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Hanuman Chatti is a quaint town in Uttarkashi, perched at 2,400 metres above sea level. Along the way to Yamunotri Temple, it is a popular pilgrim stoppage area on the famous Char Dham Yatra. It has numerous accommodation facilities where pilgrims can stay and rest before embarking on their yatra. As it is located at the confluence of the Yamuna and Hanuman Ganga rivers, it is known for its panoramic mountain views, serene surroundings, and beautiful lush greenery all around. It is a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts and those who value tranquillity. Named after Lord Hanuman, the Hanuman Chatti is now renowned worldwide.

Mythology Of Hanuman Chatti

Hanuman Chatti’s story is associated with the Pandavas when Draupadi found a lotus

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It is believed that when the Pandavas and Draupadi strolled in the region during their exile, a lotus flower suddenly fell on Draupadi’s hand. Mesmerized by its beauty, she asked Bheema to bring her more flowers that looked like the one in her hand. Bheema left instantly to look for the flowers but could not find where the flower came from. He walked until his path was obstructed by a sleeping monkey’s tail. Bheema asked the monkey to move his tail from his way, but the monkey did not budge. The monkey said Bheema has to move his tail to continue his journey.

Irritated and angry, Bheema put all his strength into moving the tail of the adamant monkey. But he could not move it even an inch. This aggravated him further as he kept trying to move the tail, but it was not moving even a little. This was when realization dawned upon Bheema, and he realized this monkey was no ordinary monkey. He asked the monkey to come to his true form, which is when Lord Hanuman showed his true self. Bheema asked for the Lord’s forgiveness for his behaviour, and he asked for blessings. Lord Hanuman blessed him and told him where he could find the flower for his wife.

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Hanuman Temple

Worship Lord Hanuman at the Temple.

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There is a small Lord Hanuman Temple near Hanuman Chatti. People always visit this temple because it is believed that you get good luck if you worship and offer your prayers to Lord Hanuman here. The temple is painted in saffron and is a small temple a few feet high. However, it is very significant to the people of Uttarkashi. Visiting the temple and spending an hour or two in its vicinity will make you feel calm and peaceful. Lord Hanuman Devotees come to this temple to get his blessings, believing it is among the region’s most sacred temples.

Hanuman Jayanti is the most celebrated festival at this temple as this is Lord Hanuman’s birthday. You will find many tourists and crowds at the temple on this day as everyone celebrates the birth of God. You will get delicious prasad when you visit the temple. People read Hanuman Chalisa on this day and excerpts from Ramayana where Lord Hanuman is mentioned. The temple comes to life on this day as it is brimming with bright flowers that adorn the entrance of the temple and the temple can be seen from far away too. It is one of the best times to visit the temple.

Trekking From Hanuman Chatti

Hanuman Chatti is a famous starting point for numerous trekking routes to destinations such as Yamunotri, Dodital, and Darwa Pass. Some trekking tours combine trek to Dodital and Darwa Pass as the lake falls on the way to Darwa Pass.

1. Yamunotri

Trekking from Hanuman Chatti to Yamunotri is a popular activity

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You can trek from Hanuman Chatti to Yamunotri, which is 9.3 km long. If you want to trek to the famous Yamunotri Temple, the trek distance extends to another 0.3 km. The Yamunotri Temple is situated at 3,291 metres above sea level and is dedicated to Goddess Yamuna. It is a challenging trekking route so some prior experience is preferable. You can also trek to Janki Chatti, another 7 km from there, as it is popular for thermal springs.

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2. Dodital

a beautiful river at Dodital a famous trekking route.

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The distance from Hanuman Chatti to Dodital is 12.6 km, which is a longer trek than Yamunotri. On the way to Dodital, you will encounter a range of beautiful shrubs, flower plants, and trees. Oak trees can be abundantly seen on the path to Dodital towering above you. You can also see the vibrant Rhododendrons that bring life to the path and seabuck thorn bushes that beautify the path further. Spend time among the beautiful Dodital Lake at Uttarkashi and bask in nature.

3. Darwa Pass

You can see the Bandarpunch range from Darwa Pass to reach Hanuman Chatti

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The distance between Hanuman Chatti and Darwa Pass is 11 km. It is an uphill climb, so you must be prepared for that! You will go through a Birch forest that eventually leads to meadows that will make your trek all the more enchanting. From the Darwa Pass, you can see the splendid Bandarpunch mountain range. If you want to trek further, you can go to the Darwa Top, a higher climb than this, or spend some time at the Darwa Pass.

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How To Reach Hanuman Chatti

You can reach Hanuman Chatti the fastest by train.

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Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport to Hanuman Chatti, and the closest railway station is Rishikesh. You can book cabs or hire taxis to reach Hanuman Chatti directly. You can also travel by road on your vehicle or by bus. If travelling by bus, you can board a bus from Rishikesh. The most convenient option is by vehicle, cab, or taxi, as you can directly reach Hanuman Chatti without any problems.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit is from March to November, barring the monsoon season

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If you visit Uttarkashi, the best time is from March to November. However, avoiding travelling during the monsoon season is best as unexpected rains can lash out at any time, hampering your travel plans. The weather, apart from the monsoon season, is great, enabling you to explore the area without extreme temperatures. You can easily incorporate Hanuman Chatti into your travel plans when you are going to Char Dham Yatra, as you can spend some time on your way to Yamunotri or on your way back.

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Hanuman Chatti is a must-visit place on your trip to Uttarakhand, especially if you plan to go on the Char Dham Yatra with your family. If you want to go on an adventure, visit the famous Hanuman Temple or trek to places such as Yamunotri, Darwa Pass, and Dodital. Along the way, you will encounter untouched beauty, mountain peaks, and crystal-clear streams, making your journey a thousand times more delightful.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hanuman Chatti

Which day is best to worship Lord Hanuman?

You can worship Lord Hanuman every day, but Tuesday is the best day to worship him as all your problems can disappear if you worship wholeheartedly.

How far is Hanuman Chatti from Yamunotri Temple?

The distance is around 10 km to the revered temple. People often trek from Hanuman Chatti to Yamunotri Temple.

Why is Hanuman Chatti named after Lord Hanuman?

Many believe that Lord Hanuman rested in this region when he was on his way to rescue Sita from Ravana.

When is the best time to visit Uttarkashi?

The optimal time is between March and November due to pleasant climate conditions as you can easily trek and spend time near the Hanuman Temple.

How difficult is the trek from Hanuman Chatti?

It depends on which trek you participate in and your fitness level. These treks are generally categorized as moderate to difficult as they require you to climb uphill at high altitudes.

Can you stay at Hanuman Chatti?

You can find some guesthouses and eateries making it suitable for a short stop or a night stay when visiting Uttarkashi.

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