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There are places that redeem your soul, charm you and make you drool over the idea of visiting them. Krabi province on southern Thailand’s west coast is one such place – ideal for discerned wanderlusts. There are some amazing things to in Krabi that would give you the much-needed break from the hustle of city life.

Take a revitalizing trip to Krabi including the best of things to do and adventure activities. And while you gather experiences of a lifetime, don’t miss the awesome Krabi tourist attractions. The province is bestowed with stunning coastal vistas featuring towering limestone cliffs, soft white sand beaches, small coves and offshore islands that will leave you in awe of this beautiful island!

21 Things To Do In Krabi In 2024

Here is a list of the best things to do in Krabi that will give you a heartwarming experience of holidaying there. Take a look!

1. Wat Tham Sua Aka Tiger Cave Temple: Ascend The 1256 Stairs

after climbing 1256 steps you reach the temple

How does the idea of climbing 1256 stair sound to you guys? I’m not kidding, but let the idea not scare you into not attempting it. Save some energy to reach to the top of one of the most sacred places in Thailand.Located about 3 km away from Krabi town, Tiger Cave or Wat Tham Sua is a hot favorite amid Krabi attractions. Public buses make for a cost effective and convenient option that enables plenty of breathtaking sights along the way.An important centre for meditation, Wat Tham Sua presents a tranquil atmosphere duly complimented by beautiful scenery and breathtaking panoramic views of the sea and surrounding areas. You can make it a half day or a full-day trip as you start short-listing things to do in Krabi.

Location: Krabi Noi, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand

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2. Railay Beach: Try Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing at Railay Beach

Krabi has quite a bit of imposing cliffs that lure rock climbers from across the world. Located in Railay – a small peninsula between Krabi and Ao Nang in Thailand, these giant limestone pillars make Krabi one of the most exciting rock climbing destinations in the world.

Railay Beach has numerous rock climbing routes, each one different from the other. To tackle them you must possess a different level of toughness and agility. The rock climbing experience keeps testing your rock climbing skills at different levels.

Railay is accessible only by boat due to high limestone cliffs cutting off mainland access. Of all the places for outdoor rock climbing, this is one of the most daredevil things to do in Krabi.

Location: Krabi

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3. Klong Thom: Take A Dip In The Hot Springs

Klong Thom

Image Source

Steam bath sounds fancy! How about taking a dip in a hot spring?

70 km from town and near the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve, are nature’s own hot tub jacuzzis, known as Nam Tok Rawn. Located amid the dense jungle, this site has naturally hollowed-out ‘bathtubs’ made up of smooth stones.

These hot spring tubs are among the popular Krabi tourist attractions that brim with perpetually flowing fresh spring water at a mild 35-42 degree celsius. The water contains minerals that act as natural healers and good for your health.

Taking a dip in the hot springs is one of the most relaxing things to do in Krabi. It wrenches out all the fatigue accumulated in your body and fixes you for the next leg of your tour. After bathing in the natural tub, take a refreshing dip in the cool river flowing next to it.

Location: Ban Bang Khram, Khlong Thom, Thailand

Opening hours: 07:00 – 18:00

Admission fee: 10 Baht per person

4. Highest Point In Thailand: Go Bungee Jumping

Highest Point In Thailand

Image Source

Take a leap of faith as you hurl yourself from one of the highest bungee jumps in Thailand. At 56 m, bungee jumping in Krabi is the highest in Thailand and 5th highest in Asia. In addition to the traditional bungee jump you can also experience the catapult, which will skyrocket you into the air. You get assisted by trained staff which also underlines your safety.

Krabi’s bungee jump is also considered equivalent to those in New Zealand – the most popular bungee jumping destination all over the world. All the equipment is regularly maintained and is always at your disposal.

Price: 1600 Baht per person (approximately)

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5. Khao Khanap Nam: Explore The Prehistoric Caves

Khao Khanap Nam Caves

At 100 m, the Khao Khanap Nam Mountains act as the gateway to Krabi city and are one of the most popular Krabi tourist attractions. Conjure up all the courage that you have as you walk the forbidden path (just kidding) inside the caves. Caves with collections of stalagmites and stalactites are definitely worth exploring, although the location is more popular for a large number of human skeletons that have been found there and the theories surrounding their demise.

Alight on the mangrove connecting the cave and cover the small path leading to the cave. Test your nerves as you walk along the rubbles and skeletons. Consider yourself lucky if you stumbled upon a skull or a stray ribcage!

To make things more exciting, the trip to Khao Khanab Nam can also be clubbed with a visit to a nearby mangrove forest and a traditional Thai fishing village.

Location: 18/3 คลองประสงค์ เมือง Krabi 81000, Thailand

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6. Koh Lanta Yai: Munch On Finger-Licking Local Food At The Market

Street Food

Image Source

One thing is for sure, there wouldn’t be more skewered food in one place than the local food market in Koh Lanta Yai. Not only you’ll find tonnes of barbequed food, but also some of the weirdly shaped skewered foods coloured as Angry Birds. Besides the skewered meat, you have the option of sushi rolls, milkshakes, massive mounds of cotton candy, chocolate covered strawberries, and other lip-smacking local food.

The food is low-priced and, for the most part, delicious. It is recommended that you sample a few of them from different stalls so long as you don’t mind some flies munching on your chicken! Yum!!

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7. Water Activities: Explore The Ocean Depths


Image Source

The extended coastline enables the people there to curate tailor-made water sports activities for all the enthusiasts. You name it, they have it. Get to choose from a myriad of adrenaline driving water activities like speedboat tours, canoe, kayak, snorkeling, fishing, cruising, island-hopping, and scuba diving.

If you are on a honeymoon in Thailand, don’t miss these activities. They are the romantic things to do in Krabi for couples.

8. Khao Ngon Nak Viewpoint: Trek Through The Treacherous Alleys

Khao Ngon Nak Viewpoint

If it’s gorgeous it won’t be easily attainable, and their allure won’t be so cherished!

Khao Ngon Nak viewpoint is a hot spot amongst hikers and outdoor enthusiasts coming to Krabi Town. Thanks to the adventurous and exciting trails leading to the place. The point’s name translates to Dragon Crest Mountain and exploring it is one of the most amazing free things to do in Krabi.

The trail stretches to a distance of around 4 km and features a stream, two viewpoints, a waterfall, the summit and plenty of picturesque scenery along the way, a sight that you’d have beheld in Hollywood movies like King Kong and Avatar. The view from the summit is completely out of the world and is a welcome treat for all the photographers.

Location: Nong Thale, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand

9. Moo 2, Ao Nang Road: Opt For Shooting/Paintball

Shooting Pistol

Image Source

This is an activity that you should not miss at any cost during your visit to Krabi. Get ready in a loose robe and be prepared to be amazed by your own shooting skills. Even if you are a first-timer, it’s is going to be one hell of an exciting experience. The shooting range consists of a team of friendly, helpful and skillful staff shooters who will guide you along.

Opening hours: Daily; 09:00 am – 08:00 pm

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10. Dense Jungle: Experience The Thrill Of Trekking

Trek through the dense jungle

Image Courtesy: Orientalescape.com

Krabi has amazing hiking and trekking spots. You can trek to the beautiful area of Khao Phanom Bencha and spend time at the waterfall in Huay Toh. Treks vary from half-hour-long nature trail to overnight camping trips.

While you will need guidance for the longer and tougher treks, take on the small and safe treks with your loved ones and explore the lush jungles on your own! These small hikes are actually the best of free things to do in Krabi.

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11. Krabi: Take A Plunge Into The Happening Nightlife

Pub Nightlife

Image Source

Don’t forget to take a stroll some of the most happening places of Krabi that goes off only after 12 am. Yes, Krabi also boasts of a vivid nightlife offering plenty of things to do in Krabi at night. Some of the important hubs of the happening nightlife in Krabi are:

  • Ao Nang Center Point- If a mid-range, mellow groove is your type then you are at the right place. The heart of Ao Nang nightlife entertainment scene is aptly named Ao Nang Center Point; it is located off the beachfront road otherwise dominated by shops and restaurants.
  • Phi Phi Reggae Bar- Treat yourself to some drinks and amazing Thai kickboxing fight by trained and skilled fighters. The bar is a benchmark for places that stay in good spirits and are highly entertaining.
  • The Last Cafe, Ao Nang- Had a long day at the Ao Nang beach? No worries! Visit the last cafe in Ao Nang and feast on delicious sandwiches along with chilled beer.
  • Joy Beach Bar, Railay- Delicious pizza, good smoothies, beer, cocktail all accompanied by soft music and a gorgeous view of Railay beach, these are the bragging rights of Joy beach bar. Party hard all night and behold the majestic sunrise from at 6 am straight from the bar before you finally call it a day.

In addition to the places mentioned, Krabi also has some of the most exciting places on Earth that make nightlife in Krabi a big highlight of Thailand tours!

12. Thung Teao Forest Natural Park: Absorb The Beauty

Thung Teao Natural park

Want a chance to get closer to nature? Well, this park will give you the opportunity. Home to the rare bird species of Pita Gurney and several others, this park is one of the famous natural parks in Krabi. Do not miss out on the crystal lagoon. Visiting the park is one of the top things to do in Krabi, Thailand.

13. Phi Phi Islands: Visit

Exploring the Phi Phi Islands on your own catamaran is one of the top things tourists do in Krabi

Image Source

Phi Phi islands is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Krabi. The turquoise blue waters and serene beaches will leave you mesmerized. You can soak in the beauty of the island and indulge in the refreshing activities.

Location: Krabi

14. Susan Hoi: Witness The Wonders

The beautiful beach of Susan Hoi runs along the Krabi Shell Cemetery which is one of the best tourist places to see in Krabi

Image Source

This one-of-its-kind place is only available at three places in the world and one of them is Krabi. So, make sure you visit it during your vacation in Krabi. Basically, it is a shell fish cemetery which has been covered by limestone. You will have a unique experience here.

15. Four Islands Tour: Be Thrilled

Beautiful Island

Image Source

One of the best things to do in Krabi, Thailand is to take the Four Islands tour. The four famous islands are namely, Tup Island, Phra Nang Cave, Chicken Island and Poda Island. During the tour, you can swim, sunbathe and indulge in several other activities.

Location: 1 66/2 Ko Lanta Yai, Ko Lanta District, Krabi 81150, Thailand

16. Night Market: Shop Till You Drop

Krabi night market view

Image Source

Thailand is known for its night markets and Krabi is no less. Open from Friday to Sunday, the night market at Krabi offers more than 70 food stalls and is home to shops that sell souvenirs. The market is also known for an ice-cream stall that is loved by both the locals as well as the tourists.

Location: Pak Nam, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand

17. Ao Nang Beach: Unleash The Party Animal

Ao nang beach view

Image Source

If you are looking for some fun at the night and visiting Krabi with your friends, you can visit Ao Nang beach which is one of the best things to do here. The beach offers a lovely nightlife. There are n number of bars and restaurants near the beach that offer great cocktails and mocktails.

Location: Thailand

18. Elephant Sanctuary: Visit

Krabi Elephant Sanctuary

Image Source

If you are an animal lover and want to spend time with those cute creatures, then you must visit Elephant sanctuary. Visiting the sanctuary is one of the top things to do in Krabi. Instead of riding an elephant and giving them pain, you would rather be spending time with them wherein you can feed them, wash them and have a walk to remember.

Location: 83/13 Ao Luek Tai, Ao Luek District, Krabi 81110, Thailand

19. Krabi Spa: Rejuvenate Your Soul


Image Credit: Giuseppeblu for Pixabay

When you are done with exhilarating activities to do in Krabi, you will need some relaxation. How about a spa? Sounds relaxing, isn’t it? Well, Krabi offers that too. Take a Thai massage and soothe your mind and body like never before!

Price: INR 6470 onwards

20. White Water Rafting: Indulge

krabi river rafting

Image Source

Thinking what to do in Krabi? Well, fret not as the island provides white river rafting that will fill you up with adventure from head to toe. Songprak river is known for its rapids that will help you have the most ultimate experience of rafting!

Price: INR 2595 onwards

21. Kayaking: Treat The Thrill-Seeker Within


Image Source

What have you done on the islands of Krabi, if you didn’t indulge in Kayaking. It is one of the best things to do on Krabi island, Thailand. Ao Thalane offers mangroves and canyons that will serve as the perfect views to have while you kayak your way!

Price: Starting From INR 1116

Time and again we need to celebrate the beautiful existence that we’ve been bestowed with. A small vacation with interesting things to do in Krabi Island is the most apt way to admit the same and stay off redundancy!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Krabi

What is Krabi famous for?

Krabi is best known for its gorgeous white sand beaches and colourful coral reefs. One can try various adrenaline water sports including swimming, kayaking, canoeing, etc.

What are the things to do in Krabi with family?

There are various places to visit with family in Krabi including:
1. Railay Beach
2. Ao Nang Beach
3. Ko Phi Phi Le
5. Bamboo Island
6. Krabi Elephant Sanctuary

Does Krabi have good nightlife?

Krabi has an amazing nightlife in which you can try authentic street food and visit dazzling bars that will make your night with memories.

What should I wear in Krabi?

It is recommended to wear lightweight clothes, especially during the summer. These days usually have a higher temperature and humid environment in this region.

What part of Krabi is best to stay?

Some of the parts of Krabi that are best to stay:
1. Ao Nang
2. Railay
3. Phi Phi
4. Krabi Town

What are the Cheap Things to Do in Krabi?

If you looking for a budget-friendly landmark then you can visit:
1. Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Suea)
2. Noppharat Thara Beach
3. Krabi Walking Street
4. Koh Lanta
5. Ao Nang

How much is the average meal in Krabi?

A meal in the local restaurants will cost around 50 THB and if you are craving authentic street food then it will cost around 40 THB a dish.

Is Krabi romantic?

Yes, it is. It is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Asia. You can have an awesome escape to the stunning landscapes with your better half and witness this vibrant place.

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