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Named after the Gowthami branch of river Godavari, Gowthami Ghat is a popular destination among tourists and locals. This ghat is a hub of various religious and social gatherings. After a tour of the temples, devotees dip in its pure water to wash off their sins. The tranquil Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry houses many temples and recreational places to keep you engaged. Enjoy your evenings here, surrounded by lush green forests, boat rides and eateries. Sit back along the riverside and experience the spirituality of the place.

Krishnastami Ustavalu At Gowthami Ghat

 Devi Chowk all lit up for festivals

Image Credit: Sarojchamarthy for Wikimedia Commons

Krishnashtami is the celebration of the birth of Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. It is a vibrant festival celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and joy in the temples of Gowthami Ghat. The ghat is beautifully decorated with all the temples filled with devotees singing bhajans at midnight to celebrate the birth of Krishna. Janmashtami is celebrated in July or August varying each year and paints the temples of Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry in spirituality.

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Temples Near Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry

Filled with devotion and divine energy, Rajahmundry Is the blessed land of Gods. Whether you want a spiritual retreat or want to connect with your inner self, the temples of Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry will heal you.

1. Sri Rangadhama Temple

: Sri Rangadhama Temple near Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry.

Image Credit: Lodo for Wikimedia Commons

Located on the banks of Gowthami Ghat, the main deity of Sri Ranganatha Temple is lord Ranganatha, the reclining form of Vishnu. As you enter the sanctum sanctorum, you will see the serene reclining Vishnu on a serpent which will make your heart feel peace. As you walk across the temple area, you will see the carvings and the detailings of each gopuram. Devotees often dip beside the Godavari river to wash away their sins.

Address: Gowthami Ghat Rd, Tyagaraja Nagar, Rajamahendravaram, Andhra Pradesh 533101
Visiting hours: 6 AM to 12 PM and 4 PM to 8 PM.

2. ISKCON Rajahmundry

 ISKCON temple near Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry.

Image Credit: Venkat2336 for Wikimedia Commons

Located in Gowthami Ghats Rajahmundry, ISKCON is spread over a vast area of 2 acres and is one of the most visited temples in Rajahmundry. ISKCON stands for International Society for Krishna Consciousness. Thousands of visitors come each day to seek the blessings of Radha and Krishna in this legendary r temple. It is also associated with enhancing the teachings of Bhagavad Gita via regular classes and workshops. The temple offers free vegetarian meals to the ones in need as a part of its global program.

Address: Gowthami Ghat Road, beside, Godavari Bund Road, Gowthami Ghat, Rajamahendravaram, Andhra Pradesh 533101
Visiting hours: 4 AM to 9:30 PM

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3. Sri Uma Markandeyeswara Swamy Devasthanam

Uma Markandeyeswara Swamy Temple near Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry.

Image Credit: Msvamsi for Wikimedia Commons

Located 2 km away from Gowthami Ghat, Sri Uma Markandeyeswara Swamy Devasthanam is another temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is adorned with carvings from the life of lord shiva and the story of Sage Markandeya. The temple has the idols of Lord Shiva and Parvati as Uma in their main temple area adding to the temple’s heritage. Built in Dravidian style, this temple is a haven for all to seek blessings, cure disease or go on a journey to explore themselves.

Address: Godavari Bund Road, near Pushkar Ghat Circle, Mangalavaripeta, Rajamahendravaram, Andhra Pradesh 533105
Visiting hours: 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM and 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

4. Markandeya Temple

Markandeya Temple, near Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry

Image Credit: Subodh Kulkarni for Wikimedia Commons

Loaded just a 15-minute drive away, visiting Markandeya Temple embodies a profound spiritual experience. With Lord Shiva it’s dirty and dedicated to Rishi Markandeya, this temple is flocked with devotees at all times of the day. Built in Dravidian style and reconstructed in 2018, the temple’s main area houses the Shivling surrounded by extensive carvings. The towering gopurams surrounding the sanctum sanctorum are embellished with characters from Hindu mythology.

Address: Katheru, Rajamahendravaram, Andhra Pradesh 533105
Visiting hours: 8 AM to 6 PM

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Restaurant Near Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry

Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry is surrounded by temples and rich heritage. With major temples located here, thousands of devotees visit this place. To make your trip smoother, we have picked the top restaurants near Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry to enjoy a delicious meal.

1. Captain’s Table

Captains Table is one of the best places to eat near Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry

Image Credit: By Life Of Pix on Pexels
Located near Venkateshwara temple, Captain’s Table is the ideal restaurant if you are looking for some Indian or Chinese delicacies. With an outdoor seating facility available, you can enjoy the view of the Gowthami Ghat with the impeccable food served here. The restaurant follows a maritime theme and staff and management are quick and efficient. Both vegetarian and nonvegetarian varieties are available. You can also try their lunch buffet offering fresh salads, and scrumptious main courses to melt-in-mouth deserts.

Must-try dishes: Seafood and biryani
Cost per person: INR 800 to 2000 onwards

2. Avakai Pure Veg Restaurant

Avakai Pure Veg Restaurant is one of the best restaurants near Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry

Image Credit: By Chan Walrus on Pexels

Located in Gowthami Ghat beside ISKCON temple, Avakai Pure Veg Restaurant is a favourite among the crowd. With various vegetarian options, this family restaurant has a large space and efficient service. The location offers a major advantage and it has ample parking space for the customers. Whether you want a simple meal by yourself or you are looking for a hearty family dinner, you can enjoy both in Thai restaurants. The restaurant has modified itself and also has multiple vegan options on its menu.

Must-try dishes: South Indian thali
Cost per person: INR 200 to 400 onwards

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3. Akshaya Udupi

Akshaya Udupi is one of the best eateries in this place

Image Credit: By Team Picsfast on Pexels

Loathed 10 10-minute walk away from Gowthami Ghat, Akshaya Udupi is one of the most popular restaurants in Rajahmundry. With their speciality being south Indian cuisine, they offer some of the best idli sambars in Rajahmundry. The food is budget friendly with good quantity. The efficient management of the hotel is a popular feature and they offer quick service. You can enjoy their traditional vegetarian thali with your family.

Must try dishes: Idli, Masala Dosa
Price per person: INR 200 to 400 onwards

4. Sitara Coffee House

Sitara Coffee House is one of the best hotels nearby

Image Credit: By Team Picsfast on Pexels

Located in Gowthami Ghat, Sitara Coffee House is one of the most popular restaurants in Rajahmundry. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant and serves delicious vegetarian meals. You can enjoy everything from north India to south Indian cuisines here. They brew and serve excellent coffee which will take away all your tiredness. With affordable prices, the meals here are scrumptious with quick service. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Must-try dishes: Coffee, South Indian
Price per person: INR 200-400 onwards

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How To Reach Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry

Know how to reach the Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry

Image Credit: By Avinash Patel on Pexels
Here are some of the best ways to reach Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry:
By Bus: Rajahmundry has a well-connected system of road transport with national highways. You can reach Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry by NH 5 to all south Indian cities. There are both private and APSRTC (government) buses with a variety of seating options.

By Train: The nearest railways to Gowthami Ghat are Rajahmundry and Godavari railway stations. The distance between Rajahmundry railway station and Gowthami Ghat is just 1 km which you can cover by private vehicle or cab. It is a busy station located in the heart of Andhra Pradesh.

By Air: The nearest international and domestic airport is Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport which connects Rajahmundry to major cities. The remaining distance between Hyderabad and Rajahmundry can be covered by flight to the Rajahmundry airport, Madhurapudi and then a cab ride of 30-40 minutes to Gowthami Ghat.

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Come and experience the tranquillity of the religious Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry. The Ghat is the focal point of all celebrations and brings people together. It also offers a picturesque view of the Godavari River and its profound natural beauty. If this guide about Gowthami Ghat lures you, here are some offers for a trip to Andhra Pradesh. Connect with your inner self at the bank of the Godavari River.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gowthami Ghat Rajahmundry

How much time is required in Draksharamam Temple?

Around 4 to 5 hours are required to explore each part of the temple. Try to visit in the early hours to avoid crowds and experience the serenity of the temple.

Which part of sati fell in Draksharamam Temple?

The left cheek, which was the 12th part of sati, fell in the Draksharamam Bhimeswara Swamy temple.

Can we take photos in Draksharamam Temple?

Phones should be on silent mode inside the temple. No photography is allowed within the main temple area.

Are there any special rituals or pujas performed at the temple?

Yes, rituals like Rudrabhishekam, Kalyanotsavam, and Archana are performed regularly at the temple and devotees can participate in these rituals.

What to do while visiting the temple?

Offer your prayer and seek blessings from the Goddess. You can also spend some time at the temple grounds.

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