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Ireland is all about rich heritage, rugged terrain, exquisite landscapes, a source of artistic inspiration, and extremely warm and friendly people. Exuding oodles of the unique Irish charm, these fascinating Emerald Isles are a treasure chest of fun experiences and sights, giving rise to a number of places to visit in Ireland. From nature, history, to the best coffee in the world, also famous for its beers, this birthplace of the Game of Thrones has a lot to offer to all kinds of travelers. Have a memorable time on your European holiday with all these places to visit in Ireland.

24 Best Places To Visit In Ireland

Here we have highlighted a few of the best places to visit in Ireland of interest which is just the tip of the iceberg:

  • Dublin City
  • Cliffs Of Moher
  • Killarney National Park
  • The Rock Of Cashel
  • Dingle Peninsula
  • Galway City
  • Downhill Beach
  • Sligo
  • Blarney Castle
  • Cork
  • The Aran Islands
  • Belfast
  • Ring Of Kerry
  • The Burren National Park
  • Glendalough
  • Ireland Tourist Attractions Map
  • Donegal
  • The Old Jameson Distillery
  • Antrim
  • Clare
  • Iron Islands In Ballintoy Harbour
  • Derry
  • Connemara
  • Giant’s Causeway & Causeway Coast

1. Dublin City

Dublin City- places to visit in Ireland

Dublin city is an interesting fusion of old world charm and modern vibrancy. A city of literature, Guinness serving pubs, medieval churches, and Georgian walkways, Dublin is without a doubt among the best places to visit in Ireland. So, if you are a literature lover, then, you need to visit this place!

Best time to visit: May to August

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2. Cliffs Of Moher

Cliffs Of Moher- places to visit in Ireland

Image Credit: Mobilus In Mobili by flickr

The magnificent Cliffs of Moher are one of the popular places to visit in Ireland featuring the most breathtaking views of the entire island. This beautiful natural phenomenon was carved out by a gigantic river Delta over 320 million years ago. The top is verdant lush green meadows with the bottom drenched in the musical sounds of the waters of Galway Bay crashing against the cliffs. You have got to include this in your list of Ireland sightseeing.

Best time to visit: April to September

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3. Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park ireland

Image Credit: Tony Webster by flickr

The Killarney National Park is the oldest National Park and an incredible biosphere reserve. The park houses the country’s only population of red deer and other rare species. It also has many man-made structures such as the Castle of Ross. Killarney National Park definitely deserves a place in the list of best places to visit in Ireland. While visiting Ireland with your kids, make sure you add this place in your itinerary!

Best time to visit: March to November

4. The Rock Of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel ireland

Image Source

The dramatic Rock of Cashel is one of the best places to see in Ireland. This imposing structure with gothic tones was the seat of the ancient Irish kings for more than seven centuries. Amongst the finest of medieval architecture, it houses the High Cross, Romanesque Chapel, a castle, a round tower, and a gothic cathedral, a lot of sites that will give you a soul-stirring experience!

Best time to visit: May to October
Timings: 9 AM – 7 PM

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5. Dingle Peninsula

Dingle Peninsula- places to visit in Ireland

Image Credit: Daniel Stockman by flickr
Dingle Peninsula, unmatched in its dramatic beauty, is one of the essential places to visit in Ireland. Ringed by sandy beaches, rolling hills, lofty mountains, and craggy cliffs, Dingle Peninsula never fails to attract visitors with its charm and unique Irish culture. One must try the Dingle Dolphin Tour here which is one of the favourite Ireland points of interest.

Best time to visit: May to October

6. Galway City

Galway City- places to visit in Ireland

Image Source

The biggest city in the West, Galway is one of the good places to visit in Ireland. It is a vibrant university town with one of the youngest populations in all of Europe. Galway City should be in your list of places to visit in Ireland for its unique charm, lively atmosphere, history, and streets with colorful facades. The city comes alive during the Art Festival held here in July every year.

Best time to visit: April to August

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7. Downhill Beach

Downhill Beach- places to visit in Ireland

Image Source

Situated in Northern Ireland, this seven-mile stretch of fine sand offers a wealth of activities including water sports, which is why it’s one of the best places to visit in Ireland. When here, one must also visit the prominent Mussenden Temple, which happens to be one of the most photographed buildings in Northern Ireland. Downhill Beach also fascinates Game of Thrones! It had appeared in season two when Stannis Baratheon allows Melisandre to burn their effigies as an offering to the Lord of Light.

Best time to visit: Year-round

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8. Sligo

Sligo- places to visit in Ireland

Image Source

With its rugged landscapes that are characteristic to Ireland, Sligo is a picturesque destination and one of the best places to visit in Ireland for adventure lovers. Sligo offers a great opportunity to go surfboarding on the crashing waves and explore the rolling hills via their picturesque hiking trails.

Best time to visit: June to August

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9. Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle- places to visit in Ireland

Image Credit: Ddave45 by pixabay
Blarney Castle has seen a fair share of violence and visitors flock here to see what is left of the castle. The most popular of Ireland tourist attractions on the ground, however, is the famous Blarney Stone which tourists can kiss while hanging upside down from a wall drop. The belief behind this weird custom is that successfully kissing the stone supposedly heightens the kissers eloquence. Irrespective of your intentions, Blarney Castle is one of the beautiful places to visit in Ireland and one that should not be missed.

Best time to visit: March to May and September to November
Timings: 9 AM – 6 PM

10. Cork

Cork- places to visit in Ireland

Image Credit: RichardMC by Pixabay

Cork tops the list of best places to visit in Ireland for the locals, and for good reason. Cork has some of the best food scenes in the country with pubs, cafes, bars, and restaurants cramming its narrow streets. Vibrant art galleries and unusual museums define this laid-back, breezy cosmopolitan city in Ireland.

Best time to visit: March to May and September to November

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11. The Aran Islands

The Aran Islands Ireland

Image Credit: sktlloyd3 by Pixabay
The Aran Islands located on the westernmost part of Ireland is a fascinating set of three islands. Inis Mor is the largest and houses the famous 2000 year old fortress, Dun Aonghasa. It is the most interesting and most visited of the three Aran Islands.

Kilronan, the only real town in the Aran Islands is actually just a village, and a fascinating one at that with a handful of pubs, restaurants, and B&Bs. On your visit to the islands, remember to bring cash as there are no ATMs here. So now you know where to go in Ireland if you really want to experience the true Gaelic charm unmarred by modern developments.

Best time to visit: May to August

12. Belfast

Belfast- places to visit in Ireland

Image Credit: Andrew Hurley by flickr

Belfast is Ireland’s brand new city and its major draw is the shipyard where the ill-fated ship Titanic was built. One of the most interesting things to see in Ireland, Titanic Belfast has six floors imitating the height of the Titanic with 9 galleries, interactive exhibitions, underwater theatre, and rides.

Best time to visit: April to June
Timings: 9 AM – 6 PM

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13. Ring Of Kerry

Ring Of Kerry- places to visit in Ireland

Image Credit: Tony Webster by flickr
The Ring of Kerry’s untouched and rugged landscapes are what make it the best of Ireland vacation spots. One of the most fascinating places to see in Ireland, Ring of Kerry is a photographer’s delight with its stunning scenery that changes hues with the falling light. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, it has some of the most phenomenal beaches in Ireland.

Best time to visit: May to October

14. The Burren National Park

The Burren National Park ireland

Image Source

Ireland’s smallest national park is one of the best places to visit in Ireland. The area found within is renowned for its karst landscape. The park is brimming with ancient history and archaeologists have found several megalithic tombs and many other medieval structures here. A walk in this park is compared to walking on the moon and this place should definitely be included in your Ireland travel itinerary.

Best time to visit: May
Timings: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

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15. Glendalough

Glendalough- places to visit in Ireland

Image Source

One of the most fascinating Ireland places to visit, Glendalough is home to the most important monastic sites in Ireland. These extensive medieval ruins have an interesting story to tell about its rich history and unmatched beauty. The two dark and mysterious lakes are the most fascinating of Ireland tourist attraction in this place.

Best time to visit: April to October
Timings: 9:30 AM – 6 PM

16. Powerscourt House And Gardens

Powesrcourt house and gardens

Image Source

This is a house owned by a rich family but what makes it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ireland is the fact that it offers such views and a soul-soothing backdrop. Walk in the garden with an aura of a glorious past and enjoy the tranquil views like never before. It is an altogether different experience!

Best time to visit: September and early October
Timings: 9:30 AM – 5 PM

17. Donegal

Valley in ireland- Donegal

Image Source

This is a county in the country of Ireland that majorly has people who speak Irish and shares the borders with the Atlantic Ocean in the northwestern region of Ireland. The place is known for castles that are enveloped within rocky coastlines and breathtaking mountains like quartzite Mount Errigal. The county also has a national park, Glenveagh National Park. It once used to be a private property that featured lakes, bogland, and forests.

Best Time To Visit: September

18. The Old Jameson Distillery

whiskey bottles

Image Credit: Levoqd by Pixabay

This place is located in the capital city of Dublin. It is a prominent tourist attraction for the whiskey lovers who get a chance to taste the best Irish whiskeys. This distillery is popular because of its worldwide prominence. There are also a lot of events that are organized at this place – an opportunity where the tourists get to mingle with the locals! Enjoy a wide variety of whiskeys and make the most of your tour in the capital city.

19. Antrim

Antrim coastline

Image Source

This is a town located in the northern region of the country of Ireland. It is also a parish that is a part of County Antrim that lies in the northeastern region of North Ireland. The town has been established upon the banks of Six Mile Water found at a distance of only a half-mile from the northeastern region of Lough Neagh. When looking for places to visit in Ireland for families, then consider visiting this county town!

Best Time To Visit: Anytime during the year because of unpredictable weather

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20. Clare

Clare cliffs

Image Source

It is one of the counties of Ireland located in the western region of the country. Clare is known for The Burren – a rugged wilderness area that features monuments that date back to the Stone Age as well as age-old churches. The county town of Clare is considered to be Ennis, which is also the largest settlement here. The county is historically as well as culturally rich and is one of the best historical places to visit in Ireland.

Best Time To Visit: November to April

21. Iron Islands In Ballintoy Harbour

Ballintoy Harbour

The makers of the Game of Thrones love Ireland and Ballintoy is the home to the Iron Islands. Ballintoy Harbour is one of the best cities to visit in Ireland and features a relaxed and peaceful ambiance. It is a small harbor having space for a few boats. The place purveys a tranquil vista, where one can witness boats gently rocking in the billows amidst serene landscapes. The water here is quite clear and one can easily glance the fishes swimming around the boats. One can also hop into the nearby stone cottage that serves delicious local delicacies.

Best time to visit: March to November

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22. Derry

Derry- places to visit in Ireland

Derry is one of the most unique places to visit in Ireland as it is the only completely walled city in Ireland. One can take a walking tour to explore these stony ramparts and listen to the enticing stories of the brutal 17th century. This tour will complete at the Ebrington Square after you cross the Peace Bridge. You can visit the famous Walled City Brewery and toss the glass for this unique city of Ireland.

Best time to visit: April to December

23. Connemara

Connemara- places to visit in Ireland

Another amazing place in the map of Ireland is the vibrant Connemara. This mesmerizing place features numerous surprises from bogs to lakes and mountain vistas, that make the visitors fall in love with it. The serene villages of Connemara shower the colorful vistas where one can dive in, admiring the beauty and diversity of nature.

Best time to visit: June to August

24. Giant’s Causeway & Causeway Coast

Giant’s Causeway

This magnificent place lies at the foot of the basalt cliffs in Northern Ireland. The Giant Causeway is made up of over 40,000 massive black basalt columns that stick out of the sea. The place is a unique experience that one must not miss out on while holidaying in Ireland!

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

Map Of Ireland

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From rugged mountains, underground caves, ancient cathedrals, to popular GoT locations, there’s a lot to explore in the Irish landscapes. If you are hungry for adventure and history, then do plan an excursion to the above-mentioned places to visit in Ireland! So, now, don’t think too much and book your trip to Ireland right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Ireland

What is the most beautiful part of Ireland?

There are numerous places to visit in Ireland where you can witness the best of these destinations. Some of the places you must add to your itinerary include:
1. The Old Library, Trinity College Library, Dublin
2. Kinsale, County Cork
3. Cliffs of Moher, County Clare
4. Galway, County Galway
5. Achill Island, County Mayo
6. Skellig Michael, County Kerry
7. Killarney National Park, County Kerry

What is the most beautiful place to live in Ireland?

Some of the best towns in Ireland where you can stay for a while include:
1. Kinsale, County Cork
2. Glengarriff, County Cork
3. Lismore, County Waterford
4. Valentia, County Kerry
5. Long Quay House

Is it safe to visit Ireland due to the current Covid situation?

Yes, Ireland is one of the safest places to visit during the current Covid situation. However, you need to follow all the covid protocols like wearing a mask when in public, maintaining required social distance, and sanitizing hands at certain intervals. Also, make sure to check the Covid update of the destination you’re planning to visit.

Is Ireland an expensive place to visit?

Yes, a few places in Ireland are no doubt expensive places to travel but you can opt for pocket-friendly alternatives like staying in one of the best hostels in Ireland, it will save your money and give you an entirely different chance to explore this beautiful place. There are numerous less-expensive places such as Dublin where one can get affordable stays and food options.

What should I pack for a trip to Ireland?

One must surely pack a few of the necessary items such as a balaclava, a travel adaptor, a swimsuit, waterproof rain boots, GoPro, multiple memory cards, and earplugs when heading for vacations to Ireland.

Which are the best things to do in Dublin?

Here are some best experiences you can enjoy in Dublin:
1. Tour the Guinness Storehouse Factory
2. Unwind amid nature at St. Stephen’s Green
3. Shop till you drop at Dublin Flea Market
4. Stroll amidst landscaped gardens of Phoenix Park
5. Little Museum of Dublin
6. Play Gaelic Games

Which are the best attractions in Dublin?

1. Irish Museum of Modern Art
2. Dublin Castle
3. St. Patrick’s Cathedral
4. Ha’penny Bridge
5. National Botanic Gardens
6. Kilmainham Gaol
7. Phoenix Park

Which are some must-try Irish foods?

Colcannon, Irish Stew, Seafood Chowder, Galway Oysters, Shellfish, Bacon and Cabbage, Smoked salmon, etc. are some of the most delicious Irish dishes that you must try.

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