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Want to get a unique spiritual experience with Namakkal’s temples and nature? Join the locals and take a tour of Namakkal’s attractions. To ensure you are well rested and fresh in the morning, you must have a good hotel, right? So this article will guide you to various hotels in Namakkal that are hygienic, have good facilities, and provide good food, beds, service, and memories. Enjoy the city’s spiritual dive with various temples, monuments, and the very famous single rock honouring Lord Vishnu, and most importantly, have a safe stay and enjoy the experiences you will have with your travel companions or loved ones.

About Namakkal

A view of bedroom at one of the good hotels in Namakkal

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Namkakal is a historically inclined city in the Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu, around 52 kilometres from Salem. The Kollimallai Mountain ranges surround the district from all sides, so the citizens and residents are blessed with mountain beauty at all times of the day. The central attraction of this city is the single rock that stands right at the centre of the district, called Namgiri, in honour of Lord Vishnu. It stands at a height of 65 metres and has a kilometre-wide circumference.

There is a rich cultural and religious heritage, with many historical temples every few minutes and a colourful local community one can enjoy on vacation or during a temple tour. Namakkal is known as the Egg City because of the large amount of egg production in the district, which is also the hub for manufacturing and transporting lorry chassis.

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Top 4 Hotels In Namakkal

Discover the best accommodation options in Namakkal to have a relaxing and memorable stay.  Here is the curated list of Hotels In Namakkal:

1. Nala Hotels

A view of bedroom at one of the good hotels in Namakkal

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Nala Hotels is located in Andavar Nagar, Namakkal, which is much closer to the attractions of the beautiful city. The hotel provides guests with 24-hour desk service, free Wi-Fi in all rooms, luggage storage, vehicle parking, and transportation from the airport to the hotel at 3000/-. Guests will also get free breakfast. There are 42 rooms on the hotel premises and an attentive set of staff to bring you all the comfort you could want to make your stay memorable.

The hotel is cleaned daily, and rooms and other utensils are 100% hygienic. For disabled guests, there are wheelchair facilities and lifts. The rooms will have blackout curtains, a desk, a kettle, a free water bottle, a clothes rack, a private bathroom with a shower, and a wake-up service.

Distance from bus centre: 2.2 kms away from the hotel
Airport distance: 85 kms
Check-in/check-out timings: 2 pm/12 pm

2. Dfront Golden Palace

A view of bedroom at one of the good hotels in Namakkal

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This hotel is another architectural and hospitable beauty in the Egg City of Tamil Nadu, and, of course, the beautiful view of the Kolli Hills and the mountain ranges. The hotel’s building consists of three floors and 29 rooms in total. The most striking thing about this hotel is that they provide car rental services, making it easier to travel around and be comfortable moving from one place to another. If you are travelling in your car, free parking services will be available as soon as you enter the premises. There are excellent laundry services for guests to wash and dry their clothes.

Room service is available anytime for guests wishing for a more laid-back time. Some rooms will have newspapers, TV, and cable TV; one can have this room at request. All rooms will have hand sanitisers, fire extinguishers, a first aid kit for safety purposes, fans, linens, closets, desks, fans, air conditioning, toiletries, etc.

Distance from the Bus stand: 2.2 kms away from the hotel
Airport distance: 86 kms away from the hotel
Check-in/check-out timings: 2 pm/12 pm

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3. Sri Aswin Grand

A view of bedroom at one of the good hotels in Namakkal

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Sri Awswin Grand Hotel is another beautiful hotel in Namakkal that visitors and tourists enjoy staying in. One can enjoy the beauty of the mountain range surrounding the district. The hotel provides them with taxi, car, bicycle parking, concierge service, daily housekeeping, laundry, and ironing services. So, those wishing to wash their clothes instead of leaving them unwashed can do so. All rooms in the hotel have air conditioning, blackout curtains, a closet, a clothes rack, a concierge, a daily newspaper, a desk, an exterior corridor, an extra-long bed, a laptop workspace, a shower, towels, and toiletries.

For safety purposes, there is a fire extinguisher, functioning CCTV across the premises, wireless intercom, and security on the hotel grounds 24/7. There is free wifi outside and inside the hotel so you can keep in contact with people from work, family, friends, and anyone else.

Distance from bus stand: 950m away from the hotel
Airport distance: Approx 1 hour and 20 minutes from the hotel
Check-in/check-out timings: 12 pm/11 am

4. OYO Flagship Royal Residency

A view of bedroom at one of the good hotels in Namakkal

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OYO Flagship Royal Residency is another hotel in the Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu that offers top-notch hospitality services to all its guests. It provides a memorable experience and a beautiful view of the scenic mountain range. The hotel offers its guests free Wi-Fi and internet to stay in touch with others. It also offers 24/7 room service, luggage storage, and daily housekeeping to keep your accommodation pleasant and clean. In all rooms, you can expect to find air conditioning, hand sanitiser, a clothing rack, a fan, a first aid kit in emergencies, linens, a mirror, a shower, toiletries, trash cans, and TVs.

If there are any questions, the staff is equipped with three languages: English, Hindi, and Catalan, so communication will be accessible for overseas and regional guests. Pets are not allowed, and no free water bottles are supplied.

Distance from bus stand: 1.8 kms away from the hotel
Airport distance: 94.5 kms from the hotel
Check-in/Check-out timings: 12 pm/11 am

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Now that we have seen all the hotels in Namakkal you can stay in and have a comfortable experience, let’s make your trip here a reality. Join us and participate in the spiritual journey through Namakkal. Take blessings. Make your trip to Tamil Nadu and have a great vacation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hotels In Namakkal

Which hotels have the best reputation in Namakkal?

Flagship Royal residency, Sri Aswin Grand, Dfront Golden Palace, Nala Hotels

Does Namakkal have luxury hotels in its area or nearby?

No, Namakkal has more local hotels that provide services, dishes, and equipment from local people. For people exploring the town all day, the hotels provide comfortable accommodation for the few days they will be there.

Are the spas and gyms at all hotels open 24/7?

Some hotels have spas and gyms, and others might not. You will have to call them for a detailed answer. But because they are essential for the experience and services many guests ask for, they are usually open and close late at night, or in some hotels, they stay open all nights and days.

Does Dfront Golden Palace have free parking?

Yes, Dfront Golden Palace has free parking for all guests and visitors. This makes it convenient for people to travel in their vehicles at their own pace.

Do the hotels have cheap prices?

This depends on the hotel you choose, but the prices do not extend from 3500/-, which is the maximum price for a day. You can expect the highest to be around 2800/-, and if it is in a good location, then the price will exceed.

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