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San Francisco, embracing the western coast of the United States, is a city that is highly reputed for its scenic views of the Pacific and the architectural marvel including the all famous Golden Gate Bridge. Given the city’s brimming array of attractions and deeply connected roots to the American nature, it is a common occurrence for travelers to feel overwhelmed and in desperation seek out a spot that sports shards of nostalgia and are reminiscent of their home. Fortunately, the city and county offer the homesick travellers with an extensive list of homestays in San Francisco where they can seek the cure for nostalgia.

Top 10 homestays in San Francisco

If you’re a traveller who adores the sense of being at home as much as the excitement of exploring an unseen location, then the above mentioned choices for homestays in San Francisco will be your best bet towards curing your homesickness:

1. Beautiful Edwardian Victorian

Beautiful Edwardian Victorian view

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Located merely a few steps away from the Golden Gate Park, the Beautiful Edwardian Victorian justifies its name through every sense of the world. Visitors can opt for one or two bedroom private suites where they can indulge themselves in a hot jacuzzi bath while witnessing the fog overtaking the streets. With a generous inclusion of continental breakfast for the staying visitors, this classic Edwardian home is the physical manifestation of hospitality. The guests can utilize the 3 bus lines that are situated minutes away from the homestay to roam through the beautiful city of San Francisco. Along with a heart-warming stay, the owner of the Edwardian house also offers many additional luxurious facilities like a patio, bikes for use, a games room and access to a barbecuing lounge.

Tariff: INR 10500/- per night

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2. Classic Story Book Sherwood

Classic place

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Situated within the heart of San Francisco, the Classic Story Book Sherwood is the ideal place to stay if one wishes to indulge themselves with an artistic environment. Being run by a couple who are as hospitable as they are enthusiastic about art, the Story Book is a gorgeous apartment that seems to be built with an aim to bring fantastical palaces from a children’s storybook to life. The hosts are as socializing as a host can get. With the host family’s love for art and music, any visitor who is even remotely related to the field will feel right at home. With all kinds of entertaining attractions located right around the homestay, the Story Book Sherwood is the ideal place to be in if one wishes to experience the best of San Francisco along with feeling right at home.

Tariff: INR 10,000/- per night

3. Visitacion Valley Homestay

Classic Valley Homestay

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If you’re someone who’s out exploring the exquisite attraction of San Francisco on a solo trip and wish to experience the familiar feeling of being in a home, then the homestay in the Visitacion Valley is a perfect choice. Located 15 minutes drive away from the airport, this merry little homestay offers room for one among an amazingly hospitable family. This homestay makes the most out of the beauty of simplicity. The guests are allowed to use the kitchen as per as their own needs or have an option to dine and indulge with the family to know more about the culture around San Francisco. Guests have access to a patio, a garden and to necessary facilities like laundry and a parking space.

Tariff: INR 2800/- for a night

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4. Weekender

Weekender room view

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Situated merely a few steps away from the North Beach and all its related attractions, the Weekender homestay offers a room for one. If you’re an adventurer, seeking to have a night to escape the everyday struggles accompanied by a relaxing morning, then the Weekender would be one of the best candidates to choose from. Staying guests can walk to the North Beach to experience a happening nightlife along with enjoying delicacies that San Francisco are famed for. The single room offered is modernly designed with all the necessary features namely access to the kitchen and internet access. An extroverted host who takes pride in knowing different cultures and makes sure to keep the guests indulged by engaging them with productive conversational topics just serves as an icing on the cake.

Tariff: INR 7000/- per night

5. Cottage Homestay

Cottage Homestay room view

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If you’re someone who feels that he belongs within the woods and in the arms of nature itself, then this homestay would be one of the top contenders for you. Located 15 minutes away from the San Francisco airport, this homestay offers a resort like an environment with peaceful surroundings and a quiet neighbourhood. Added to that, the homestay offers a swimming pool for staying guests to indulge themselves in to make the most out calm and serene scenic views that encloses it. The Cottage homestay at the heart of silicon valley is the perfect place for anyone who wishes to escape into isolation for a chance to explore themselves and their surroundings. Your stay in one of the best homestays in San Francisco in USA will definitely leave you with great memories.

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6. The Friendly Home

The Friendly Home

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For students and interns seeking a homey environment to stay in, the friendly home is run by hosts who have been caring for and hosting international guests for over 10 years. The friendly home provides three separate single bed bedrooms for students, perfect for students or interns who are have just stepped in the bound of the city and county of San Francisco and are looking to know more about the place. Located merely steps away from a local university, this homestay offers the ideal ambience for all kinds of students who are starting to get acquainted with San Francisco.

Tariff: INR 2500/- per night

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7. The North Beach Homestay

Television view

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Located near the North Beach, the North Beach homestay would unarguably be the best choice for anyone who happens to be a budding art connoisseur. Hosted by passionate filmmaker and cinema studies professor, this homestay is made for anyone who has just entered the reigns of San Francisco and is an avid reader/admirer of anything related to art and filmmaking. The homestay offers access to the kitchen area and to daily television in the living room.

Tariff: INR 12,000/- per night

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8. The Bright Homestay

Luxury rooms

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This modernly designed homestay tucked away in the heart of Point Richmond is built for anyone who appreciates and diligently follows a clean lifestyle. Hosted by a lover of extreme sports and hiking, this place is perfect for anyone who wants to start their day off by looking over the vibrant views of the coast of San Francisco. Along with the opportunity to stay with a caring host and her dog, this homestay offers basic amenities to staying guests like parking space, laundry service and internet access. The host is open to any kind of guests, ranging from students to couples. The local surroundings include various necessary facilities namely hospitals, parks, bus stop, train station and a beach.

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9. The Room on the Emeryville

The Room on the Emeryville

Image Source

This homestay dipped in the shades of vibrant blue is located at the Emeryville-Oakland border and stands out from the rest of the crowd given its modernly yet homey design choice. This homestay can house a total of 4 people in three separate rooms. Located near to many urban attractions like the Bay Bridge-Emeryville shopping complex and PIXAR, this homestay is perfect for anyone who wishes to have a residence which offers an escape from the urban but also an easy way to sneak back into the daily happenings of the urban area.

Tariff: INR 2700/- per night

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10. The Serene Suite in Berkeley Hills

Luxury room and bed

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Located in the serene beauty of the Berkeley Hills, the aptly named Serene Suite homestay offers a chance for staying guests to find their way away from the noises of the urban through its multi-layered garden that boasts of scenic views where nature is at its best. The homestay can house a total of 4 guests in its two separate rooms. This homestay is perfect for couples who are seeking to enjoy each other’s company while within the vivid displays that are brought together by nature.

Tariff: INR 1500/- per night

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Along with previously mentioned features, homestays in San Francisco will also serve as an opportunity for you to meet interesting and memorable people while you’re on your adventures in a foreign land. Book a trip to USA and crash at one of these homestays soon.

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