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Beaches are always an amazing retreat for a break from the fast-paced life that we lead. Visiting a tropical place can not just help you get that golden brown tan, it can also help you relax and get a break from the consistent wrath of the overwhelming stress at home and work. The amazing beaches around in Hikkaduwa in April have been serving the same purpose of providing with the very best experience to every traveler visiting these beaches in Sri Lanka. These beaches have been a site of immense tourism way back since the 1960s. The best thing about these beaches is the fact that they span over a long stretch and offer a number of activities that help keep the tourists engaged. Not just a casual swim in the enchanting blue water but even the water sports to make up for quite a good contributing factor to the overall experience one can enjoy while there.

So, if you’ve been wanting to visit Hikkaduwa, think no more because this little guide is all you need to know about the beaches and the other things that you can do there in the month of April.

Weather In Hikkaduwa In April

Weather In Hikkaduwa In April

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Wondering about the temperature in Hikkaduwa in April? It is best suggested to visit during the month of April if you wish to avoid the precipitation and harsh weather conditions. If you are stuck in between the rain, chances are that you won’t be able to enjoy the beaches at all. The tides get roaring and it comes to down the risks of drowning and other life hazards which are best avoided. Irrespective of everything, the peak season of visiting Hikkaduwa beaches is in between the months of April till November. These do make up for the best climate and the tropical weather in Sri Lanka that every single tourist asks for. The temperature often peaks up till 38 degrees centigrade which is pretty hot but pretty amazing for the beach weather.

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Ideal Duration For A Trip

Owing to the fact that Hikkaduwa does have a number of beaches surrounding it for you to visit and explore, it is ideal to plan a trip of at least 5-7 days if you want to bask in the glory of the place without any setbacks. Each and every beach around in Hikkaduwa in April is an absolute must visit, so you definitely can’t miss out on one.

Top Places To Visit In Hikkaduwa

Next on the list of the guide is discussing the top places one can visit while in Hikkaduwa. Owing to the fact that the entire place is famous for its beaches, it is not surprising that one would necessarily consider the beaches only. In this section, we are going to walk you through the best ones.Some of the most amazing places around Hikkaduwa to visit include:

1. Narigama Beach

Narigama Beach

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The very first on the list is the beautiful and aesthetic Narigama Beach. This is the most popular beach in the area and witnesses the maximum rush of the tourists, predominantly the entire year around. The entire beach is spread around a total distance of around 4 km and is actually an amazing surfing spot for people. It is ideal to visit the beach during the month of April. Majority of the people who have visited this place have often praised the beautiful and picturesque beauty of the sunset one can experience sitting on the beach, enjoying the orangy hues of the sunset mixing with the tranquil gush of the water.

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2. Laguna


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Yet another amazing site to witness is the Laguna which is predominantly a shallow water body which is covered around by coral reefs on all sides of the pool. It is quite an ideal spot to take the kids to and if you have anyone in the family afraid of deep water or doesn’t know swimming. The coral reefs are what end up breaking the waves and thus making them a portion on the beach, devoid of any form of waves. It is a great spot to just sit and splash around the cool water to beat the scorching heat. If possible, you can even hire a catamaran to take you around the waters for an even more exotic experience.

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3. Coral Reef Gardens

Coral reef gardens

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The last and one of the coolest things to do in Hikkaduwa in April is to visit the Coral reef gardens. If marine life and underwater intrigue you, you are definitely going to be loving these amazing coral reef gardens without a shadow of a doubt. It is home to a wide variety of aquatic wildlife and even more a variety of fishes around. Keeping aside the coral reefs, yet another popular part of the gardens include the sea turtles which definitely leave the visitors enchanted. The best part is that you can feed all the turtles by hand which is pretty amazing too.

Things To Do In Hikkaduwa

The top things to do while in Hikkaduwa include the following experiences that will really make your summer vacation one of its kind. Take a look.

1. Water sports

Water sports

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As mentioned before, Hikkaduwa is not just about the beaches but the activities that litter the place as well. Hikkaduwa does actually have a wide range of water sports for you to try out, right from snorkeling to surfing and scuba diving. The list is endless and something you definitely need to try out. There are instructors around who can guide you on the process and help you accomplish the tasks easily than you could think of. If possible, explore one of the shipwrecks underneath for an even better experience.

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2. Tea Zones

Tea zones

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This might not seem like a lot but visiting the tea zones around in Hikkaduwa is actually quite an amazing experience in itself. You can actually indulge in a taste test and see the teas that tickle your palate the most. From there, you can choose the best one you like and buy it to take it back home. Some of the best kinds of tea you will find around include coconut tea, Kandy tea, lime tea, black tea and many more.

3. Cuisine


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Sri Lankan cuisine is filled with rustic and robust flavors. If you are in Hikkaduwa, it is mandatory for you to explore the delectable cuisine around. Not just the restaurants, even the street food around tastes just as good. When there, make sure to eat the fish curry and try the various kinds of seafood dishes around.

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Best Places To Stay In Hikkaduwa

Best Places To Stay In Hikkaduwa

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When it comes to choosing the hotels and resorts to stay around in Hikkaduwa, the options are predominantly endless. You will find quite a number of amazing places for accommodation. Some of the best ones include:

  • Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon
  • Tamara Motels
  • Hikkaduwa Family Inn

Tips For Visiting Hikkaduwa

  • The last but not the least in this guide of discussion is to talk about the tips one need to keep in mind while visiting Hikkaduwa beach.
  • Carry the sun protection products at all time because the Hikkaduwa weather in April is too harsh
  • Keep all the important things safe with you while you are on the beach
  • Keep yourself hydrated at all times
  • Avail the public transport for cheaper prices
  • Carry first aid kit with you
  • Get vaccinated if required before visiting the place

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Hikkaduwa is a beautiful tourist spot in Sri Lanka. If you have been planning on visiting Hikkaduwa in April, make sure to keep this guide in mind for easy itinerary and navigation so that you have a hassle-free vacation in Sri Lanka with TravelTriangle.

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