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    Places To Visit In West Bengal

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    From the majestic Himalayas to the serenity of the Gangetic plains, from quiet seashores to beautiful mangroves, West Bengal is a place with numerous natural wonders. Adding to its appeal, are the vivid festivities, sublime architecture, delightful crafts, classical and contemporary music, and scrumptious ethnic delicacies, that make West Bengal a splendid place offering extraordinary experiences. Regardless of whether you wish to be among scholars and meandering minstrels, or gutsy and choose to roam with rhinoceroses, these assorted West Bengal tourist places offer everything. West Bengal gives one a thousand reasons to stay and traverse the state’s nook and cranny. Have a look at the best places to visit in West Bengal.

    30 Best Places To Visit In West Bengal

    The state of West Bengal is known for its history, heritage and rich culture. The following list comprises the 22 finest tourist places to visit during your visit. All of these places have something or the other for each and every kind of traveler. Take a look at this list of all the top places that one should not miss out on!

    • Kolkata – City Of Joy
    • Darjeeling – Himalayan Jewel
    • The Sundarbans – Land Of Mangroves
    • Mandarmani – The Developing One
    • Bankura – A Family Escape
    • Kalimpong – Blend Of Cultures
    • Gaur-Pandua – Medieval Capital
    • Barrackpore – Relics Of British Raj
    • Shantiniketan – Tranquility At Its Best
    • Hooghly – History And Legacy
    • Cooch Behar – Man-made Marvels
    • Mayapur – The Religious City
    • Siliguri – Gateway To North East
    • Mirik – Fairytale Land
    • Digha – Unspoiled Beach Town
    • Murshidabad – Ancient Vibes
    • Kurseong – Land Of White Orchids
    • Durgapur – Steel Capital
    • Haldia – Most Culturally Inclined
    • Bakkhali – Not A Regular Beach Town
    • Bishnupur – Land Of Terracotta Temples
    • Bardhaman – An Absolute Town
    • Dooars – Gateway To Bhutan
    • Navadvipa – Land Of Temples
    • Raichak – Beautiful Riverside
    • Lataguri – Into The Nature
    • Lolegaon – Untapped Beauty
    • Mukutmanipur – Peaceful Vacation
    • Malda – Rich History
    • Shankarpur – Unexplored Beaches

    1. Kolkata – City Of Joy


    Image Source
    Kolkata is India’s second-largest city and the face of West Bengal. It is an interminably progressing celebration of human existence. This dynamic 350-year-old city situated on India’s Eastern Coast is the capital of West Bengal. It flourishes as the aesthetic, social and intellectual capital of India. Also known as the ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata is overflowing with liveliness. One can expect to be charmed by the cheap cost of things, the hand-pulled-rickshaws, wandering avenues and a countless assortment of desserts. Some highlights of this breathtaking city are: The Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Fort William, Eden Gardens and Jorasanko Thakur Bari – the ancestral home of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

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    2. Darjeeling – Himalayan Jewel 

    Beautiful scenes

    Image Source
    If one wants to witness the stunning snow pinnacles of Kanchenjunga, the wonderful tea cultivations, the sweet-smelling orchids, the greenery of the pines, and the adorable Himalayan toy train making its way through the dazzling mountains, head to the city of Darjeeling. This hill station is a gem known for its old-world charm combined with modernity. For a well-needed break from the blistering and moist summers of India, this city is one of the best tourist places in West Bengal. It offers a potent blend of stunning mountain views, waterfalls, sightseeing tours, Buddhist monasteries, museums, shopping, and scrumptious Tibetan food.

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    3. The Sundarbans – Land Of Mangroves 

    The Sundarbans

    This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the biggest mangrove eco-arrangement in the world. Home to one of India’s most notorious untamed life species, the Royal Bengal Tiger, it is also the world’s biggest estuarine woods befuddled by many streams and tributaries, converged by a system of tidal conduits and a maze of little mangrove islands. This interconnectedness makes The Sundarbans one of the most appealing and charming spots on earth. At present this extraordinary land is home to 250 tigers and an assortment of birds, reptiles and various invertebrate including crocodiles. This natural heaven is situated about 110 km from Kolkata.

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    4. Mandarmani – The Developing One 


    Image Source
    The seaside village of Mandarmani in East Medinipur locale is situated at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the biggest and quick developing resort villages of West Bengal and is located about 180 km from Kolkata. It is contended to be the longest drive-in seashore in India. One can relax, swim and appreciate each moment of their stay at this majestic seashore. The minute one gets worn out, they can chill off with green coconut water. There are very few visitors around and that is the best part of this seashore. One can spend their time sunbathing and watching the birds and waves.

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    5. Bankura – A Family Escape


    Bankura is situated in Eastern Chota Nagpur Plateau and is adorned by mother nature with brown slopes, babbling brooks and antiquated temples. The town has numerous temples such as the Madan Mohan temple, Shyam Roy temple, and Sarada Devi temple. Bankura is a great picnic spot as it offers opportunities for trekking and exploring too. Also make sure to visit the Biharinath hill, Susunia hill, and Koko hill during your travel to this beautiful temple city of West Bengal.

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    6. Kalimpong – Blend Of Cultures 


    Image Source
    This melting pot of cultures from the Indians, British, Nepalese and Tibetans is situated 3 hours away from Darjeeling. Its flowering gardens, Buddhist monasteries, historic churches, and sacred temples make it a renowned tourist destination. Offering panoramic views of the Himalayan range, this hill station is at an altitude of 4100 ft. Make sure to participate in the various activities available here such as the great hill walks, bird watching, and shopping at the Kalimpong Market Square.

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    7. Gaur-Pandua – Medieval Capital


    The medieval capitals of West Bengal, Gaur-Pandua is home to breathtaking ruins of the architecture during the rule of the Muslim Sultans. The majority of the ruins are mosques and tombs such as the Baro Sona Masjid, Tomb of Fateh Khan, Adina Masjid and Eklakhi Mausoleum. These twin towns are located in the district of Malda which is also called the Mango City. Make sure to stop and buy some delicious mangoes and Murshidabad silk here.

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    8. Barrackpore – Relics Of British Raj


    Image Source
    Barrackpore is located on the River Hooghly around 35 km north of Kolkata. The spot gained its name as Barrackpore in 1772 as the principal military soldiers were positioned here. If you are interested in history, you should visit this tourist place to see some relics of the British Raj. The place comprises of many attractions such as the Mangal Pandey Park, Gandhi Museum, Bartholomew Cathedral, Kali Temple and Memorial Hall.

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    9. Shantiniketan – Tranquility At Its Best


    Shantiniketan is a town in the Birbhum region of West Bengal and around 212 km from Kolkata. It was put on the map by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore as it was his residence. Now a university, the spot currently draws a huge number of tourists every year. Make sure to visit the place’s myriad attractions such as Tagore’s Ashrama, Poush Mela, Amar Kutir, Rabindra Bhaban Museum and see many sculptures and paintings of Tagore.

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    10. Hooghly – History And Legacy


    The region of Hooghly is only 47 km from Kolkata and is saturated with history and legacy. The town bears testimony to the rule of outsiders such as the British, Portuguese, Dutch, French and the Germans and Austrians at various settlements. The Hooghly, a distributary of the Ganges River dominates the entire landscape here.

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    11. Cooch Behar – Man-made Marvels

    Cooch Behar

    Cooch Behar is known for its fine atmosphere, freshness, and magnificence. During the eleventh and twelfth centuries, the Pala-Senas controlled Cooch Behar. The principal attraction in Cooch Behar is the royal residence of the Koch king Maharaja Nripendra Narayan. Intended to resemble the old European style of the Italian Renaissance, this eminent castle was built by the Maharaja in the year 1887. If you are a history enthusiast, make sure to stop by Cooch Behar.

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    12. Mayapur – The Religious City 


    Situated at the intersection of the Ganga and Jalangi rivers, this religious center is a city with scenic views and many sanctuaries. Mayapur is a well known Vaishnavite tourist spot established by the Bhakti saint Vinod Thakur. Mayapur is renowned for Chandrodaya Temple, Shree Chaitanyamath and Goswami Maharaj Temple of Dashavatar.

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    13. Siliguri – Gateway To North East


    Image Source

    Tagged as the gateway to the North East region of the country, Siliguri is a quaint city that is sitting in Jalpaiguri. One of the most beautiful tourist places in West Bengal, Siliguri is home to an international airport and usually acts as a stop before tourists go and explore the other cities. Siliguri has a lot more to offer though. This city is covered with some impeccable number of natural marvels including lush green trees and stunning national parks, which makes it one of the most refreshing ones of all. The must-see place in Siliguri is the Jaldapara National Park that blankets a beautiful rivering forest and vast grasslands.

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    14. Mirik – Fairytale Land


    Image Source

    Adding to the beauty of West Bengal, Mirik is one of the most intriguing tourist places in West Bengal. This valley is sitting on the shores of a hill and exhibits marvelous panoramic views with mountains and river bodies that look straight out of a storybook. A vacation to West Bengal will be left incomplete if Mirik is left out. Ranging from an extremely romantic boating experience and beautiful orchid lands to architecturally aesthetic temples, Mirik is a destination that has a lot to offer to travelers. There are also traditional markets to satisfy the need to splurge amidst many.

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    15. Digha – Unspoiled Beach Town


    Image Source

    If you have a thing for beaches and a perfect summer escape, Digha might be one of the places to see in West Bengal for you. Showcasing untouched and unspoiled beach, Digha is a town that is sitting on the shores of the majestic Bay of Bengal. The scenic views and tranquil beaches in this town are perfect for those who wish to escape from the bustling world. This town is not only famed for its beaches but for an absolute experience this town has to offer. With temples, beaches, and museums this town has a lot to offer to tourists.

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    16. Murshidabad – Ancient Vibes


    Image Source

    A destination that pleases the souls of historians, Murshidabad falls in the category of those places to see in West Bengal that has been a part of all the major historical moments. Be it the Nawabs before the colonial rule or the English Lords calling this their own, Murshidabad has seen a lot and hence, reeks of old-world charm. Transporting tourists to the beautiful golden days of the city, Murshidabad has its floors covered in ample of temples, monuments, and churches. The magnificence of this town is nothing but unmatchable.

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    17. Kurseong – Land Of White Orchids


    Image Source

    Sitting just a few kilometers from Darjeeling is one of the most awe-inspiring tourist places in West Bengal, Kurseong. Kurseong is also famous as the ‘Land of White Orchids’, this town is home to magnificent waterfalls, religious temples, and the stunning Buddhist gompas. This is a quiet, little hill station that has pleasant and mild weather almost throughout the year. The monsoons make this town appear to be extremely beautiful with all the flora and foliage looking fresher than ever. There is an abundance of white orchids that can be found sitting proudly on the slopes of the hills in Kurseong. The tea plantations, snow-clad mountain peaks, and the refreshing jungles turn this into a paradise for nature lovers.

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    18. Durgapur – Steel Capital


    Image Source

    Also known as the ‘Steel Capital of East India’, Durgapur is a destination sitting on the banks of the Damodar River in West Bengal. Offering the finest concoction of small-town vibes and the metro city energy, Durgapur is one of the exquisite West Bengal tourist places that are not to be missed out on. This town is filled with old traditional markets, shimmering temples, and vast parks for the little ones to spend their leisure time in this state. Sitting in the middle of West Bengal, this town has a lot more to offer. Do not miss out on the local street food when in Durgapur.

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    19. Haldia – Most Culturally Inclined


    Image Source

    If you are seeking those West Bengal tourist places that showcase the heritage and culture of West Bengal up to the mark, Haldia is the place to be. This town is actually a river port of the state but has a lot more to offer than just trade spot. Haldi blankets a myriad of temples, heritage locations, and small traditional markets that has slowly led to the emergence of this town as popular. Ranging from marine drives to some grand palaces, Haldia is a town that offers the finest blend of natural and manmade marvels.

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    20. Bakkhali – Not A Regular Beach Town


    Image Source

    Another one of the West Bengal destinations that are famed for its tranquil beaches in Bakkhali. This town might be small but is a world on its own. Sitting on the coast of West Bengal, Bakkhali is the place that gives one an opportunity to get closer to the wonders of mother nature. This is not your typical beach spot. This is not just about loud music nights and alcohol-laden evenings, its a lot more than that. Bakkhali is more about beach walks, islands, cycle tours, wind farms, and boat rides. For those who are in search of an exotic getaway, Bakkhali is the place to be.

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    21. Bishnupur – Land Of Terracotta Temples


    Image Source

    The magnificence of the structures of terracotta temples can never be expressed. Bishnupur is one of those West Bengal destinations that is famed for such reddish temples that are a treat for the eyes and soul. This town is brimming with a rich culture in the form of music, architecture, and of course, handicrafts. This cultural inherence in town is pretty clear from the classical music heard in every other residence, saris that one can shop, and the paintings by the amazing local artists. Some of the famous temples of this area are Jorbangla Temple, Shyamrai Temple, and Rasmancha Temple.

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    22. Bardhaman – An Absolute Town


    Image Source

    A town that offers a complete experience to travelers, Bardhaman is a must-visit on your excursion to West Bengal. Ranging from the religious aura and man-made architectural marvels to the old-world charm and natural wonders, this is that one town that has everything. The splendor that this town reeks of leaves one coming back for more. With an air of its own, Bardhaman is a town that is unique and pleasant in its own way and that is what acts as a magnet for many.

    23. Dooars – Gateway To Bhutan

    Image Source

    Dooars is one of the best places to visit in West Bengal if you are interested in taking a vacation that is filled with chilling and relaxing. It is one of the West Bengal sightseeing destinations and is known for its mighty range of mountains, thick forests, rich flora and fauna, and tea gardens. These floodplains start from the river Teesta and continue till river Sankoshi. The name ‘Dooars’ comes from the word ‘doors’ as these floodplains are the ‘doors’ to Bhutan.

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    24. Navadvipa – Land Of Temples

    Image Source

    Amidst the commotion and grandeur of West Bengal lies a cluster of nine islands on the banks of Ganges – the Nabadwip – Mayapur islands. This place is one of the most religious shrines in West Bengal. Navadvipa is known as the God’s Own Land as it is home to almost 200 temples spread across the rural setting of this place. It is also known as the land of Lord Chaitanya (Lord Krishna’s reincarnation). The scattered forests, winding paths, and beautiful orchids provide peace that is irreplaceable. Untouched by the commercialization and urbanization, this place will charm its way into your hearts.

    25. Raichak – Beautiful Riverside

    Image Source

    Raichak is a riverside town located at a distance of 50 Kms from Kolkata city. The town is unexplored, and is a fresh breath of air. The town is free from all kinds of urban and commercial settings, and is untouched by the tide of time, making it one of the most beautiful places to visit in West Bengal. The town consists of a plethora of forts that adds to the old-world charm of this town. The Hooghly river flows along the town which paints quite a beautiful picture.

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    26. Lataguri – Into The Nature

    Image Source

    Lataguri is located on the outskirts of Gorumara National Park and is one of the West Bengal sightseeing places. It is one of the best places to visit if you want the child in you to be free. The place houses wildlife, open fields, and pristine views. The whole setting will please your senses and will put you in a state of trance. Some of the places to visit in Lataguri are the Gorumara and Chapramari National Park along with Buxa Tiger Reserve.

    27. Lolegaon – Untapped Beauty

    Image Source

    Lolegaon is located at a distance of 120 kms from Siliguri and is a pristine village that is known for its snow capped mountains and buddhist monasteries. This is the perfect place to visit if you are looking to spend some time amidst nature and its beautiful sights. Lolegaon is a beautiful, uncommercialised, and free from the tide of times. The natural and wild beauty of this place makes this an amazing vacation destination.

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    28. Mukutmanipur – Peaceful Vacation

    Image Source

    Mukutmanipur is one of the most alluring weekend getaways for people of Kolkata and for tourists who wish to spend some time in the company of nature. The place is known for its lush green forests, clear blue water, and green hills. Mukutmanipur shares its borders with Jharkhand and is located at the confluence of Kumari and Kangsabati. Visit this place and witness the beautiful panoramic views.

    29. Malda – Rich History

    Image Source

    Malda is the perfect place to be if you want to revisit your roots. Malda is located at the confluence of rivers Mahanandi and Kalindi and is located at a distance of 350 kms from Kolkata. The town of Malda is famous for its rich history, cultural heritage and Mango orchards. It is one of the best places in West Bengal.

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    30. Shankarpur – Unexplored Beaches

    Image Source

    Shankarpur is one of the best places to visit if you want to explore untapped and unexplored beaches. The beaches of Shankarpur are known for their pristine surroundings, scenic beauty, and lesser crowds. The luxury of visiting unexplored beaches that are aesthetically pleasing and easily accessible cannot be found elsewhere. This beach town presents an old-worldly charm that attracts a large number of tourists from around the country.

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    These were some of the best places to visit in West Bengal. Do add them to your list of places to visit on your next trip to West Bengal. Book your holiday with TravelTriangle for a smooth travel experience. Know of more interesting places in West Bengal? Share with us in the comments below!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In West Bengal

    Q. Which is the most beautiful city in West Bengal?

    A. Kalimpong, Barrackpore, Malda and Darjeeling are some of the most beautiful destinations in West Bengal.

    Q. What is West Bengal famous for?

    A. West Bengal is one of the most diverse places in India and this is evident in its culture, art, architecture, and food. It is famed for its attractions such as the Howrah Bridge, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, and Victoria Memorial.

    Q. How many districts do West Bengal have?

    A. At present, West Bengal has 23 districts.

    Q. Which is the most famous food dish in West Bengal?

    A. Known for their fiery flavor, the most famous dishes in West Bengal are Bhapaa Aloo and Chingri Malai Curry. The fish Hilsa is also one of the delicacies of West Bengal.

    Q. Which are some of the best picnic spots in West Bengal?

    A. The Neeldeep garden, Barrackpore, and Chapramari Wildlife forest are good options for a picnic.

    Q. Which are the best beaches in West Bengal?

    A. The Mandarmani beach, Digha beach, and Tajpur beach are some of the best beaches in West Bengal.

    Q. When is the best time to visit West Bengal?

    A. The ideal time to visit West Bengal is anytime between the months of October and March.

    Q. How can I reach West Bengal?

    A. The two airports in West Bengal are the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport and the Bagdogra Domestic Airport if one is traveling by air. Otherwise, West Bengal is well connected by rail. The main stations are – Howrah Railway Station, Sealdah Railway Station, and Jalpaiguri Railway Station. By road, one can travel from various parts of India on the National and State Highways.

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