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The Hong Kong dollar might be one of the most traded currencies globally! But wait! Is Hong Kong is still a place under budget that can be toured by you with a minimal amount in hand! Hong Kong gets a huge tourist visit every year. No wonder why people from all around the world love to visit this place, only because it’s simply unique from other cities.

Places To See In Hong Kong On A Budget

Hong Kong is full of astonishing places including skyscrapers, natural wonders, beaches, mountains, and much more. Having said that, here’s how you can enjoy Hong Kong on a budget as a tourist.

1. The Ascend Victoria Park

Victoria Park Hong Kong

Its very remarkable to see, that the Ascend Victoria Park gets 7 million people visiting it annually. AV Park is one of the special attractions of Hong Kong, and the amount of tourists the city attends in regular, 7 million has become a general number in that case. You can check in AV Park anytime, although the best time to visit it is the late afternoon. This is a time when you will enjoy the sunset, so as the astonishing blend of the sea and sunlight mixing.

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Visit Hong Kong and explore disney land, ocean park, wet land park, victoria’s peak and Lantau Island. Further, explore Macau tower, the Venetian resort, Senedo square and more in Macau.

2. The Skyline & The Light Up

Hong Kong skyline

An average amount that visits the skyline and light-up every day is around 10K and its best recommended with Avenue of Stars. Try to visit AV Park in the late evening, like 8 PM. It looks beautiful and we can guarantee that it will be a really unique experience of your life. But be aware of weather updates, because sometimes the weather becomes a barrier to enjoy the skyline at night.

3. The Star Ferry

the star ferry Hong kong

Its very general that Cruise ride is a dream for many of the people but that can hit your pockets hard. What you can do instead is take a Star Ferry which is cheap and will give you almost similar satisfaction as a Cruise ride. The company you will get as your fellow passengers stands nice and the side scenes are satisfying. A basic fare for this can be estimated around 30 Cent USD. The safety and comfort are at picks in Hong Kong. Comparative public safety, well-functioning services, and the clean environment make a tourist more comfortable to enjoy. Therefore your visit will be more stress-free and with ease.

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4. Cheung Sha Beach Hong Kong

Cheung Sha Beach hong kong

Hong Kong is popular for beaches. Its very surprising to know, that such a crowded city with great development has around 50 beautiful beaches that you can delightfully explore. However, if you are fond of silence and peace – then Cheung Sha beach would be the perfect Hong Kong beach to escape the hustle and crowd of the city where you can have a drink in hand, just sit and chill in the beachside.

5. St. Stephen’s Beach Hong Kong

stephens beach hong kong

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On other hand, if you like beaches with lot of activities, enjoyable crowd to give you company, big waves, nice amenities for tourists then St. Stephen’s beach is the perfect one for you. Over the years, it has become the best place for day-trippers because, with the availability of quality yet affordable restaurants, you also get the opportunity for shopping on a budget.

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Tips To Make Your Trip Pocket-Friendly

Hong Kong budget travel trips
  • Book the tickets for hotels, air travel and for places like DisneyLand in as advance as possible and chances are that you may get good discounted deals.
  • Travel by foot – as the city has a great infra for pedestrians and large number of people walk in the city. It is also great if you are looking to explore the local lively streets of the city.
  • City restaurants may be very expensive – but there are few joints which offer great food in a good budget. You want to try Dai Pai Pong – street side restaurants offering great local delicacies which won’t hurt your pocket.
  • City’s metro train – Hong Kong MTR may be your best friend for travelling around the city. For travelling to not so big distance – we suggest you catch the city buses – which are the cheapest travel mode out here. For further discount you can also get your travel passes which will allow you to commute on MTR or city buses in a very inexpensive manner.
  • Staying in city hotels can be real expensive – but if you do good research then you may just get lucky and find decent guest houses in a cost bracket of INR 2000 – INR 4000.

Travel in off season. Hong Kong basically has a good climate all around, but still in the months of October to December are best because during this period climate is conveniently cool. Late December to early January is the peak tourist traffic time at Hong Kong – that also means everything will be much more expensive. July-August is the off season – sees relatively less tourist crowds and therefore is the most inexpensive time to travel and stay in Hong Kong. Add to that peaceful beaches and not so crowded markets will double your joy and peace of mind.

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Deciding the right time, listing out the great locations to visit, bit of research and an organized advanced planning can make your tour easier, and fun at the same time. While exploring Hong Kong on a budget is not so difficult, make sure you travel hassle-free by booking one of the customizable Hong Kong tour packages with TravelTriangle, and embark on an unforgettable trip!

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