellers from all over the world. The stalls display all sorts of interesting buys like clothes, sculptures, jewelry, art pieces, etc. The festival also hosts some popular local artists who keep the place buzzing with lively music.

Location: Hutzot Hayotzer Artists’ Colony, Mitchell Gardens and Merrill Hassenfeld Amphitheatre, Israel
Hutzot HaYotzer Festival Dates: 8th Aug, 2022 - 20th Aug, 2022
Ticket price: INR 665 to INR 1,140

9. Tel Aviv Pride Week

Tel Aviv LGBT pride parade

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The long list of festivals in Israel 2022 enlists the most interesting Pride Week of the world. In Tel Aviv, as many as 18,000 people come together to support love and humanity. During this week, the entire town is full of people is fascinating costumes, cool headgears, posters, catchy slogans, music, food, and fun! The showstopper event is the Pride Week Parade which concludes the week-long festival.

Location: Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Pride Week Dates: 11th June 2022
Ticket price: Free entry for Pride Week Parade

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10. Eilat Bird Festival

Bird watching

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If you are visiting Israel during March, do not miss the Eilat Bird Festival. The experience of spotting over 250 different bird species is quite fascinating. The Eilat countryside is the best venue to view the migratory birds. People often stay overnight to have a better experience and enjoy the sweet chirping sounds.

Location: Eilat countryside
Eilat Birds Festival Dates: 27th Mar, 2022 - 4th Apr, 2022
Ticket price: Free

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If you wish to witness the glory of all or some of these festivals in Israel, book your trip to the Middle East with TravelTriangle today for a truly special getaway! Get a taste of the real Israeli culture and heritage through the window of these joyous celebrations across the country that anyone and everyone can be a part of. And when you’re back, don’t forget to write to us about your fabulous experience!

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