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Experience the magic and never-ending fun at the Haailand Vijayawada, an amusement park that has something for everyone to keep everyone entertained all day. Located in the colourful city of Vijayawada, this park challenges and welcomes you for a fabulous adventurous ride through an assortment of stunning and thrilling rides, water, and leisure attractions. Be it thrilling water rides or wave pools, experiential food joints, or lush green gardens, Haailand Vijayawada is a perfect amalgamation of fun and joy, each second literally turning into a memory as one steps into the park.

Haailand Vijayawada Rides & Attractions

Haailand Vijayawada is a recreational park located in Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh. It contains several other fun-related aspects for visitors of all ages. Some of the rides and attractions include-

1. Columbus

Boat ride at Haailand Vijayawada

Image Credit: Robert Stokoe for Pexels

Columbus is an amusement ride that comprises an open-seated gondola with a pirate ship-like design. Pendulating back and forth exposes the rider to different levels of angular velocity. This famous ride is said to have been patented by Charles Albert Marshall between 1893 and 1897. Recommended for guests 10 years old and above, Columbus gives a nice thrill to the guests. It should not be carried out by people suffering from heart-related ailments or high blood pressure.

Opening Hours: 10 AM
Duration: 20 minutes approx

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2. Super Trouper

Colourful swing ride at Haailand Vijayawada

Image Credit: Maria Orlova for Pexels

The Super Trouper commonly referred to as the swing ride or the chair swing ride, redefines the spinning carousel. In this ride, the chairs which are arranged in the form of a carousel are hung on a structure where there is rotation and this thus gives people a flying feel. Some models, such as the Wave Swinger, are designed with an additional ability to tilt the spinning top part. This ride is specifically designed for those who are 10 years and above. Those with heart complications or high blood pressure should avoid this ride.

Opening Hours: 10 AM
Duration: 15 minutes approx

3. Merry-Go-Round

merry-go-round ride at Haailand Vijayawada

Image Credit: Daniel Eliashevsky for Pexels

Merry-Go-Round is one of the most popular amusement park rides. The seats are shaped like wooden horses or other animals. Seats sway sideways and up and down, giving an impression as if the ride were galloping. Adding to this, old circus music is playing in the background on a loop, so one can feel they are in for a unique ride. This is a relatively mild ride for ages 10 or above, but people with heart problems or high blood pressure should avoid it.

Opening Hours: 10 AM
Duration: 15 minutes approx

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4. Family Train

Family train journey through the amusement park at Haailand Vijayawada.

Image Credit: Elina Fairytale for Pexels

Pack up and hop on the Family Train for an exciting tour through a fabulous Thai palace. A colourful train journey that can be fun for children and adults at the same time. Due to the movement along the rail, the passengers get to admire the scenery while at the same time enjoying the ride. It is advisable for guests of 10 years and above, but in general, fun for everyone.

Opening Hours: 10 AM
Duration: 20 minutes approx

5. Ghost Hunter

Haunted House Train Ride

Image Credit: Charles Parker for Pexels

Ghost Hunter is a new dark ride based on haunted houses. The audience gets on a traditional steam train and travels through a mad scientist’s laboratory. The plot can be described as the experiment of a scientist who was buried alive and continues his work after his death. They use laser cannons while riding and pop-up targets are shot at with these throughout the ride. This experience has pre-show and post-show environments such as the graveyard and coffin of the scientist.

Opening Hours: 10 AM
Duration: 20 minutes approx

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6. Jumbo Fly

 Jumbo amusement ride at Haailand Vijayawada.

Image Credit: Scott Webb for Pexels

Based on the Disney movie Dumbo, the Jumbo Fly ride entails cute elephant-type cars on rotating platforms. The ride’s height can be changed using a joystick, thus the riders can rise high as they wish or go down low too. This enchanting ride is a way to represent one of the favourite characters, along with the idea of flying. It is a colourful and fun ride that is bound to appeal to adults and children and also engage those on board.

Opening Hours: 10 AM
Duration: 15 minutes approx

7. 5D Theatre

5D theatre show

Image Credit: Monica Silvestre for Pexels

The 5D Theater is a theatre system incorporating 3D and 4D movie technology and adding other senses to the mix. This high-tech show places the spectators directly into a multi-sensory space, beyond vision and hearing, and possibly feeling. The facilities of the 5D Theatre such as the state-of-the-art sound effects, the interaction of the seats, and specific simulations leave the spectators in amazement and always asking for more. It is a new form of entertainment that utilises top-notch technology to give customers an unforgettable experience.

Opening Hours: 10 AM
Duration: 40 minutes approx

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8. Laser Show

Laser show in night

Image Credit: Pixabay for Pexels

The Laser Show is a breathtaking visual presentation, which utilises laser and light and sync music to perform. This creates a marvellous effect of lighting and colours, which seem to mesmerise quite a several viewers. Laser shows are suitable for being presented as the main act or in combination with other types of shows, such as concerts. The Laser Show brings an element of appeal to the park that is unlike any other, giving people the visual spectacle of seeing an ‘otherworldly’ world.

Opening Hours: 10 AM
Duration: 20 minutes approx

Haailand Vijayawada: Important Information To Know

Know the most important things

Image Credit: Edwin Soto for Pexels

Thailand is one of the aspiring amusement park and water park resorts in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is located at NRI Hospital, Chinakakani, Mangalagiri Mandal, Andhra Pradesh.

  • Vijayawada Haailand Ticket Price: INR 800 per person inclusive of GST
  • Haailand Vijayawada Timings: Monday to Saturday, 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM.
  • Haailand Vijayawada Timings: 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM (Weekends and Holidays)

2. Vijayawada To Haailand Ticket Charges Including Meals

  • Standard Entry: INR 800 per person, excluding meals.
  • Food Packages: Food is not usually part of the normal ticket price at Haailand. The provision of food is somewhat limited in the park but visitors can buy food elsewhere within the park. If interested in a particular food type, one may go directly to the park and ask to check if there are packages that offer them, or any other certain food type and there might be offers occurring online.

3. Haailand Vijayawada Ticket Booking

  • Online Booking: The tickets can be booked online on the official website of Haailand or directly at the ticket counters of the park.
  • Discount Coupons: Free coupon codes for saving money are provided by sites such as UPto75. Copy of reservations and of photo IDs to be produced at the ticket counter.

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Vijayawada Haailand Facilities

Know the facilities of this amusement park in Vijayawada

Image Credit: adnorf for Pexels

Haailand Resort & Theme Park in Vijayawada, India has a lot to include in its list of attractions. The attractions in the complex include a water park with water slides and water pools, an amusement park with theme rides, a river range, and a wave pool. There are many types of restaurants for meals and different forms of snack bars. Accommodation is provided for guests spending the night. The resort includes facilities that can be used for events, a health club, jogging tracks, and a bar area. Facilities like an adequate parking bay and security with a camera surveillance system are provided to ease guests’ stay. Situated at a distance of 19 km away from the heart of the city, Vijayawada, Haailand offers recreation, entertainment, and amusement to tourists in one place.

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When planning a trip to Andhra Pradesh you should spare an adequate amount of time to explore the enchanting world of Haailand Vijayawada. This amusement park is truly the gem of the primary destination, and it is described as a place that combines fun, adventures, and memories. For adventurous people looking for thrilling spins, fun-loving people who want to cool their heels underwater rides, or just want to have an entertaining day out at a park, Haailand Vijayawada has it all. So, pack your bags and let the adventurer within you go wild and crazy to capture some priceless moments.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Haailand Vijayawada

What are the major events or festivals that are celebrated in Haailand Vijayawada all year round?

Yes, the park does facilitate entertaining cultural fairs, music concerts, and functions based on cultural and festive themes during the festivals and seasons.

Are there any special offers on family or group tariffs available in Haailand Vijayawada?

Of course, family package offers are available; group bookings, and there are combinations of meals and lodging for a cheaper price.

Is carrying outside food allowed in Haailand?

No, outside food and drinks are not allowed inside the Haailand Vijayawada.

Are the visitors allowed to carry or bring their food and drinks to the park premises?

Consumption of food and beverages from outside is restricted, but there are many food joints and snack bars inside the park offering delicious food items.

Are there any special needs or disabled persons facilities or areas in the park?

Yes it is, Haailand Vijayawada has specific zones where disabled and special ability people can enjoy the park as well as comfortable accommodation.

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