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The city of Bengaluru is also known as Garden City. In and away from the bustling city, you will easily find many natural retreats. If you are a nature lover, you are in for a more special treat because the flora of these gardens is well maintained. One such place is Hennur Lake in Karnataka. Known for being serene and peaceful, the lake is on the northeastern side of the city. Here, we highlight the top five places to visit near Hennur Lake, each offering a unique charm.

About Hennur Lake

The Hennur Lake Biodiversity Park was inaugurated in 2016

Image Credit: Güldem Üstün for Wikimedia Commons

Hennur Lake Biodiversity Park was developed under the Karnataka Forest Department recently. It is now the third-largest park in all of Bengaluru. (Placing it after Cubbon Park and Lal Bagh Botanical Garden)

The efforts were made towards conservation and rejuvenation. This 34-acre park has a capacity for 100 people. Loads of people arrive during the mornings to spot some birds and walk in the fresh air amongst the lush greenery.

The focal point of the park is, of course, Hennur Lake. The lake takes up significant space and contributes to the region’s environmental well-being. Whether you are a tourist or a local, you will find this region delightful and serene.

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When To Visit Hennur Lake?

Hennur Lake visiting hours are 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Image Credit: Nikkul for Wikimedia Commons

Hennur Lake’s visiting hours are 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The park is crowded in the morning and evening, as the sunrise and sunset are lovely to gaze upon.

The park does not charge an entrance fee. Hennur Lake is a project undertaken by the state government to promote environmental preservation in the city.

How To Reach Hennur Lake?

Reaching Hennur Lake Park is relatively easy.

Image Credit: Indianhilbilly for Wikimedia Commons

Reaching Hennur Lake Park is relatively easy. The park is well-connected by road. You can take your car to the park. There is ample parking space available.

Or you can get a taxi from your location. Getting back from the park is no concern either. Biking and bicycling are also convenient. (Bikes are available for rent in the city to Hennur Lake)

Otherwise, you have the BMTC buses. Take the bus going towards Hennur or Kothanur. You can get off at the Hennur bus stop. From there you can either walk or take a rickshaw.

If you are taking the metro, get off at the Baiyappanahalli station (Purple Line). You will need to take an auto-rickshaw to get to the park.

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Things To Do at Hennur Lake

Hennur Lake is a popular spot for boating and picnics.

Image Credit: Swaminathan for Wikipedia Commons

Bird Watching
Get up early in the morning to spot some kingfishers around the lake. But that’s not all. You will spot a lot of migratory birds at Hennur Lake. Some of them include egrets, herons, and a variety of ducks.

Nature Walks
Hennur Lake is the perfect place for a nature walk. You can find many types of plants. Or you can stroll through the park during the Hennur Lake visiting hours and enjoy a refreshed mind throughout the day.

To no one’s surprise, Hennur Lake is a paradise for photography lovers. Sunrises and sunsets are marvellous. You can also capture shots of plant life, people, flowers, wildlife, etc.

Picnics and Boating
Hennur Lake boating is not always available, but when it is, it proves to be a lovely tour. From the water body, you can watch the park’s beauty unfold, providing a unique perspective of the park.

Yoga and Meditation
Hennur Lake is the perfect spot for yoga and meditation lovers. It is quiet and serene. Away from all the distractions, you feel yourself release all your problems.

Top 5 Places To Visit Near Hennur Lake

The area of the Hennur Lake is a beauty to behold. But the places near it are no less. These places include cultural landmarks and botanical parks.

1. Lumbini Gardens

Lumbini Gardens is one of the best places to visit while nearby Hennur Lake.

Image Credit: TripodStories- AB for Wikipedia Commons

Lumbini Gardens is a beautiful park 10 kilometres from Hennur Lake. If you are planning a trip to Hennur Biodiversity, you must visit this garden.

This is the perfect place to spend time with friends or family. Named after the birthplace of Lord Buddha, it is on the banks of the Nagawara Lake.

Tip: Boating is a prevalent activity. What’s more, there is a waterpark within the gardens’ premises.

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2. Hebbal Lake

A duck perched on the waters of Hebbal Lake

Image Credit: Shruti.morabad for Wikipedia Commons

H͏ebbal Lake is home to more than 70 species of birds. This is one of the most visited lakes in Bengaluru. Hebbal Lake was created by Kempe Gowda in 1537.

Tip: This lake continues to be the perfect place for bird watching, photography and walks.

3. Orion East Mall

Orion East Mall Bengaluru is the true shopper’s hub

Image Credit: PageImp for Wikimedia Commons

This mall is only 7 kilometres away from the park. Orion East Mall is the best spot for anyone who wants to splurge, be it on retail therapy or exclusive dining. You will find high-end and everyday essentials shops. Whatever budget you have, the mall has something for you.

The dining options are unlimited—Chinese, Indian, Italian, South Indian etc. You name the cuisine, and you will find the shop.

Tip: While at it, you can catch up on the latest film releases or enjoy the arcade zone.

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4. Bannerghatta Biological Park

Beautiful Tigers in Bannerghatta Biological Park

Image Credit: Ashwin06k for Wikipedia Commons

Even though Bannerghatta is 30 kilometres from Hennur Lake, it is a must-visit. This park offers a safari, a well-maintained zoo and a butterfly park.

You can watch tigers, elephants and bears in their natural habitats. Conversely, you can get a close-up view of birds, reptiles and animals at the zoo.

Tip: Do not miss the butterfly park. This one-of-a-kind park has several butterfly species and a museum.

5. ISKCON Temple

The resplendent ISKCON Temple in Bengaluru

Image Credit: eclicks_by_bunny for Wikimedia Commons

This temple is an architectural marvel. It blends modern styles with traditional temple designs. You can have a spiritual retreat at the temple, enjoying programs, kirtans, and chanting of the Gita. You can also try out the Vegetarian restaurant on the premises of the temple and tuck in some sattvic meals during your visit.

Tip: Visit the Elements Mall and Gopalan Signature Mall near Hennur Park for some retail therapy.

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The area surrounding Hennur Lake is dotted with unique attractions. Whether you want to enjoy nature or indulge in some shopping, all your desires can be fulfilled. Since each delivers a unique experience, you are in for a memorable experience. Bengaluru is a city of wonders, and you can make the most out of it with a visit to Hennur Lake. Plan your trip to Karnataka today and get to experience this wonderful place.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hennur Lake

What can I do at Hennur Lake?

Yoga, meditation, jogging, boating, birdwatching and photography are some of the things you can do at Hennur Lake.

Is there an entrance fee to enter Hennur Lake?

No, there is no entrance fee charged at Hennur Lake. You can freely enjoy the picturesque views of the lake.

What are the things to avoid at Hennur Lake?

Make sure not to feed the wildlife, avoid making loud noises, do not litter, and do not pluck the flowers.

Is there parking available at Hennur Lake?

Yes, a parking facility is available at Hennur Lake. This makes your experience more convenient and comfortable.

What are some places near Hennur Lake?

There are many places near the lake where visitors can enjoy the experience. These include Bannerghatta Biological Park, Lumbini Gardens, Hebbal Lake, ISKCON Temple, and Orion East Mall.

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