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Koh Poda is a lovely jewel in the Andaman Sea of Thailand. It provides vacationers looking for unspoiled natural beauty and peaceful surroundings with the perfect getaway. This little island, which is close to Krabi, has white sand beaches and azure waters that are ideal for swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing. Its attractiveness is increased by the majestic limestone cliffs and lush, green interior. Koh Poda is part of the Poda Archipelago and is well known for its coral reefs and abundant marine life. Whether you are an adventure seeker, a lover of the beach or a nature lover, Koh Poda guarantees an amazing time in one of Thailand’s most stunning settings.

Overview Koh Poda

Entrances to Koh Poda beach

Image Credit: Karelj for Wikimedia Commons

The Poda Islands are highlighted by this tropical paradise, which is distinguished by its pristine turquoise waters, fine white sand beaches, and verdant surroundings. Koh Poda, just a short, long-tail boat trip from Ao Nang, provides a peaceful haven from the activities of the mainland. The calm environment of the island makes it the perfect place to unwind, sunbathe and have picnics beneath the swaying palm trees. The surrounding coral reefs are brimming with colourful marine life, making it an ideal location for underwater exploration for snorkelling enthusiasts.

The island, part of the Had Noppharatthara- Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park, is a deserted haven for wildlife enthusiasts. The region’s marine life and natural beauty are protected in part by this park. As such, guests visiting Koh Poda are required to pay a national park fee. Currently, each individual entering the park must pay 400 Baht (around INR 900) directly to the park ranger. You can purchase food from the beach kiosk or pick up some snacks from the beach vendors if you are hungry. While there is a lot of shade on the island, sunscreen should always be brought when visiting the Island. You might also be able to find monkeys on Koh Poda if you are lucky. Thus, exercise caution and take good care of your food and possessions.

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How To Get To Koh Poda

Take a walk on the white sandy beach in Thailand

Image Credit: Vyacheslav Argenberg for Wikimedia Commons

Arriving in Koh Poda from one of Krabi’s larger resorts, such as Ao Nang Beach, Railay Beach, Tonsai Beach or Klong Muang Beach, is the most comfortable option. Most hotels, travel companies and even the beach itself provide long tail boat crossings. Prices change based on the supplier, resort and season.

You can instantly haggle over a price if you want to charter a boat for yourself. Generally speaking, each person’s self-arranged transportation from Ao Nang to Koh Poda and back costs 300 Baht (around INR 400). The excursion will begin when the boat is loaded with at least 6 passengers. Usually, the last return trip leaves at 4:00 P.M. It is roughly 8 km from the Krabi mainland to Koh Poda. One of the most picturesque trips in the 20-minute longtail boat ride to Koh Poda. Getting up early and renting a private longtail boat is another worthwhile experience if you want to spend an hour alone on the island.

Things To Do

A table on the island with sacrificed objects for local gods

Image Credit: Karelj for Wikimedia Commons

The island is small enough to take a beach walk to explore some of its areas and find a peaceful place to relax. Adjacent to the striking limestone cliff which is likely to bring to mind the well-known Railay Beach lies the most gorgeous stretch of beach. Walking further along the beach, you will discover a pristine swimming area.

Paddleboarding and kayaking around the island offer up-close views of its breathtaking limestone formations. Hikers can follow a track that leads to extensive overlooks that are ideal for taking pictures. The peaceful atmosphere of the island is perfect for relaxing and having picnics. In addition, scheduled tours frequently feature beach barbecues and sunset viewing, guaranteeing an unforgettable day on this beautiful Thai Island.

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Places To Visit Near Koh Poda

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or just a beach lover, Koh Poda Island has some of the best places to visit around it:

1. Railay Beach

People taking a walk on the clean and beautiful Railay Beach on Koh Poda

Image Credit: Diggnet for Wikipedia Commons

Renowned for its immaculate beaches, glistening waves and spectacular limestone cliffs, Railay Beach is a breathtaking peninsula that can only be reached by boat. Rock climbing enthusiasts may find both beginner and advanced routes on Railay. Divers and opulent beachside resorts, go via trails through lush jungles and discover secret lagoons. Railay’s natural beauty and laid-back environment makes it an ideal day trip destination for those looking for both action and peace.

2. Phra Nang Cave Beach

Phra Nang Beach with its striking cliffs, blue waters, and white sandy shore near Koh Poda

Image Credit: kallerna for Wikimedia Commons

Situated close to Railay Beach, Phra Nang Cave Beach is well known for its gorgeous surroundings and the revered Phra Nang Cave which honours a legendary sea princess. The beach is perfect for swimming and tanning because of its fine white sand and turquoise waves. The neighbouring cliffs provide amazing vistas and exhilarating rock climbing difficulties. Offerings from fishermen seeking blessings adorn the cave itself. The cave is only reachable by boat, and offers a singular fusion of natural beauty and cultural fascination, making it an essential travel destination.

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3. Hong Island

Admiring evening view of Hong Island skyline

Image Credit: edwin.11 for Wikimedia Commons

This island which is a part of the Than Bok Khorani National Park is well known for its dramatic limestone structures and isolated lagoons. The island is a snorkeler’s and kayaker’s dream due to its emerald-green waters and abundant marine life. A nature walk that showcases the island’s flora and fauna takes tourists through a varied habitat. Encircled by imposing cliffs, the centre lagoon provides a tranquil area for swimming and unwinding. Hong Island is ideal for both eco-tourists and adventure enthusiasts due to its pristine natural beauty.

4. Tup Island

Astounding view of the Tup island, which is close to Koh Poda

Image Credit: kallerna for Wikimedia Commons

A tiny but charming area close to Koh Poda is well known for the sandbar that connects it to Chicken Island which is nearby at low tide. Talay Wave, a natural phenomenon, is a perfect location for beachcombing and shallow water wading. Snorkelling in the island’s pristine waters is a great way to see the rich marine life and spectacular coral gardens. Tup Island is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and photographers due to its serene surroundings and distinctive geographic features, which provide a peaceful haven.

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Koh Poda Island is a mesmerizing location that skillfully combines tranquil beauty with thrilling activities, providing each visitor with an amazing getaway. Whether looking for serene beachside moments, exhilarating water sports or gorgeous hiking paths, Koh Poda and its surrounding jewels guarantee a rich travel experience. Arrange a trip to Thailand to see the incomparable coastal beauty of Thailand while also learning and renewing yourself.

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Cover Image Credit: kallerna for wikimedia commons

Frequently Asked Questions About Koh Poda

Is Koh Poda suitable for families with children?

Yes, Koh Poda is family-friendly. Its calm, shallow waters and beautiful beaches makes it an ideal spot for children to play and explore.

Are there any restaurants and shops on the island?

There are no permanent restaurants or shops near the island. Occasionally vendors may sell refreshments.

Are there any accommodations near Koh Poda?

No, there are no accommodations near Koh Poda. Visitors usually take day trips from nearby locations like Ao Nang or Railay Beach.

What is the best time to visit Koh Poda?

The best time to visit the island is during the dry season i.e., November to April when the weather is sunny and the waters are calm.

What should I pack for a Day trip to Koh Poda?

Essential items include sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, swimming gear, snorkelling gear and a waterproof bag for valuables.

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