If you are searching for natural attractions for enjoying the post-wedding bliss with your partner, the Khao Lak region located in Thailand is overflowing with natural marvels. Its attractions can satisfy a wide range of guests throughout the entire year with numbers of captivating honeymoon places in Khao Lak. Khao Lak is a fantastic excursion spot for individuals to get off the treadmill, for family escapes and nature. No matter if you are a water person, or a hiker type, this place has something to offer to every type of person that you are.

Best Time To Visit Khao Lak


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November to April, island-jumping are the main tourist attractions in the area, from swimming and scuba plunging at the Similan or Surin islands.

In low season, one can witness the Andaman Sea turn too harsh for swimming, yet Khao Lak’s hinterland offers exciting hiking openings in the wilderness along with magnificent waterfalls for sightseeing. There are just too many things that you can do here on your vacation. Among many, most popular Khao Lak tourists attractions and best places to visit in Khao Lak for honeymoon are listed down here.

Top 6 Honeymoon Places In Khao Lak

The deserted shorelines, verdant national parks, outlandish tropical islands and reviving cascades make this place extraordinary. Have a look at these 6 places that you must visit when on a honeymoon to Khao Lak.

1. Similan Islands

Similan Islands

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If you consider yourself as water person, then this site has most for you, the beach covered with white sands, crystal clear water with sparkling underwater visibility will just make you wanna dive right in. No wonder, it is considered to be amongst the best in the world. It can be considered as the most romantic site in the area and is perfect for a stroll with your partner.
The term Sembilan which is derived from the Malay, meaning ‘nine’, Similan refers to the 9 primary islands inside the organization. Although, day trips to the islands for diving and snorkeling are popular, it is also considered a great place for Khao Lak sightseeing because of the very interesting submarine topography, due in part to the big granite boulders which not only clutter the shorelines, but additionally lie in jumbled heaps under the waves to depths of 35 metres and beyond.

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2. Turtle Festival

Turtle Festival

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Turtle Festival is very famous festival celebrated around the March at Thai Muang National Park Beach, where young turtles hatchlings are released back to the sea. This is for the various awareness programs that they have going on for the sake of preservation of turtles in all of Thailand.

This festival is one of many honeymoon places in Khao Lak. The visitors are welcome to volunteer and enjoy along. These eggs are mostly laid between November to April when adult turtles visit the shore. The conservation work is also done by preserving turtles in a nursery and incubated until they are grown enough to be sent back to the water.

This is beautiful to observe and exploring this while you are there will be worth your time especially if you are traveling around with your better half.

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3. Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay

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Phang Nga Bay is one of best places to visit in Khao Lak. This place is located on the south of Khao Lak, is a pretty wide marine National Park covering 400 square kilometers.

This Bay features to be a top in Khao Lak sightseeing due to 42 islands in the form of long limestone cliffs which are pierced by caves and tunnels which towers around the emerald waters of the bay. Over the top, home to more than 80 bird species, more than 26 species of mangrove and much other exotic flora and fauna. This has been famous for Khao Lak sightseeing as it offers the exploration of the natural environment which is more than hundreds of decades old. It will be an amazing place to spend a great time with your partner and enjoy tidbits of luxury in the restaurants nearby.

Well, among them Koh Panyee-a fishing village built on stilts and is overcrowded during high season, featuring a good choice of seafood restaurants.

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4. International Tsunami Museum

International Tsunami Museum

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International Tsunami Museum is a popular Khao Lak tourist attraction. The museum by its name sounds like one place to learn about these natural phenomena and about the tragic incident that took place in Khao Lak on 26 December 2004. It not only displays the disastrous effects of the waves but also describes many warning signs or precautions which if people have been aware at that time could save a number of lives.

Right next to the museum hall, the remaining part of the Thai navy boat 813, shows how strong was the current that hit the coastline in Khao Lak: this large steel vessel was carried almost two kilometres inland! This creation emerged after the destruction after the people decided to take the situations in their hands and make things better.

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5. Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park

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Khao Sok National Park Shelter to over 5% of the world’s species including tigers, elephants, wild boars, tapirs, and white-handed gibbons. The place has Khao Sok river pretty famous for canoeing and Cheow Lan Lake which is pretty similar to Phang Nga Bay with tall limestones protruding out from emerald water. The Cheow Lan Lake is surrounded with a vegetation even more diverse than Amazon forest. These all combine to make this national park a Khao Lak tourist attraction.

Being the wettest area in Thailand, the time in the high season(Nov-Apr) and low season is pretty wet but it won’t stop you from exhibiting the beauty because the place is bright between these downpours.

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6. Ton Chong Fa Waterfall

Ton Chong Fa Waterfall

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Ton Chong Fa Waterfall in Khao Lak is the best place if you to connect with nature and relax in your vacation and feel far from city chaos and much closer to nature. The waterfall is located at 7 km from Bang Niang. It is five level waterfall featuring a large pond where you can refresh yourself and peacefully observe its beauty and be in nature. To reach the first level, around 20-minute walk through the rainforest is required, whereas getting to other four levels calls for the necessity of a fit body because the trail is narrow and sharp.

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The lack of infrastructures makes it important to bring out your own snacks and food to have a picnic of your own with the calming sound of the waterfall. These are just the list of notable honeymoon places in Khao Lak, there is so much to this place that must be explored by stepping out there on your own. Thus, a visit to Thailand demands a tour around Khao Lak.

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