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    Newbies and qualified divers are spoilt for choice with different types of dives off the beautiful coast of New Zealand. The northern part of the island attracts colorful tropical fish, while fiords are found in bounty around the Southern Island creating the perfect environment for black corral to flourish. Dive deep into the clear blue seas, or navigate through wreck dives around the Bay Islands, or explore the many sea mammals in the waters of New Zealand.

    Are you planning a trip to New Zealand? Do you love scuba diving? You are headed to the right place indeed. There is no dearth of dive sites in New Zealand, no matter whether you are a first-time diver or an expert. Listed below are some of the best places to go scuba diving in New Zealand.

    7 Best Places For Scuba Diving In New Zealand

    Take a look at the best places to go scuba diving in New Zealand to satisfy the thrill-seeker within you on your next holiday!

    1. Poor Knights Islands

    Poor Knights Islands

    Image Source

    Poor Knights Islands is one of the best places to go scuba diving New Zealand Auckland. Tourists from across the globe travel to this diving spot to enjoy a slice of the mesmerizing marine life. There are four dive spots that you can choose from, at Poor Knights Islands. But, your trip isn’t complete if you do not take a dip in Maomao Arch where thousands of maomao will swim around you as you enter the waters. Poor Knights Islands scuba diving New Zealand is absolutely fabulous, as tropical currents also bring in a fascinating array of fish in different colors, shapes, and sizes. The island also offers fantastic snorkelling opportunities for those who do not know to dive. It is easy to access Poor Knights Islands via Tutukaka in Northland.

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    2. White Island

    White-Island_23rd oct

    Image Source

    The waters of White Island, also attracts colorful tropical marine life as well as several species of larger fish. These beautiful waters just off the island’s most active volcano has three dive spots suitable for all abilities – Club Rocks, Volkner Rocks, and Liason’s Reef. Be sure to explore the underwater vents in these clear blue waters. There are a number of swim throughs and reefs that make diving and snorkelling on this island, real fun. This diving New Zealand North Island site can be easily accessed from Whakatane that is situated in the Bay of Plenty.

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    3. Tui Wreck

    Tui Wreck

    Image Source

    Scuba diving, New Zealand prices allow you to enjoy yourself to the hilt without burning a hole in the pocket! And, there are so many scuba diving sites on the island that you will be lost for choice. If you are confused and know not where to head, yet another interesting dive site just off Tutukaka in Northland – Tui Wreck is worth exploring. As the name suggests, a large vessel was sunk at this site to act as an artificial reef. Golden snapper and a wide array of interesting fish species await to entertain you in the deep blue seas at this dive site.

    4. Goat Island

    Goat Island

    Image Source

    Goat Island is yet another famous dive site that is home to myriad varieties of marine life such as Snapper, Crayfish, and Blue Cod. The waters of this island pave way for an easy swim and the dive spots have a depth of about 9 to 18 meters. Beneath the surface of these waves, are various habitats ranging from rocky shores that are exposed during low tide, to underwater cliffs, canyons, deep reefs, and sand flats too! You will be amazed to see that each of these habitats is home to its own creatures such as seaweed forest, sea squirts, sponges, anemones, and shellfish. This is the best scuba diving New Zealand as it gives you an opportunity to get up close and personal with the undersea community and also provides an opportunity for some great underwater photography.

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    5. Lermontov Wreck

    Lermontov Wreck

    Image Source

    If you are fascinated by wrecks or wish to go big, this wreck dive is just right for you. Mikhail Lermontov is a great spot to go diving New Zealand South Island. Lermontov a twin buoy lies on its starboard size on the sea bed and is considered one of the largest diveable wrecks man has discovered. This once-beautiful liner has been submerged for over a quarter century and is now home to kelp, blue and red cod, blennies, dog fish, sea perch, carpet sharks, octopus and an occasional king fish. You can go fin down a fleet of staircase and through corridors before you ascend again for the next adventure that awaits you in this maze. Even expert divers suggest taking a guide along, lest you may get lost in the wreck! Diving in this wreck is an adventure from start to finish.

    6. Kaikoura


    Image Source

    The beautiful South Island town of Kaikoura is renowned for attracting dusky dolphins, albatross, New Zealand fur seals, and sperm whales. A dive into these waters give you a once in a lifetime experience of swimming with these majestic sea mammals. But, if you thought that was exciting, wait until you come across the kelp forests and limestone reefs that are breathtakingly beautiful. Kaikoura is a great place to unwind, relax or enjoy scuba diving in New Zealand. Be sure to tuck into a plate of crayfish before you head back to your hotel. You will surely not be disappointed!

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    7. Fox Glacier

    Approaching Fox Glacier

    Image Source

    And, if just scuba diving doesn’t do the trick for you, head out to the west coast of South Island to challenge yourself for a session of skydiving! The drop from Fox Glacier is absolutely stunning and mesmerizing. With gorgeous views of the beautiful Southern Alps, lakes, rain forests, and of course Mt. Cook, Fox Glacier makes way for a nostalgic experience you will never forget. This is just the place you should head for the best skydiving in New Zealand.

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    A full day scuba dive charter to most of these islands cost under $200. Simply put, there is no place better than New Zealand to enjoy adventure activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and skydiving! So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, plan a trip to New Zealand and head out to enjoy a vacation filled with fun activities, beaches, and great food!

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