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    France in winter

    You must have surely witnessed or heard about the unparalleled beauty of France when it’s all sunny out there, but have you ever imagined how the country of arts and romance spreads its charm in the month of December? Well, the Christmas fervor is on and all the places in the country are lit with lights and happiness. From enchanting Christmas village at the foot of the Eiffel Tower to soul-stirring ice-skating rinks built under the stars, there’s a lot to see and experience in France in December.

    So, don’t think much and plan your next trip to France in the month of December and witness the culture of the country in its true colors. But before you pack your bags and book your tickets, scroll down and take a look at how you can plan your holiday in the most perfect way!

    Weather In France In December

    People shopping in France during winter

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    While the weather varies according to the places you visit in France, it remains cold and snowy throughout the month. The average minimum temperature is 2 degrees Celsius and the maximum is 10 degrees Celsius. All in all, the weather is absolutely perfect to get yourself cozy inside, and excited outside as there are lesser tourists and almost no long queues during sightseeing.

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    Best Places To Visit In France In December

    France is home to some of the most lively places that will leave you mesmerized! But since there are so many beautiful places to see, we have listed the best ones for your perfect France holiday in December. Take a look!

    1. Paris

    Eiffel Tower, Paris

    Image Source

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    Home to the world-famous Eiffel Tower, Paris is undoubtedly one of the best places in France in December to visit with your loved ones. Imagine how beautiful the iconic tower would look on a wintery night with all its lights lit up! So, make sure you add Paris to your France trip itinerary and treat your eyes with the best views!

    2. Lyon

    city of lights, Lyon

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    Make sure you visit Lyon, France in December if you wish to witness & indulge in the amazing festival of lights. Apart from its festive mood, Lyon offers a glimpse of french culture and heritage through its renaissance buildings and is also home to a world heritage site!

    3. Strasbourg

    snowfall in strasbourg

    Image Source

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    Visit Strasbourg, France in December and take a walk down the picturesque lanes to feel the old world charm that it holds. From charming timbered houses to elegant medieval buildings, it will take you to a whole new different level during your France holidays in December.


    It is a beautiful countryside near paris. The whole town basks under the mediterranean sun and it just a relaxing experience for travellers to get out of the stress of their daily lives.Travelers get to breathe in the fresh air with a hint of herbs that grow locally. It is a must go in the winters of Paris.

    Top Things To Do In France In December

    France offers many unique experiences that will strike your heart and become a part of the beautiful memories forever. Here are some of the best things to do in France in December that’ll surely make your holiday one of its kind.

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    1. Dine at the Seine River Cruise

    Paris dinner cruise

    Image Source

    What could be more beautiful than having your dinner on a cruise while witnessing the beauty of Paris? The city offers different cruises wherein you can relax in a casual setting and absorb the gorgeous views of the surroundings on the picturesque Seine river.

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    2. Indulge in ice skating

    people skating at night

    Image Source

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    Whether you are with your partner or your family, ice skating is one thing that will bring you all closer to each other during your France holiday in December. Strap on a pair of skates and groove to the music! The country is home to many ice rinks where you can skate your heart out!

    3. Spot the talent at Cannes Dance Festival

    Dancing people in festival

    Image Source

    Witness the best of contemporary, classical, french, and more forms of dance at this world-famous Cannes Dance Festival which is held in the south of France in December. While visiting France in December, this is one experience you absolutely cannot afford to miss!

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    4. Bastille Day

    It is one of the biggest festivals in France. It also holds a lot of importance as on this day people walked to Bastille to establish their Democracy. This day is seen as the birth of a democratic France. Celebrations are held across the country and gives viewers an unreal experience.

    Day: 14th July

    What To Pack For Your Winter Trip To France

    1. Make sure you carry layers of warm clothes to keep yourself warm.
    2. Keep extra clothes for emergency.
    3. Carry a scarf, a hat, and gloves with you.
    4. Don’t forget to keep an umbrella in case it rains.
    5. Try to wear comfortable and warm shoes like boots, and keep extra shoes for evenings.
    6. Make sure that you carry your passport, ID, and other important things in your backpack.

    Frequently Asked Question About France

    When is the best time to visit France?

    A: Best time to visit France is December.

    Which city is filled with heritage in France

    A: Strasbourg is the place to visit if travellers want to know about the history of France.

    Which festival is a must visit in France

    A: Bastille Day is the festival to visit France.

    Now you must be convinced that France is a perfect escape for a holiday in December. So, don’t think much and plan your Europe trip with TravelTriangle and witness the country’s charm during the chilly days and nights!

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