Nepal, also known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country in South Asia. Though mainly located in the part of the Himalayan mountain range, Nepal also includes parts of the Indo Gangetic Plain. The natural beauty and charms of the place have an interestingly high effect on people. A vacation to Nepal means being light on the budget and high on mesmerizing natural views, many attraction places, a vast variety of wildlife and amazing trekking routes among the mighty mountains. Apart from all of these well – known attractions the country is also known to have many hot springs hidden in its beauty. Though not widely known, these hot springs scattered in this Himalayan Kingdom are a sight worth watching. According to rough estimates of the mineralogists, Nepal probably has at least 50 hot springs scattered in various areas, one can find some beautiful hot springs near Pokhara Nepal, some lying between the land in Himalayan mountain regions and some in Annapurna Nepal. It is just nature’s way to attract people to see this beautiful place.

Hot Springs In Nepal

Though all of them are gorgeous in their own way but its still a confusion people face in choosing which hot spring to visit and which to leave. But you have nothing to worry about as we are here for your rescue by filtering out the must-visit hot springs in Nepal. Don’t forget to have a look at this list before heading out for your vacation!

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1. Tatopani Hot Spring

Hot water

Are you fond of trekking but trekking leaves you with sore muscles and body pain? Do you want to find relief from this pain?

If yes, then go visit this hot spring situated around five kilometers in south Kodari named Tatopani Hot Spring which is one of the natural hot springs in Nepal which is famous for its wonderful medicinal and healing properties. Though not as majestic and sophisticated as other hot springs but this hot spring is one of the most popular hot springs in Nepal where the local Nepalites often seek solace and refreshment. The high mineral content of the water is what makes it all the more popular and beneficial. Some of its many benefits include purification of blood by removal of toxins, reactivation of dull metabolism, muscle relaxation, and rehabilitation. Tatopani premises include a common area which has a shower and has a low concrete partition for male and female. The showers are in the shape of a colorful lion head sprouting the water between their teeth. Apart from the basic shower, the hot spring also houses a swimming pool and sauna rooms for relaxation. All of these wonderful beneficial points make it even hard to resist the charms of this gorgeous place.

Location: Tatopani 33200, Nepal
How to reach here: It is an approximately 4 hours journey via Araniko Highway from Kathmandu to Tatopani Hot spring

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2. Annapurna Circuit

Rocky beautiful place

Annapurna Circuit is a wonderful combination of trekking route within the Annapurna mountain range along with gorgeous hot springs. The trekking route crosses two river valleys and encircles the Annapurna Massif also. The best part that comes in the package with trekking is a sight of astonishing landscapes and gorgeous hot springs. The hot springs in Annapurna Nepal bring the trekkers and travelers a sense of relief in the heat and dust of the adventurous journey. So, when going on that long-awaited trek and you feel like going back getting tired of the strain and stress of sore muscles, don’t go back and drop your dream rather go ahead and find the nearest hot spring. These hot springs are not only a picturesque site but also provide relief to the body in the scorching heat. A refreshing change in a tedious trek route is nothing less than a blessing.

Location: Annapurna Circuit, Nepal
How to reach here: It takes an approximate of 6 hours journey from Kathmandu or Pokhara

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Now as you know so many picturesque and refreshing hot springs in Nepal, don’t miss visiting these places during your vacation in Nepal, an amazing country in the neighbourhood. We hope you have a refreshing and rejuvenating vacation. Share your experience with us too in the comment sections!

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