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Harwan Garden is situated in the quiet village of Harwan, which lies only 15 kilometers away from the crowded city of Srinagar in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, and this magnificent garden offers the visitors a sneak peek of the natural beauty that has remained unspoilt. Unlike the meticulously planned gardens of the Mughals, the beauty of the Harwan Garden lies in its natural grace and the vast lawns and a canal flowing through the center of the garden. This blog focuses on the fascinating beauty of Harwan Garden, including information about its background, how to get there, things to see, and tips for tourists who want to explore this beautiful site.

Historical Significance

Harwan Garden is the starting point for the Mahadev Mountain Trek.

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Although Harwan Garden is not as old as some of the most famous gardens in the region, it has a history of its own. Harwan village is one of the oldest villages with ancient Buddhist sites’ remains, proving its importance in early centuries. The garden has been initially established to follow the natural layout of the region, and the canal was sourced from the Dachigam Nallah. However, over the years, it has developed into a popular tourist destination for the local population and foreign tourists and has become a point of access to the Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary and a starting point for the Mahadev Mountain trek.

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Basic Information About Harwan Garden

The water canal flowing through the heart

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Harwan Garden is open to visitors throughout the year, with the following timings:
Opening Time: 7:00 AM
Closing Time: 8:00 PM
The best time to visit is during the spring and summer seasons, from early April to the end of October. This is the time of the year when flowers bloom and green vegetation dominates the garden landscape. The autumn lingers on up to October when Chinar trees turn into gorgeous red and gold, giving the garden a whole new look altogether.
It is required to pay an entry fee of Rs. 24 for each individual. This park also has clean washroom facilities that visitors can use. There is a parking area where you might need to pay an additional charge, if required.

Things To See

The Harwan Garden consists of Chinar Trees that turn golden and red during autumn

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The Canal: One of the impressive aspects of the design of Harwan Garden is the presence of a canal flowing through the center of the garden. This canal originates from Dachigam Nallah, and is lined with Chinar trees on one side and lush green lawns on the other, offering the garden a very beautiful and calm look.
Chinar Trees: The garden has many old Chinar trees that offer good shade and help in the overall ornamentation of the garden. These trees appear most attractive during the month of October when they develop bright red and golden colors.
Flower Beds: There are several flower beds within the garden with flowers that blossom in the course of spring and summer seasons. These flowers beautify the garden and people get to enjoy the wonderful, vibrant view that they offer.
Concrete Pathways and Arched Gates: There are well-aligned concrete paths in the compound that are good for strolling around the garden. The climbing roses that twine round the arched gates add beauty to the garden and offer another beautiful photo backdrop for your pictures.

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Things To Do

Enjoy picnics or have a walk at Harwan Garden.

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Picnics: Harwan Garden is one of the best places to enjoy a picnic in Srinagar. The lawns are vast and hence families or groups that happen to visit the Harwan Garden can indeed spread out all over and get a true feel of the natural environment.
Nature Walks: The garden has beautiful natural surroundings and well constructed paths that enable one to engage in nature walks. This makes it possible for visitors to feel the natural beauty of the garden while strolling around the garden.
Photography: This location has a canal, some beautiful Chinar trees, and flower beds, which makes the garden the perfect place for photography enthusiasts. The garden is extremely photogenic, and one can capture moments from every angle of the yard.
Trekking: Harwan Garden is the starting point for the treks to Mahadev Mountain. Trekking lovers can also begin a journey from this garden for mountaineering to discover the nearby mountains.
Wildlife Sanctuary Visit: As the place is located at the entrance of Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary, people traveling to the sanctuary to spot the Hangul deer and different varieties of trees and plants, can start their journey from here.

Other Attractions Nearby

Dal lake is a tourist attraction

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Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary is sited near Harwan Garden and many species of animals like Hangul deer which are on the verge of extinction are found here. It presents very good potential for photography especially for wildlife and it is also an ideal place for nature trails.
Shalimar Bagh: The Shalimar Bagh is yet another prominent Mughal Garden located in the capital city of Srinagar.The garden is mostly popular for its elegant design, terraced green area and a chain of fountains.
Dal Lake: A tour to Srinagar is simply incomplete without experiencing the splendor of Dal Lake. The tourists can either take a Shikara ride or spend a night or two in the houseboats if they wish to.
Nishat Bagh: Nishat Bagh is another magnificent example of a Mughal garden, which also has exquisite views of Dal Lake and the Zabarwan Range. It has beautiful terraced gardens and fountains that attract a lot of visitors.

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Tips For Visitors

Scenic beauty of Harwan garden to enjoy and rejuvenate oneself

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Early Morning Visits: Visit the garden early in the morning to enjoy its tranquil environment amidst natural beauty. This is suggested as the garden starts to get crowded past morning hours..
Pack a Picnic: It is advisable to carry along some eatables in the form of a packet lunch so that one can enjoy a picnic in the garden.
Comfortable Footwear: It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes to move around the garden comfortably and visit other areas close to the garden.
Weather Check: To avoid bad weather conditions, it is suggested that you consult the weather forecast before planning your visit.
Respect Nature: It is specifically important not to throw litter around and to appreciate the aesthetics of the garden. Discharge any form of waste into the bins that have been provided for the purpose.
Photography Gear: For those who love photography, do not hesitate to bring along your camera and take photos of the beautiful sceneries and flowers of the garden.

How To Reach

Harwan Garden is Accessible by various modes, One is Train

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Harwan Garden is conveniently accessible by various modes of transport:
By Air: The nearest airport is Srinagar’s Sheikh ul Alam International airport which is only 28 kilometers away. After arrival at the airport, one can easily access taxis and rental car services.
By Train: Srinagar Railway Station is the nearest railhead and is situated about 27 km away from Harwan Garden. Hiding a taxi or taking a bus to get to the garden from the railway station is advisable.
By Road: Harwan Garden is 18 kilometers from Lal Chowk, Srinagar’s central commercial hub. Taxis and local bus services, which are always a common sight on this route, easily access the garden.

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A trip to Jammu and Kashmir is considered incomplete if you don’t visit the beautiful Harwan Garden. Harwan Garden is one of the most wonderful tourist attractions in the Kashmir Valley or even in the whole of Jammu and Kashmir in terms of natural beauty. It has lawns, colorful flower beds, Chinar trees and a canal which makes it an ideal place for relaxation, and spending some quiet time in isolation or with your loved ones. Regardless of your purpose for visiting Harwan Garden – a picnic, a nature walk, or adventurous treks, the Harwan Garden will never disappoint you. With other central touring points like Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary and the other Mughal gardens, Harwan Garden is mandatory for anyone visiting Srinagar. Therefore, pack your bags and prepare yourself to be captivated by the beauty and charm of Harwan Garden.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Harwan Garden

When is the opening and closing time of the Harwan Garden?

Harwan Garden is open to visitors from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and offer a large variety of attractions. It provides enough time for a visitor to enjoy the park’s scenery and engage in different activities.

What are the directions to get to Harwan Garden from Srinagar?

Harwan Garden is 15 Kilometers away from Srinagar. The garden can be accessed by a taxi, local bus, or a car. The road trip from the city should take approximately a half an hour on average.

In what ways is Harwan Garden different from the other Mughal gardens of Kashmir?

While other Mughal gardens which are famous for terraces and fountains, the Harwan Garden is characterized by a canal, Chinar trees, lawns, and flower beds, providing a more photogenic and historically rich experience.

Which other activities can be enjoyed when visiting Harwan Garden?

Activities that can be enjoyed by visitors include: picnicking, nature walks, taking photographs, and trekking. The garden also offers an entrance to the Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary and is the starting point for treks to the Mahadev Mountain.

What other tourist destinations are there that are close to Harwan Garden?

The Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary, Shalimar Bagh, Dal Lake, and Nishat Bagh are some of the attractions near the Harwan Garden. These places present further possibilities to discover more about the natural and cultural treasures of the Kashmir Valley.

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