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    A promotional poster of the Avatar movie

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    Books and movies teleport you to a dreamy fantasy land. We bet there have been times when you wished to escape to landscapes from your favorite films or books – from Hogwarts and Hogsmeade to the Shire; and from Pandora to Arkham. If you’ve dreamt of them to exist for real, we’ve got good new for you!

    Scroll down to see a list of 20 places (among many others), from the fantasy world that you thought never existed, but they actually do. While some of these have been used as it is, others have been digitally created in the settings of the mentioned destinations.

    Straight from the Dreamy Disneyland

    The iconic shot from the ad of Walt Disney Pictures

    Image Source

    1. Elsa’s Ice Palace from Frozen VS Hotel de Glace in Canada

    Elsa’s Palace vs Hotel de Glace in Canada

    2. Kingdom of Arendelle from Frozen VS Nærøyfjord in Norway

    The Kingdom of Arendelle from the movie Frozen and Nærøyfjord in Norway on which it is based

    3. Paradise Falls from Up VS Angel Falls in Venezuela

    The Paradise Falls from the movie U and Angel Falls in Venezuela on which it is based

    4. Pride Rock from Lion King VS Pride Rock in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania

    The Pride Rock from the movie Lion King and Serengeti Park in Tanzania on which it is based

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    What a Potterful World

    First year Hogwarts students being ferried to the castle

    Image Source

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    5. Great Black Lake VS Loch Shiel at Lochaber in Scotland

    Harry riding on Buckbeak over Great Lake and aeroplanes flying over the Loch Shiel that inspired the shot

    6. Hogwarts Castle in Sorcerer’s Stone VS Alnwick Castle in Northumberland

    The Alnwick Castle that was used in first two Harry Potter movies as Hogwarts Castle

    7. Hogwarts Express VS Glenfinnan Viaduct at Lochaber in Scotland

    The track used for all shots of Hogwarts Express

    8. Great Hall VS Dining Hall of Christ Church at Oxford University

    The Great Dining Hall at Hogwarts and the great hall from Christ Church in Oxford where it was shot

    Thou Shalt Not Miss LOTR

    A poster of the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

    Image Source

    9. Mordor – Black Volcanic Plain occupied by Sauron VS Tongariro National Park in New Zealand

    Mordor and the Tongariro National Park on which it is based

    10. Hobbiton – the Shire Village VS Matamata in New Zealand

    A shot from the Hobbit trilogy of the Shire and the Matamata where Hobbiton set was made

    11. Rivendell – the Elvish Capital VS Kaitoke Regional Park in New Zealand

    A shot of Rivendell and the Kaitoke Park used as background setting for the film shots

    Okay! It doesn’t look similar. Sorry to break it to you, but Rivendell was created digitally in the settings of Kaitoke Regional Park. Or at least most of it was. But, nonetheless, you can get the feel of the Elvish Capital in the regional park of New Zealand.

    Game. Of. Thrones. – It’s in a game (a bloody one)

    The banners of various houses in Game Of Thrones

    Image Source

    12. Winterfell VS Castle Ward in Northern Ireland

    The Castle Ward that was one of the castles used to depict Winterfell in GOT

    Different roads, after all, lead to the same castle. This one. Winterfell has been depicted by various castles from UK – Doune Castle in Scotland, Castle Ward in Northern Ireland, and Audley’s Castle & Woods in Northern Ireland.

    13. Pentos VS Azure Window in Malta

    Azure Window on Gozo Islands that were used to depict Pentos in GOT

    Other Notable Mentions

    14. Hallelujah Mountain from Avatar VS Wulingyuan Mountains in Hunan district of China

    Hallelujah Mountains and Wulingyuan Mountains in China that have been given the same name because of the striking similarity

    15. Arkham Asylum from DC’s Batman VS Danvers State Hospital in Massachusetts

    The Arkham Asylum from Batman and the Danvers State Hospital on which it is based

    16. Canyon City from Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade VS Al Khazneh at Petra in Jordan

    The Canyon City from Indiana Jones and the Al Khazneh treasury in Petra

    17. Flintstones House at Bedrock from the Hanna Barbera’s animated series VS Stone House built by Dick Clark in Malibu

    The Flintstones House from the animated series and the one built by Dick Clark in Malibu

    18. Isla De Muerta from Pirates of the Caribbean VS Haiti

    The Isla De Muerta from Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haiti islands that appear similar

    19. Tatooine – Luke and Anakin Skywalker desolate planet from Star Wars VS Matmata in Tunisia

    Tatooine planet from Star Wars Saga and the imitation hotel at Matmata in Tunisia

    20. TARDIS time machine from BBC’s Doctor Who VS the mobile Police Box in Earls Court Station in UK

    TARDIS from Doctor Who and the real mobile police box at Earls Court Station

    Fun Fact: The Mobile Police Box at Earls Court Station is one of the very few, perhaps the only, existing mobile police box in UK

    These fictional places that you can visit in reality are sure to make-up for a fantasy-filled holiday. Let us know your pick from the lot.

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