If you are looking for a place in New Zealand where you can experience the wilderness at its best, Fiordland is just the place. The national park is located in South Island, New Zealand. While there are around 14 national parks in New Zealand, this national park is the largest. It takes up around 12,607 sq kilometers in South Island and houses a significant number of flora and fauna species.

About Fiordland National Park

About Fiordland National Park

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The U-shaped glacier valley flooded by the sea is known as a fjord (pronounced fee-ord). The wildlife reserve is surrounded by fourteen fjords that have been here since the ice age. This is how the name Fiordland came to be. The beauty that lies within took millions of years to be what it is now. The Milford Sound, arguably the most stunning fiord, has been called ‘eighth wonder of the world’ by Rudyard Kipling. This national park is built with deep valleys, snow-covered peaks, and tall waterfalls.

Best Time To Visit Fiordland National Park


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It completely depends on the activities that you want to perform here. Summer is loved by people who want to enjoy the majestic fiords in their sunny glory. There might be some rainy days even when you visit this place in summer and that makes for a spectacular view. Winters are for the ones who love skiing and enjoy being surrounded by snow. Months from June to October are the perfect time to visit this snow-covered valley. Some people even consider spring as one of the best seasons to visit this place with the winter wind fading away. Hiking is the most popular activity during the spring season as the green hills bloom with life – something that you don’t want to miss.

Fiordland park is one of the top places to visit in New Zealand. Other than many jungle tours and cave explorations, the place has much more up for grab. Find some of these below.

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Places To Stay At Fiordland National Park

Confused about where to stay in Fiordland National Park? Check out our list of places you can stay at and choose the one which seems perfect for your trip. Take a look!

1. Dream’s House

Dream’s House

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This place is located in Milford Sound from where you can see the beautiful fiords through the balconies. The town, Te Anau, has a really huge lake which is the gateway to the wonderful fiords. There are many restaurants and bars around this sweet spot and is just about 5 min from the main street.

Location: Te Anau, New Zealand

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2. Reel’m Inn

Reel’m Inn

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This is located at a very convenient place and you can easily book cabs or walk to places through Reel’m’s. They have a great kitchen built in most of the rooms so you have easy access and they also have free Wi-Fi. This place has amazing ratings and people have posted many great reviews about this place so you don’t need to worry about that.

Location: Te Anau, Southland

3. Freestone cabin

Freestone cabin

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This timber cabin is built by the hillside. Every morning, you can wake up to the surreal beauty that surrounds this place. They have cozy rooms that are spacious and have all the basic amenities and more. There is also a pullout couch that you can use when there are some extra guests around. You can either go for the delicious in-house breakfast or try your hand at making something. There are some river trails through which you can ride a bike and enjoy the scenic landscape.

Location: Manapouri, Southland

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4. Hillside Haven

Hillside Haven

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This place is popular among tourists as offers a majestic view to the Takatimu Ranges. The Mararoa River is also visible, surrounding you in the blanket of natural beauty. They have private decks and modular kitchens so that you can have a great time without even leaving your room.

Location: Manapouri, Southland

Things To Do In Fiordland National Park

Here is the list of things to do while you explore the mesmerizing Fiordland National Park. Keep scrolling down and read along!

1. Milford Road Trip

Milford Road Trip

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The wonderful Te Anau and the Milford Sound are a must when then you must take this road trip that will take you through some great sights. This scenic beauty has many short walks and viewpoints through the way and you can take a stop to appreciate the wonderful sights on this road trip.

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2. Cruise In Doubtful Sound

Fiordland Doubtful sound

The beauty of the Doubtful Sound can be experienced by a cruise through this spectacular fiord is going to be a lifetime thing. The cruise starts from Lake Manapouri and ends in the dense forest around the Doubtful Sound. You can cruise, kayak and even stay overnight.

3. Walk Through Kepler Track

Walk Through Kepler Track

If you love hiking or trekking then you should go for this multi-day hike through the Kepler Track. As you walk through this track you will be greeted by majestic snow-covered mountains. You can take the walk from Te Anau if that is more convenient for you. If you go for this walk in the summer or rainy season then expect the sky to pour down as this is a heavy-rainfall area.

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4. Scuba Dive In Milford Sound

Scuba Dive In Milford Sound

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Of all the adventurous things that you can do here, scuba diving takes the cake. Milford Sound is home to many species and you will be able to see some of the fishes in the clear water. There are many scuba diving professionals that you can choose from for better and safer experience. The cold water along with sealife will make it an experience of a lifetime.

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These are some of the things that you can do around Fiordland national park and have a great time. This is one of the top getaway destinations in New Zealand. So, go pack your bags and book your next trip to New Zealand right away!

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