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Ella Rock is a very popular destination situated near Ella Town in Sri Lanka. It is a must-visit for all the hikers out there! Get ready for an adventure that is hiking ella rock, you will remember it for a lifetime, and the beautiful landscapes are just the cherry on top. So let us look at some places that are a sight to behold and will leave you captivated – from Ella Town, where the summit starts, to even some restaurants near where you can eat some scrumptious food after a tiring summit.

The Guide To Hiking Ella Rock – A Visual Marvel

Looking for the perfect spot to hike in Sri Lanka? We have got you covered! These are some of the places that lie on the trail leading to Ella Rock and are surely going to make you not want to miss this trek!

1. Ella Town

The stunning Ella Town

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At an elevation of 3,415 feet, Ella Town is located in Sri Lanka, a lively and vibrant spot for tourists to explore the local culture in Sri Lanka and be awestruck by the picturesque views. With the cutest cafes and breathtaking landscapes, it is a must-add to your itinerary to Sri Lanka. This is where you start your climb to the very famous hiking Ella Rock. The pleasant weather just adds to the charm of the place.

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2. Railway Tracks

The railway tracks with the most scenic backdrop

Image Credit: Madhawa Dunuwila for Wikimedia Commons

We promise you that hiking on these railway tracks is surely going to make you feel like you are the main character in a movie! This is the very early part of the trail, where you will walk along these railway tracks with the most awe-inspiring spectacle. The distance won’t seem a lot at all, as you would be busy looking at the scenic landscapes – the lush green forests and the sparkling waterfalls. Don’t forget to look out for the gorgeous Ella Gap, which just adds to the beauty of the place. Please avoid travelling on these tracks during monsoons, as the path might get slippery!

3. Kithalella Station

The Kithalella train station at Ella in Sri Lanka

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Kithalella Station is situated just 2 km away from Ella Railway Station. It is a very small station and not that developed, just like the earlier times. A very important spot that you would find on the way to your trail to Ella Rock. Of course, as mentioned, the greenery all around is just like a dazzling scene no one wants to miss. The rich biodiversity just makes it a delight for all the bird watchers and photographers. If you are looking for some solitude and tranquillity, don’t think twice, and just add this spot to your must-visit places when in Sri Lanka!

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4. Tea Plantations

A tea plantation on a hillside near the small town of Ella

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You would find the tea plantations in Ella just 5 km away from the town. Get to know more about the tea and its history from how the tea is planted, processed, and packaged. You can even opt for a tea-tasting session where you get to taste a variety of teas, and you can even take some freshly produced tea home directly from the tea farms. Ah! A must-visit for all tea lovers! Some other tea gardens and factories near Ella are Demodara Tea Estate and Newburgh Green Tea Factory. If you are more of a coffee person, don’t worry, the stunning scenic landscapes of this tea plantation in Ella will make you fall in love with the place. You will enjoy it the most when you visit in the months from January to April. It promises an enriching and insightful experience—something you get to take with you along with some delicious tea!

5. Eucalyptus Forest

The Stunning Forests at Ella Rock

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If the earlier locations weren’t tempting enough for you to plan a trip to Ella, the Eucalyptus Forest is definitely going to add to Ella’s impressive display. Be ready to get enchanted by the refreshing and sweet aroma making the trail a lot sweeter and more pleasant. The trees are tall with straight trunks and vibrant leaves. It is the perfect location to click pictures, stroll around, or even plan a picnic. The rich fauna of the place calls to it all the bird watchers, to explore the variety of bird species. Ideally, you would be fine without a tour guide as the trail is easy, but a local guide can help you explore the place a lot better.

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6. Ella Rock Summit

The gorgeous sunrise from the top of Ella Rock

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The striking and breathtaking sights will make all the tiredness go away and the beautiful views will be worth the long trail. Explore Ella Town from a height, and take in the picturesque vista. Add the Ella Rock Summit to your itinerary right now! Start early in the morning and definitely stay for the sunset, as it’s going to be very memorable, please don’t forget to stay hydrated.

Restaurants Near Ella Rock

Authentic Sri Lankan Rice and Curry Buffet

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Are you looking for the perfect restaurants near Ella Rock for some of the most delicious food? Some authentic places to enjoy Sri Lankan cuisine would be Dream Cafe, 360 Ella, AK Ristoro, and Cafe Chill. You should definitely try the Sri Lankan rice and curry at AK Ristoro. For a home-made food experience, do visit Matey Hut, trust us, you won’t regret it! Do not forget to try the kottu with curry over there. The local flavours are definitely going to charm you, so make sure you have the most scrumptious meal!

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This was a guide to your trip to Ella Rock in Sri Lanka. We hope this has made your adventurous spirit come alive and go on this trek. From the tea plantations to the railway tracks, the one constant is the scenic landscapes that you would see along the way. Take some days off, book your tickets, and stay in Sri Lanka right away, you are in for a sweet treat!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiking Ella Rock

How long does it take to hike up to Ella Rock?

It will take anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours to hike up to Ella Rock, excluding the stops you might make at the beautiful spots on the trail to Ella Rock.

Can beginners hike up to Ella Rock?

Yes, it is completely okay for beginners to hike up to Ella Rock. However, during monsoons, it is advisable to consult with a professional first as the paths might get a little slippery.

What are some tourist attractions near Ella Rock?

Some beautiful tourist attractions near Ella Rock are Little Adam’s Peak, Nine Arch Bridge, and Ravana Falls. The tourists can even explore the local culture in Ella Town

Do you need to be experienced at hiking to be able to hike up to Ella Rock?

No, not much experience is needed to be able to hike up to Ella Rock, the trail is not that difficult and you will not experience any difficulty reaching Ella Rock.

Are there any places to stay for the tourists near Ella Rock?

Some of the hotels near Ella Rock are the Hillcrest Ella, Ella Nature View, and Heart of Ella.

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