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    Places To Visit In Belgium That Make The Country Irresistible

    Belgium is all about a harmonious fusion of old world charm and modern culture and trends. From vintage castles, mansions, museums, and churches to modern architecture, shopping arcades and amusements; this European gem is the home of many spectacular places for all types of vacationers. And if you are planning a trip to this mesmeric country, here’s a complete list of places to visit in Belgium. You may get spoiled by choices while going through the list, so it is recommended to pick the places as per the time in hand, vacation itinerary and likings.

    25 Places To Visit In Belgium In 2019

    Check out our list of famous places that you should visit while you are exploring Belgium. Keep scrolling down and read along!

    1. Brussels

    The iconic capital city

    Image Source

    Being the capital city and one of the largest hubs of great museums, palaces, chapels and mansions, Brussels is one of the most popular places to visit in Belgium. This is also the administrative capital of the European Union and pulls tourists from different parts of the World. Famous for world-class cafes, pubs, restaurants and shopping arcades- Brussels offers a plethora of options to make your European holiday enchanting and exciting. There are various places to visit in Brussels, Belgium, for all kinds of travelers that won’t disappoint!

    Key attractions: Grand Palace, Atomium, Mini Europe, Mannekin Pis and Tintin Museum
    Where to stay: Hotel Amigo, NH Brussels Grand Place Arenberg, Radisson Blu Royal, Floris Ustel Midi

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    2. Bruges

    Where time has stood still

    Image Source

    One of the most stunning places to visit in Belgium is Bruges- a picturesque medieval town, gifted with historic buildings and canals. The gorgeous palaces, chapels, and mansions of Bruges reflect the history of Vikings while the network of canals, flowing through the city has helped Bruges to earn the title of ‘Venice of the North’. Explore this quaint town in bicycles, enjoy boating in the canal or indulge with Belgian hot chocolate at any of the quaint cafes of the main market square. It is no doubt the best city to stay in Belgium.

    Key attractions: Grote Market Square, Belfry Tower, and Gruuthuse Mansion
    Where to stay: Hotel Aragon, Floris Hotel, and Golden Tulip Hotel de’ Medici

    3. Ghent

    A picture perfect medieval town

    Image Source

    Another one among the best places in Belgium is Ghent – a quaint and serene town, endowed with historical sites, churches, and medieval structures and buildings. Famous for housing the Alter Piece; Ghent is a favorite destination for art lovers and history buffs, but the quietude and charm of the place attract travelers of all kinds. This surreal blend of history and laidback vibes make this town one of the most unique places to visit in Belgium.

    Key attractions: St Bavo’s Cathedral with Alter Piece located inside, Gravensteen, Belfry of Ghent and Saint Nicholas Church
    Where to stay: Ghent Marriott, Golden Tulip Hotel de’ Medici and Hotel Gravensteen

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    4. Antwerp

    A buzzing hub of art enthusiasts

    Image Source

    A true Belgian delight; Antwerp is all about culture, art, and traditions. On one hand, it showcases vintage architectural wonders and palaces but on the other, there are some modern and trendy art galleries and museums. Known for great food and beer, this place is the diamond district of Belgium as more than 70% of the world’s uncut diamonds are traded here. It is one of the best places to visit in Belgium in 2 days.

    Key attractions: Plantin Moretus Museum, Rubenshius, Museum aan de Stroom and Antwerp Zoo.
    Where to stay: Leonardo Hotel, Ibis Hotel and TRYP by Wyndham

    5. Ardennes

    Heaven for adventure lovers

    Image Source

    Ardennes is a hilly destination and one of the most favorite places in Belgium, among adventure enthusiasts. Ideal for trekking, camping, and biking, Ardennes boasts of thick forests, cliffs, caves and is known for thrilling wildlife like lynx, deer, and wild boar. If adventure is what you are seeking on your trip to Belgium, you won’t be disappointed after your visit to Ardennes. It is one of the best places to visit in Belgium in one day.

    Key attractions: Castle of Bouillon, Han-sur-Lesse and Labyrinth of Barvaux
    Where to stay: Azur en, Hotel Eden and Hotel des

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    6. Tournai

    A picturesque destination

    Image Source

    Located at the Belgium-France border, this buzzing city houses one of the most beautiful cathedrals of the world. This is a hub of art and sculptures and allures art lovers and history buffs throughout the year. As one of the most beautiful places to visit in Belgium, Tournai has some great museums and art galleries and the town Belfry is the oldest in the country.

    Key attractions: The Belfry of Tournai, Folklore Museum, Musee d’Histoire Naturelle et Vivarium and Notre Dame Cathedral in Tournai
    Where to stay: Hotel Cathedral, D’ Alcantara and Floreal le Panoramique

    7. Dinant

    The cave city

    Image Source

    Situated by the banks of Meuse River in the Namur province of Belgium, Dinant is another tourist delight of Belgium. Home to famous natural caves and caverns of Europe such as Caves of Han and the Grotto of Dinant, Dinant has a rich wildlife reserve with exotic biodiversity. Located 65 km from Brussels, Dinant is one of the must-visit places in Belgium.

    Key attractions: Collegiate Church of Notre Dame, La Citadelle, Charles-de-Gaulle Bridge, Adolphe Sax Statue and Parc de Furfooz
    Where to stay: La Panama, Hotel Ibis and Castel-de-pont-a-Lesse

    8. Leuven

    bis Leuven Heverlee

    Image Source

    Flaunting of best Belgian breweries, Leuven is another name in the list of best places to see in Belgium. This picturesque place is famous for happening marketplaces, street side pubs, cafes and churches, and galleries, like any other Belgian city, but being home to world’s oldest Catholic university, Leuven always buzzes with a student population from different parts of the world.

    Key attractions: Town Hall, Botanical Garden Kruidtuin, University Library & Bell Tower and Saint Peter’s Church.
    Where to stay: Pentahotel, Park Inn by Radisson and Hotel Ibis

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    9. Mons

    Hear the melodies of Belfry bells

    Image Source

    The list of best places to see in Belgium also features Mons. A large cobblestone square, Grand Palace, and age-old town hall await every tourist at Mons- the picturesque capital of Hainaut province of Belgium. But what attracts and fascinates every traveler here is the sweet tunes of town’s magnificent Belfry bells, perched at the top of 270 feet tower.

    Key attractions: Collegiate Church of Sainte-Waudru, Jacques Du Broeucq alabaster statues and Van Gogh House
    Where to stay: Congress Hotel Mons Van der valk, Hotel Dream and Hotel Lido

    10. Mechelen

    A vibrant town

    Image Source

    Located close to Antwerp is Mechelen – another lively and picturesque place in Belgium. Mechelen is unique in many ways. Famous for boat tours and brewery tours; one can climb the massive tower of St. Rombout Cathedral to enjoy the breath-taking view of the Antwerp port or visit the world-famous Carillion School, which is famous for lessons on the complex instrument of bells. It will be really unfair if we don’t mention Mechelen while talking about the best places to visit in Belgium.

    Key attractions: Brouwerij Het Anker, St. Rumbold’s Cathedral and Provincial Groendomein Vrijbroekpark
    Where to stay: Hotel Hobbit, Best Western, and NH Mechelen

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    11. De Haan

    De Haan seaside village in Belgium

    Image Source
    Located in northern Belgium, De Haan is a picturesque village situated on the shores. It is most popular for its 11-kilometer-long beach which is lined with great restaurants, chic cafes, and exciting bars. But its fine white sand and amazing nightlife aren’t all that it boasts. Couples also love to roam around in the streets of Concessie, which is another enjoyable part of this seaside town and makes it one of the most romantic places to visit in Belgium. The stunning Belle Époque buildings and the grand town hall are something you must not miss out on when you’re here. When here, one can also try hiking and biking on the enormous sand dunes or visit the exciting amusement parks.

    Key attractions: Belle Époque, Villa Savoyarde, Spioenkop, La Potinière, Astridpark, De Grote Schamele Weecke, and more
    Where to stay: Hotel Astel, Hotel Rubens, B&B Yaca, Villa Verde, and more.

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    12. Durbuy

    Durbuy village in Belgium

    Image Source
    Tucked away deep inside a serene valley bordered by lush woods, Durbuy always manages to enchant its visitors with its old world charm and its rustic cobblestone lanes and cottages draped in various kinds of flowers like rhododendron, ivy vines, and poppy blooms. The streets and lanes all appear to be laid out across the town in the form of a spider web, making it a delight for photographers and artists. The locals are super friendly and might just treat you to a hearty mug of chilled beer once you set foot into the hamlet. Though the town is an ideal place to lay low if you wish to get away from urbanization, don’t be fooled by its laidback and rural vibes. You’re sure to find a number of fine-dining restaurants and craft boutiques here to keep you busy.

    Key attractions: Rue des Récollets, Amblève, Topiary Park, Cave Comblain, and more
    Where to stay: Azur En Ardenne, Hotel des Comtes, La Lisiere, Hotel Victoria, and more

    13. Arlon

    St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

    Arlon is densely populated. It is close to the borders of Luxembourg and France. It is on the crossroads of multiple invaders. There were Celtic, Roman, and Gaullish settlements in the area, and all the fascinating traces of the rich past can be found in Arlon. The Archaeological Museum of Arlon is one of the best places to visit with your family and friends.

    Key attractions: St Donatus’ Church
    Where to stay: La ferme d’a Yaaz, Van Der Valk Luxembourg Arlon

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    14. Beguinage

    Estonian Design House

    In thirteenth century, women who wanted to dedicate their entire lives to God without completely withdrawing from the world founded the beguinages, which were communities created to meet their physical and spiritual needs. They were called the Beguines. This is the history of Beguinage. There are 13 Flemish Beguinages. They are surrounded by ditches and walls.

    Key attractions: Princely Beguinage Ten Wijngaerde
    Where to stay:

    15. Genk

    genk bel

    Image Source

    Genk is one of the best places to visit in Belgium in 2 days. The city is located in the Belgian province of Limburg near Hasselt boasting great garden-city design, marshland nature reserves, quiet park and more. You can learn about coal mining in Genk by visiting one of the old coal mines such as André Dumont or take a hike or a bike ride through beautiful Hoge Kempen National Park while in the city. You can also explore the distinctive outdoor museum of sundials at the Genk Sundial Park, which provides one of a kind experience to its visitors.

    Key Attractions: Bokrijk, an open-air museum, Hoge Kempen National Park, old coalmines of Andre Dumont
    Where To Stay: Carbon hotel, Hotel Ecu and Green hotel

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    16. High Fens – Eifel Nature Park

    Eifel Nature Park

    High Fens – Eifel Nature Park also called North Eifel Nature Park is truly a heaven for nature lovers. The beautiful landscape is home to rare species of flora and fauna, deep valleys, forested mountain sides. If you are lucky, you can spot the very rare violet copper butterfly, starling-sized dipper which is easily recognisable by its white breast and its liking for swimming and diving.

    Key Attractions: Rare species of flora and fauna, rolling mountains, picturesque villages.
    Where To Stay: Hôtel des Bains & Wellness, Hostel Malmedy – Youth Hostel and Au Chat’rme des Blanches Pierres

    17. Hoge Kempen National Park

    Hoge Kempen National Park

    Hoge Kempen National Park is the first National Park in Belgium located between Genk and the Meuse River Valley. Spread over 5,000 acres, the park consists of big lakes, large pine woods and purple flowering heathland. The highest spot in the park offers a mesmerizing view. The park is home to many rare and special animals such as roe deer, the slippery snake, the swallowtail butterfly and the European beewolf living in the natural habitat.

    Key Attractions: Information kiosks, Cafeterias, Hiking and mountain biking
    Where To Stay: Arte hotel, Hotel Atlantis and Hashotel

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    18. Knokke-Heist

    people on beach

    Knokke-Heist is one of the best places to visit in Belgium in one day. It is a small Belgian coastal town located on the edge of the famous Zwin Nature Park. The place attracts tourists from all across the world as the place boasts of its scenic beauty and rich history. It’s known for the surrounding mudflats and gorgeous sandy beach. The most commonly seen birds are oystercatchers and storks. It is also known for The For Freedom Museum which describes the history of the area during the Second World War.

    Key Attractions: For Freedom Museum, The Zwin, Zwin Nature Park and Knokke Casino
    Where To Stay: Hotel Adagio, Villa Verdi, Manoir du Dragon and Hotel Binnenhof

    19. Kortrijk


    Image Source

    Kortrijk is a beautiful city in Flanders, the northern part of Belgium. The city has a wonderful historic center with several market squares, churches, colourful shopping area and also a creative area. There are these towers called the Broeltowers which are the icons of Kortrijk. You can visit many restaurants, lunchrooms and coffee places to try some amazing dishes. Also, they have a really good vegetarian options.

    Key Attractions: Broeltowers, Lys and béguinage of Courtrai
    Where To Stay: Hotel Messeyne, Parkhotel, Bootel Ahoi

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    20. La Roche-en-Ardenne


    Image Source

    Located about 70 kilometers from Liege on the banks of the River Ourthe, La Roche-en-Ardenne is an attractive little town offering you with a variety of things to do. Make sure to visit the WWII Museum, Ardenne Ham Museum and the Pottery too to learn about the region’s tradition and history. You can find red deer, wild boar, pheasants, wild sheep, wolves, and many farm animals in the famous animal park on the Deister plateau.

    Key Attractions: Ourthe, Lake Nisramont, Parc Chlorophylle, WWi Museum
    Where To Stay: Hotel Beau Rivage, Domaine de I’Alu and Hotel Les Arcades

    21. Liege


    Image Source

    Liege is the third largest city in Belgium with vibrant nightlife, lip-smacking food, drink. The place is known for top class museums and churches as well as art galleries that makes Liege one of the must-visit places for architecture and art lovers in Belgium. Take a long walk through the Coteaux de la Citadelle or enjoy a picnic at the beautifully maintained Parc de la Boverie. To add more charm to your visit to this city, make sure to plan your trip to Liege during festival time. Your one trip during the many different festivals celebrated throughout the year, will tempt you back every now and then.

    Key Attractions: Montagne de Bueren, Curtius Museum, Parc de la Boverie and St. Paul’s Cathedral in Liege
    Where To Stay: Hotel Neuvice, Amosa, Smartflats and Crowne Plaza Liège

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    22. Malmedy

    malmedy belgium

    Image Source

    Malmedy, a small town in the Belgian province of Liege offers many key attractions for its visitors. The Baugnez 44 Historical Centre attributes the history of Malmedy during the Second World War. Another historical place, Malmundarium covers the history and culture of the area. All around Malmedy you have got opportunities for hiking and biking trails that will offer spectacular views of the area as you walk past the flowering fields.

    Key Attractions: Baugnez 44 Historical Centre, Malmundarium and hiking around the city
    Where To Stay: La Ferme du Pere Eugene, Hotel La Forge, Terrasses de Malmedy 2 and L’Horizon Chambres, Studios & Apparts

    23. Zwin

    The Zwin Nature Reserve

    Zwin is an enchanting nature reserve on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. It was established in 1952 with its bigger part in Belgium(158 hectares) and a smaller portion in Netherlands.(33 hectares) The reserve is famous for its varied diversity of salt-resistant plants, including a huge number of bird species. It is truly a haven for bird watchers. The reserve has a small zoo as well that houses a number of captivating domestic birds.

    Key Attractions: Zwin nature park, Zoo
    Where To Stay: Hotel St. Pol, Strandhotel Cadzand and Ibis Budget Knokke

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    24. Ostend

    Ostend beach

    One of the largest cities on the Belgian coast, Ostend has gained popularity because of its port’s strategic location. It is one of Belgium’s favourite tourist destinations famous for its gorgeous sandy beaches, Atlantic Wall Open Air Museum and more. The best way to know the city well is by walking through the narrow streets around Het Vissersplein while enjoying the local produce at the local markets. Don’t forget to notice the magnificent architecture of the Gothic Church of St Petrus and St Paulus.

    Key Attractions: Atlantic Wall Open Air Museum, Gothic Church of St Petrus and Fort Napolean
    Where To Stay: Hotel Botteltje, Hotel Monarc and Otia Bij Nacht

    25. Rochefort

    rochefort bel

    Image Source

    Rochefort is a mesmerizing city in the Belgian province which is famous for its many shops and cafes, top class churches. There is a lesser-known gem of a cave system in the city. It is an easy to explore city with almost everything on the main street. known variously as Rue de Behogne, Place Roi Albert 1er and Rue Jacquet. Along the way you will walk past a number of cafes where you can taste Rochefort’s famous Trappist beer.

    Key Attractions: Domain of the caves of Han, Lesse and Veves castle
    Where To Stay: Hotel Le Limbourg, La Fayette hotel and Hotel La Malle Poste

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    Belgium is the dream of many travelers and if you ever get to live it, make sure you see at least some of these incredible places to visit in Belgium that make the entire nation proud. Don’t think much and book your trip to Belgium right away! And if you know of any more places to explore in this beautiful country, let us know in the comments section below.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Belgium

    Q. What is the best city to visit in Belgium?

    A. All the cities in Belgium are awesome and have something unique to offer to travelers. From Brussels, Bruges, Ghent to Antwerp, every city in Belgium is worth visiting.

    Q. What is there to do in Belgium?

    A. There are a range of fun and exciting things to do in Belgium, like eating fries and waffles and drink copious amounts of beer.

    Q. What can you see in Belgium in 3 days?

    A. There’s a lot you can do in Belgium on a 3 days trip. From touring the many cities like Brussels and Antwerp, to engaging in the many popular activities like tasting craft beer and chocolates, visiting the museums and castles, cycling around the cities, hiking and trekking, and much more.

    Q. How many days do you need in Belgium?

    A. A duration of 4 nights and 5 days is ideal for exploring the best of Belgium.

    Q. How long do you need in Brussels?

    A. A duration of 2 days is enough for exploring Brussels.

    Q. Where should I go for a weekend in Belgium?

    A. If you’re in Belgium, you can spend a weekend in Antwerp, Ghent, Hasselt, and Ypres.

    Q. Is it safe to go to Belgium?

    A. Yes, it is safe to go to Belgium. If you’re a solo female traveler, make sure you exercise caution and stay alert at all times. Carry a pepper spray or Swiss knife with you.

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