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The city of Hong Kong has the perfect balance of a metropolitan meeting a cultural playground. The city lives and breaths indigenous culture with on every street and turn. The Buddhist backdrop, the tall skyscrapers and the endless hoots of the ferry — all of this creates a unique experience that makes Hong Kong in May a perfect getaway. Not just a cluttered city, but also filled with natural parks and breathtaking sceneries. The healthy Asian cuisine makes for a perfect companion with unique brews of both tea and beer to try. The city also has a fully functional public transport network making transportation a breeze.

Weather In May

enjoy the weather in hong kong

The month of May marks the start of the summers in the city of Hong Hong Kong. The temperatures can go as high as twenty-nine degrees centigrade. The nights are also relatively warm with the lows at twenty-three degrees City sees sunshine of around thirteen hours, making it the perfect time to explore the outdoors. Be sure to dress for the weather. With loose-cotton -cloths and enough sunscreen.

Keep a light rain-coat as the island city sees unexpected rains for around 12-15 days of the month. The humidity is also at a high so only go if you know how to cope with the sweat.

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Why Should You Visit In May

Weather aside, the city of Hong Kong is a great special in the month of May. The open skies and bring sunshine to create an opportunity to explore the outdoors. Hong Kong in May is also sprinkled with many festivals and surprises that make the travel your travels an ethnic excursion. One can spend hours and be part of the locals as they welcome these festivals.

1. Buddha’s Birthday

Lord Budha statue in Hong Kong

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As the city has many influences of Buddhism, the city lights up during the birthday of Lord Budha. On the 12th of May, the city has a fragrance and sparkle of spirituality. The festival is also called the “Bathing of the Buddha” festival. As the legend goes, the birth of Buddha was commemorated by nine dragons giving him a bath. This is the reason many devotes across the city repeat this ritual. As a tourist, you can visit the Po Lin Monastery and watch the celebrations and ceremonies and be a part of this great day.

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2. Cheung Chau Bun Festival

festival for for spiritual belief

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The festival is celebrated for five days on the island of Cheung Chau and the last day of this routine is the biggest carnival of all times. The island at some point was said to be hit by a horrible plague. The people prayed at the Pak Tai Temple for the revival of the community and Each year since then this spiritual belief is still celebrated.

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3. Art Fair

Exhibition Centre

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If you wish to see the display of a vast assortment of arts from around the world, then this is the place to be. Held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, the tickets as are low as $12 USD. The art varies from paintings, sculptures and even photographs. These are the ideal spot to experience Asian art in all its glowy. Art comes from all over Asia including Singapore, Thailand, and Japan.

The city is equally affordable in the moth of may at any other time of the year. Hong Kong in May provides the ideal weather to enjoy both the outdoors and cosmopolitan offerings. There is no cost of a visa for most travelers. Hong Kong gives you a travel permit for 14 days against a return ticket and the process can be done online. The average cost of an ideal holiday in Hongkong will come around $140 USD a week per person. This is the cost of a stay, food, and travel. Local transport is quite affordable and so is the food. If you wish you cut back on your spending, then it’s about finding the right hotel and booking them ahead of time.

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5 Places To Visit In May

1. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

unique wonders of Hong Kong

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A steep hike but a mesmerizing outcome. The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery or locally called Man Fat Sze is one of the unique wonders of Hong Kong. As the name suggests, this temple located in Sha Tin has over 10000 idols of Buddha. The complex does not home any monks or classes but maintained by the locals. The temple was built as long back as 1951 but still stands it’s ground as in prime condition.

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2. Ngong Ping 360

cable car ride to the top of Ngong Ping

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The Ngong Ping 360 is one of the latest attraction that has taken travelers by storm. This simple cable car ride to the top of Ngong Ping from downtown Hong Kong has given tours the fun of a mountain experience in a city. The ride takes twenty-five minutes as it covers around six kilometers. The ropeway gives an undisrupted panoramic view of the whole city below.

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3. Po Lin Monastery

monastrey in Hong Kong

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The Po Lin Monastery is home to one of the biggest Buddha statues in the world. The statue is so huge, the place is often called the “Big Buddha”. This thrity-five meters wonder sits on a beautifully designed lotus base. At night this bronze statue shimmers in the light and can be seen from afar or up close. One needs to climb around 280 steps to get to the base of this statue. Hong Kong in May also allows you to experience the biggest Buddha birthday celebration here.

4. The Peak

 offers a stunning view of whole city

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Popularised as one of the most significant attractions in the region, the Peak is the highest point on the island of Hong Kong and it offers a stunning view of whole city. Ever since the colonial times, this has been on the list of every traveler to Hong Kong. Even in the summers, one can experience the cliffside cold breeze whole the enjoy the spectacle. The best time to be here is during the sunset so you can see the city transform from a sea of buildings to a glowing gem.

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5. Repulse Bay Beach

offers clean waters

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Let the true spirit of a vacationing sink in with a visit to the Repulse Bay Beach. The beach offers clean waters and undisturbed beauty. In the peak of the heat, the waters might cause tanning, but the beach has a lot to offer if not the swim. The surroundings area is filled with colonial-style structures all home to some of the finest restaurants and pubs in the area. There is also a garden by the beach great for reactions with the family.

5 Activities To Try In May

1. Symphony Light Show

awesome multimedia show at night

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The Symphony of Lights is a daily light and sound show that has been awarded by the Genius book of world records for the biggest special of it’s kind. At the Victoria Harbor, space transforms into awesome multimedia show that with all the buildings surrounding it also being part of the display. The combination of local music, lights, and lasers — this wonder has become the heart of HongKong tourism.

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2. Disneyland

Disneyland in Hong Kong

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Want to visit Disneyland but do not want to be part of the clutter and hype of the first one in Anaheim California? Disneyland in Hong Kong is just as good or even better. If you re traveling with your family, then this a place you have to add to the list. Filled with fun rides, games, activities for kids and a never-ending array of surprises. Disneyland also offers a resort stay if you want to spend a couple of nights in the happiest place on earth.

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3. Watch Horse Racing

see a horse race in Hong Kong

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Horse racing is a celebrated sport in Hong Kong for over 100 years now. Hong Kong in May is almost the point where the reason is about to start its conclusion leg and the air is filled with thrill. The Happy Valley or the Sha Tin tracks are more than just a spot to see a race but they are a hub of activities and fun-filled events.

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4. Hike the MacLehose Trail

scenic view of the place

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The city of Hong Kong is not all cites and lights. The MacLehose Trail is a hundred kilometers long stretch that offers travelers a scenic hike in the summer sun. If you have the love for outdoors and wish to make the most it, then this is the go-to option. There are many paths to pick from so find the length and toughness you want for yourself and stick to it. Your hikes can be anywhere from one hour to five hours depending on your will.

5. Cycling in Nam Sang Wai

cycling around the city

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If you are looking for a day in the open air and cycle around some untapped greenery, then the trail at Nam Sang Wai will surely be to your liking. The trail has wetlands that are filled with rare birds, plants and incents. You will also spot some wildlife if you are lucky. Start from the Ferry spot and then make your way along the river till you reach the Yuen Long town center. Make stops and enjoy this day-long adventure.

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The city of Hong Kong in May or any other season is a melting pot of culture and lifestyles. Be it a solo trip, a group of friends or a luxury holiday in Singapore — the city is ideal for them all. If you set your budget to it, you can make the most of this trip. Be sure to make all your bookings ahead of time to get the best deals. The tourism board in Hong Kong has always strived to make the city the best experience for all travelers.

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