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Washington DC is the capital of United States founded in 1790 after the American Revolution. It is located in the Atlantic region of the US east coast. While summers are hot and humid winters are usually chilly and light snowfalls can be seen. This city shelters nearly six hundred thousand people and the festivals in Washington DC are a great way for the people to come outside of their houses and celebrate with everyone. This city has so many places to visit and a lot of adventurous things to do. The rich culture of this place is displayed in its historic museums and glorified art galleries.

Washington DC is a city which has a mix of vibrant cultures. This city makes you feel alive every time you come here. This city has something unique that drives tourists towards it. The ambiance of this place is electrifying. It shelters people from different parts of the world. The people of Washington DC are proud of their origin and know how to celebrate their culture and bond with each other.

There is a beautiful aura flowing all around during the festivals in Washington DC and it is a great time to remember who they are and what they are known for. Festivals are a way of paying tributes to the legends of the past and also a way of marching ahead towards a beautiful bright future with joy all around the city.

The Interesting Festivals In Washington DC

One can easily fall head over heels in love with the cultural feel of this place. And it is a great way for the tourists to know the city like a local’s point of view and also to bond with them. So here are some of the festivals that you must attend if you are in Washington DC around that period of time.

1. National Christmas tree lighting festival

National Christmas tree lighting festival

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This festival is hosted in the President’s park every year in the month of December. The whole festival is organized by the National Park Service. This starts in early December. A beautiful Christmas tree is decorated with lighting and other decor items. The tree looks as beautiful and mesmerizing as it can. The festival starts with a live concert and goes on till Christmas. The tree is lit every night and there are some spectacular performances from various backgrounds. It is an appreciable way of celebrating the diversity of culture that this town holds. The National Christmas Tree is surrounded by a Pathway of Peace. There are trees from different states that are brought and located on this pathway. The night view of this place is simply amazing. And the ambiance of this place is totally vibrant and cheerful.

Where: White House
When: December

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2. National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade

Cherry Blossom

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America is known for its glorious and electrifying parades that they host every year on different occasions. It shows their togetherness and their enthusiasm level. One such parade is the National Cherry Blossom Festival parade held every year between March to mid-April. This parade hosts bands, musicians, dancers, celebrities and what not. The whole parade has a particular theme color which is pink. Thus everything which is related to the parade has a touch of pink in it. This parade organizes hundred of cultural festivals. It organizes the annual kite festival too. And it also showcases some spectacular fireworks at the southwest waterfront.

Where: Constitution Avenue
When: March to mid April

3. Passport DC

People dancing

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This is a festival organized by the Cultural Tourism DC. This festival celebrates the DC’s diplomatic communities. This festival goes on for a month. It is a great festival for the common people who want to learn about international cultures. During this festival, there is a tour held on May 2 in which a dozen embassies open the doors of their houses and give the common people the knowledge of the cultures from around the world. This tour is known with the name ‘Around the World Embassy Tour’.

Where: Washington DC
When: May 1 to May 31

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4. Family Day

Family Day

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This day is basically an official holiday and is celebrated every month at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. On this occasion, families are invited to this particular space museum. The museum hosts various demonstrations and illustrative descriptions with the aviators. They also perform several hands-on activities for their spectators. Be a part of this day and experience how it is celebrated in this city.

Where: Air and space museums
When: 25 November

5. Citi Open

Citi Open match

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This is a sports festivals. It is based on encouraging the sport of Tennis among the locals. If you visit this festival you may come across one of the world-famous tennis stars. This show calls various popular and some new budding tennis stars during this festival. The festival is one of the most popular sports events in Washington DC.

Where: Rock Creek Park Tennis Center
When: Aug 1 – Aug 7

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6. Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show

Cartoon boy

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It is a festival celebrated for the love of food and entertainment. It is a very popular festival among the locals. For those entire cooking enthusiasts out there, this festival is more like a paradise for them. The organizers of these festivals host numerous chefs from different places. You may also get the chance to meet one of those celebrity chefs and take autographs. One can find oneself surrounded by various kinds of food stalls influence from different parts of the world and culture. The presentation of these vendors is very creative. But the best thing is the food which is the main focus of this entire thing. Both the celebrity and the local chefs come here and give several tips and tricks to cook delightful food. The lightings and decoration too are on point. It indeed is more like a fairytale come true for all the foodies out there!

Where: Washington Convention Center
When: 05 – 06 Nov

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7. H Street Festival

H Street Festival

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This is the kind of festival which will make you groove on some of the most selective dope music of all time. This is more like a concert. The ambiance is electrifying and vibrant. So many live bands come and perform amidst the crowd and beer tents are set up. This is a festival for the youth. The majority of the crowds’ comprise of hipsters or the people in their late teen or early twenties. Also, there are a dozen of food delicacies served during this occasion.

Where: Washington DC
When: September

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8. Memorial Day

US soldiers doing parade view

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On this day, the entire nation comes up together to celebrate the heroes who sacrificed their lives fighting for the country. These heroes are those who served their time in the US military. These ceremonies take place at various memorials which are the Vietnam Memorial, Korean Memorial and the World War II memorial.

Where: National mall
When: May 30

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9. Washington National Cathedral Flower Mart

Beautiful Flowers

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It is a family friendly spring event hosted by the Washington National Cathedral. It is a beautiful flower mart where the cathedrals teach gardening and sell a variety of flowers and plants. International dancers and craft makers come here to showcase their talent and entertain the guests.

Where: Washington DC
When: May 6 to 7

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Excited? Book your trip with TravelTriangle and become a part of these amazing festivals in Washington DC. This place respects all religions and races and take immense pride in their historical achievements and also know the art of celebrating life. So, visit Washington DC and try to be a part of some of these festivals.

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