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Homestays in Tungnath are always reserved making it a big task to conquer. But it feels worth it when you are in the chill valleys of Uttarakhand. A snow-covered town tucked in the icy mountains of Uttarakhand, Tungnath is the best place for spiritual seekers, with plenty of temples and shrines to discover. With many fun activities and beautiful sights to devour, it is also a popular tourist place for families. Also, get deeply indulged in spirituality and fun during your stay as the homestays in Tungnath provide you with a pass to this opportunity. Take a sip of hot tea and enjoy the beautiful valleys of Uttarakhand with a bonfire lit near your camp.

Top Homestays In Tungnath

For a great trip to Uttarakhand, homestays in Tungnath are well-serviced and easily accessible. Why you should choose homestays rather than hotels? The homestays in Tugnath make you feel just at home and also with an opportunity to rest in the laps of the serene nature of Uttarakhand.

1. Kaafal- Himalayan Berry Shaped Bedrooms

Kaafal is one of the best homestays in Tungnath

Image Credit: lequangutc89 for pixabay

Kaafal cottages are one of the fun homestays in Tungnath, with berry-shaped and dome-like comfy rooms. Located near the Makkumath, Chandrashila Trek, it is also accessible to the nearby fun activities in Uttarakhand. The homestay is not all about the looks and fun design, it also provides the necessary amenities like a free parking space, driver and other staff services.
The Kaafal Himalayan Homestay also lets you enjoy a vast lawn surrounded by forest. Also, get to enjoy the cosy warm bonfire in the valleys of Uttarakhand.

Location: Makku Math Dome.
Price: 6,480 INR onwards

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2. Kafal Village Woodhouse

Kafal Village Woodhouse is one of the best homestays in Tungnath

Image Credit: Pixabay for pixabay

Another gem of Kafal is the Kafal Village Woodhouse when you search for cosy homestays in Tungnath. With breathtaking views and beautiful sceneries surrounding you, it could be one of your best homestays in Tungnath for a romantic getaway. The beautiful cottage-type design of the homestay makes it a luxurious yet homey vibe stay. Also, the location of the homestay is on the top of a hill, which makes the journey to the homestay rigorous. But the rewarding cottages and the whole vibe of the place make it all worth it. Also, get to trek to the Nag Tibba with a local guide.

Location: Block Jaunpur, Pantwari, Rampur Nogiyana, Uttarakhan.
Price: 8,000 INR onwards

3. The Meadows Chopta Camp Stay

Flowers in Chopta Valley

Image Credit: Curtis Adams for pexels

Surrounded by the high sky and lush green valleys The Meadows Chopta Camp Stay is one of the most charming homestays in Tungnath. It is the simple and rustic orange-roofed camp nestled in the hills of Chopta giving a panoramic view of the whole Chopta Village. Also accessible to various restaurants and different tourist attractions, it is an easily accessible stay place you can find in Chopta. With complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner and discounts on several activities, it makes your stay in Chopta pleasant and worry-free. Also, you get to bring your furry friend by paying an extra charge of 500 INR per day. The place is not wheelchair accessible and smoking, drinking, and partying are not allowed.

Location: Chopta, Uttarakhand.
Price: 2,700 INR onwards

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4. Swayambhu Himalayan Resort

Swayambhi Himalayan Resort is one of the most-visited homestays in Tungnath

Image Credit: Zak Chapman for pexels

Located in the rural area of Karnaprayag, the Swayambhu Himalayan Resort is one of the most chill homestays in Tungnath. This accommodation provides you with common shared spaces, free wifi, a workspace, private bathrooms etc. Bonfires and room heaters are provided with some minor charges. You can also bring along your furry friend by paying some extra charges. If you are a vegetarian you don’t have to worry because they provide vegetarian foods too. They also provide a lawn, a garden and a yoga hall. During your stay in the villa, you can explore the nearby attractions such as the Karnaprayag Merger, a meeting place of the Pindar and Alakananda River.

Location: Benital Road Near Government Inter College, Kedarukhal, Siroli, Uttarakhand.
Price: 1,500 INR onwards

5. Heaven Hills Camp Cottage

Heaven Hills Camo Cottage is another best place to stay in Tungnath

Image Credit: Pixabay for pexels

Located near the Ukhimath, Saari Village, the Heaven Hills Camp Cottage offers one of the best homestays in Tungnath. Offering a fresh breezy view of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges, replenish your soul and mind in this serene homestay. For vegetarians, it is a treat cuz they also serve North Indian veg thali. The sunrise and sunset views are a pleasure to the eye. The host there can provide you with a tour guide and other services upon request. Overall the homestay is a great place to stay in Ukhimath with trekking and other fun activities to enjoy.

Location: Village Post Office Sari, Ukhimath, Uttarakhand
Price: 3,100 INR onwards

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6. Buzz Eco Camp Mountain View Swiss Camps

Buzz Eco Camp is another scenic homestay

Image Credit: Dmitry Zvolskiy for pexels

With accessibility to various hotels and restaurants in Ukhimath, the Buzz Eco Camp is truly one of the most accessible homestays in Tungnath. Set in the green meadows and surrounding pine trees you get to enjoy the rich views of the Himalayan Mountain ranges. You won’t feel too cold with well-insulated tents and warm quilts provided by the homestay service. In winter, the tents get snow covered, giving an impression of the snowy Switzerland. Also, during your stay, you can visit the famous Ukhimath Temple and the other tourist attractions nearby.

Location: Duggalbitta, Chopta, Ukhimath, Uttarakhand
Price: 4,900 INR onwards.

7. Sanmahi Chopta Resort

Sanmahi Chopta Resort.

Image Credit: Vika Glitter for pexels

While looking for homestays in Tungnath, you can consider Sanmahi Chopta Resort as your next stay. With an easy access location to the Deoria Tal Lake and other tourist spots in Tugnath, it is a great lodging facility in Chopta. Perfect for staying with your families and friends, it can easily host a large crowd in Sari. Complimentary wifi and veg food are also served, with easy access to other restaurants or food services in Chopta. Free parking spaces and rental cars are also provided. You can also bring along your furry friend, as the homestay is pet-friendly.

Location: Ukhimath, Chopta, Gopeshwar Road, Bhulkan

Price: 3,200 INR onwards

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8. Mount Holiday Camp And Resort Chopta

Mount Holiday Camp Chopta.

Image Credit: M&W Studios for Pexels

Located in the lush green cold mountains of Chopta, the Mount Holiday Camp is one of the cosy homestays in Tungnath. If you are looking for a camp location in Duggal Bittha Chopta, this camp stay is the best as it provides free parking, complimentary breakfast, and bicycle rental services. Also, yoga classes in the valleys of Uttarakhand feel special, right? This holiday camp provides free accommodation for kids and a playground as well. It is also pet friendly, a great place to bring along your furry friend. With trekking activities in Mount Chaukhamba, Mount Trishul, Mount Kedarnath, etc., it truly makes your vacation one of the best experiences in Chopta.

Location: Baniyakund, Duggal Bittha, Chopta, Uttarakhand.
Price: 1,200 INR onwards

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Now that you have a list of homestays in Tungnath with their specialities and services mentioned, also with the pet-friendly homestays included make sure you plan your trip to Uttarakhand to these fabulous homestays for the experience of a lifetime. Don’t miss out on these best deals and book your tickets now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Homestays In Tugnath

Is it okay to choose homestays instead of hotels in Tungnath?

Yes. The real beauty of Tungnath can be explored in the homestays in Tungnath. So it is better to make your stay in a homestay than a hotel.

Which one is more affordable hotels or homestays?

Typically the homestays in Tungnath are more costly than the hotels. In some cases, the homestays are a lot cheaper and have easy access to the town.

Are pets allowed in homestays in Tungnath?

Most of the homestays in Tungnath are pet-friendly. So, don’t be afraid and bring your furry friends over with you.

Are breakfasts complimentary in homestays in Tungnath?

In most of the homestays in Tungnath breakfasts are complimentary. Some homestays even offer complimentary lunches or dinners.

Are vegetarian food easily accessible in homestays in Tungnath?

Yes, most of the homestays in Tungnath serve vegetarian meals. Or you can also have takeouts from nearby restaurants.

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