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When we talk about Japan the first thing that comes in our mind is a beautiful design city which is perfectly modernized with the help of their extraordinary technology. However when it comes to culture and heritage, Japan is not ready to spare even an inch behind, the answer is Himeji Castle. This purely spectacular spot has owned its place in the most prestigious list recorded by UNESCO coma the world heritage sites. So in this article, we are going to give you a brief detailed analysis of the whole place, after reading which you won’t be able to control yourself from visiting Japan just only to get a glimpse of this castle.

Himeji Castle: How To Reach

How To Reach

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Welcome office comes the exact location of this iconic structure, which is situated in Kyoto. To make this easier you can click on the link below and get to know the exact location and the most convenient routes to reach in there. So, while you’re out and about in this land, be sure to take this suggestion that’ll help you have a hassle-free holiday.

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The Himeji Castle map

Himeji Castle: Facts


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Let’s take a look at the following list, for an amazing vacation where you will find some of the most interesting Himeji Castle facts. Some of them will surely help you know more interesting things about the place.

  • This white piece of beauty is one of the most prestigious and original castles of Japan which man is to survive two decades by suffering devastating war and earthquakes. It is one of those 12 castles on which the cultural heritage of Japan takes pride.
  • The castle was fully renovated which took a couple of years and it was reopened for is visitors in the year 2015.
  • You will get awestruck to see how a majestic like Himeji Castle is so well maintained, the credit for which goes to the country which has set an amazing crew to look after his heritage building.
  • In 1609 the billing process of the castle got completed. The Grounds of the castle are very complex, this was solely made to serve the purpose of the Warfield. This calculates that the castle has a wing standing firm on the ground for more than 400 years.
  • There are many complicated parts and winding ways with which the 8 different buildings that lie on the baileys are connected.

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Himeji Castle: Tour Tips

Tour Tips

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Read on to have detailed information about how you can reach the castle and take fabulous memories of the place while on your next vacation with the loved ones.

● Many visitors find their way into the castle through the Otemon Gate which is the entrance to the third bailey, the Sonnonaru. This area is completely free for visitors and at the end of this path, there is a ticket booth where you will have to take your ticket to enter into the paid ground of Hishi Gate. The ticket charges are basically considered as the Himeji Castle entrance fee.

● When you will enter the Mein Keep, you have to take narrow staircases to reach the higher part of it. As higher you will get the staircases will simultaneously shrink into a very narrow path. This was purposefully made for slowing down the attacking Clan during the war.

● After the Keep, you can leave this path through the Hishi Gate, and get into another new Bailey called Nishinamaru. This place was the resident of a princess as popularly said. From the upper part of the building, you will be able to see the Main Keep from a different angle.

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Himeji Castle: Other Attractions

Other Attractions

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Here are some of the Himeji Castle facts which will help you to spot the main attractive zones of that place. Take a look to know what’s more in store for you!

  • If you want to capture your memories in the castle then the Son Umaru bailey is a perfect spot. This area has a chain of cherry blossom trees which enhances the beauty and also gives a fine view of the castle. So click pictures and take them with you as a souvenir.
  • However, the scenario is totally different from the Hishi Gate. While heading towards the main keep you will be surrounded with high walls numerous Gates and Baileys.
  • The Main Keep stands firmly in the center of the grounds which has a winged building. This is quite rare in Japan, that is why this wooden, six-story building is quite unique with its features.
  • Within the rooms of the mean keep, you will find a lot of astonishing architecture like hidden ways, rock chutes, and even portholes. However, the flowers are not properly furnished.
  • From the top floor, you will be able to get a Clear View of the maze-like structure of the building grounds. There is also a small Shrine placed on this floor.
  • One of the main attraction of this castle is its Cherry Blossoms. If you are lucky enough to visit in the perfect season then you will get a spectacular view of the Blossoms which create a heavenly atmosphere around the place. During the season you may have to go early for your chance to witness Cherry Blossoms because in those days because of the rush the authority set a limitation on the number of visitors to be allowed into the place.

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After reading this article you must be feeling really curious to witness the mesmerizing view of this heavenly Castle. Well then do not waste any more time and book your tickets to Japan and your first destination in the tourist spot list should be Himeji Castle. It will be an experience of a lifetime. Most of the famous on experience Travellers have always speculated that if you do a little bit homework before going to a new place, It will be easier for you to decide which places to visit first and when. It will also help you to understand the whole scenario of that place and make you get a custom to very easily with the new culture. So, plan your trip to Japan with TravelTriangle and experience the best of the scenic views of this castle with your loved ones!

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