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Nanjangud is a small town in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. The city also holds religious importance, yet as a tourist spot, it provides a calm and quiet ambience with greenery. In terms of cultural and festive activities joined with the friendliness of the locals, Nanjangud is an extraordinary travel destination for everyone. While choosing hotels in Nanjangud, one sees the comfort level, as well as location, which will help tourists explore the most. This will help you have the best time on your trip, whether it is to visit some of the landmarks or to appreciate the scenery and take a picture of the natural beauty of Nanjangud which is greater than just travelling. Consider the following guide to experience the best time during your stay.

Top 4 Hotels In Nanjangud

Travellers staying in luxurious hotels can enjoy the luxury ambience of their choice in Nanjangud for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. People can have a great time at this location filled with luxury, beauty, and world-class amenities that will make your travel trip enjoyable. Along with the luxury facilities, one can enjoy the rich culture. Let us take a look at the different kinds of hotels available in Nanjangud.

1. Fortune JP Palace

The hotel staff in the room for the warm hospitality.

Image Credit: Pixabay for Pexels

The beautiful Fortune JP Palace in Mysore offers expansive views of Chamundi Hills. It offers t dining options, a swimming pool, and roomy accommodations with flat-screen TVs. JP Fortune Palace offers comfort rooms with beautiful décor. It offers complimentary parking as well as car rentals. Services like dry cleaning and laundry are also offered upon request
Starting Price: INR 6499 onwards
Address: 3, Abba Road, Nazarbad, 570007 Mysore, India

  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Free WiFi
  • Free Parking
  • Airport shuttle
  • 3 restaurants
  • Room service

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2. Heritage Inn

A well-equipped room of the top hotels in Nanjangud.

Image Credit: Pixabay for Pexels

The Heritage Inn offers accommodation in Mysore with a restaurant, free private parking, and a shared lounge, just 1.1 km from Mysore Palace. This 3-star hotel has a tour desk and a personal attendant. It offers value for money and affordable rates. Overall, it is a good place to stay for those seeking a peaceful escape.
Starting Price: INR 3100 onwards
Address: 67, Shankarmatt Layout, MG Road, opposite to JSS Hospital, 570004 Mysore, India

  • Free WiFi
  • Free parking
  • Airport shuttle
  • Restaurant
  • Family rooms

3. Hotel Emora Tree

get seperate beddings in the Hotel Emora Tree.

Image Credit: Zak Chapmanfor Pexels

This hotel is a very good option for travellers in Mysore. It is built in a prime location, making it easy for guests to enjoy the various activities near the location, such as the Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hill, and local markets. With comfortable rooms, excellent service, and a peaceful ambience, this hotel provides a relaxing stay for all its visitors.
Starting Price: INR 2500 onwards
Address: 27/1, Theobald Road, 570010 Mysore, India

  • Free Parking
  • Family rooms
  • Room service
  • Non-smoking rooms

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4. Homestays And Guest Houses

 A room in a homestay and hotels in Nanjangud.

Image Credit: suhel vba for Pexels

Nanjangud in Mysore offers good homestay options and guest houses that are ideal for your journey. This means that it is ideal for those looking for hospitality while connecting with the local people and their rich culture. Such types of accommodations are often run by the locals to give a homely environment. Thus, guests or travellers feel like homestay guests and make endless memories with the local people during their wonderful stay.


  • Comfortable rooms to stay
  • Cultural activities
  • Perfect outdoor setting
  • Peaceful environment

Top Reasons To Visit Nanjangud

Serene view of the temple

Image Credit: Dineshkannambadi for Wikipedia
People staying or travelling to Nanjangud can enjoy a perfect stay. Here are some reasons to put Nanjangud on your travel list:

1. Shopping in local markets: Travelling to Nanjangud is a whole life experience. One can witness the magnificent view where the Pindar River joins the Alaknanda River. This location is very special for every visitor as they can experience peace. It offers beautiful sight views of the rivers merging. This place is considered a sacred place, making it a perfect spot for those seeking peace in life and natural beauty. In addition to this, the serene environment adds to its unique charm.

2. Historical Importance: The traditions are well embedded in the town offering the guests glimpses of the spiritual and cultural lives of the South Indian people and eradicating the customs followed thousands of years ago. Travellers can celebrate festivals such as Maha Shivaratri and Dodda Jathre during their stay. Thus, they can be a part of their traditional culture and feel the beauty of festivals

3. Natural beauty: Nanjangud is filled with rich culture due its location along the Kapila River and is a perfect relaxation spot for travellers. The town’s natural beauty is complemented by sunflower fields in the nearby Gundlupet. These scenic spots are a perfect venue for those who want to relax in natural surroundings free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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What To See Near The Hotel In Nanjangud

Karnaprayag’s beauty has no ending when travelling. Some of the best locations that are close to the hotels are as follows:

1. Nanjangud Temple And Forest Reserve

The lush green landscape to visit near the hotels in Nanjangud.

Image Credit: Dineshkannambad for Wikipedia

The Nanjangud Srikanteshwara Temple is one of Nanjangud’s top attractions. This historic temple, which honours Lord Shiva, was erected sometime in the ninth century. The walls of the temple are covered with beautiful artwork and unique designs. Visitors can enjoy the sight visit for a picture collection of the temple and can be a part of religious ceremonies. Nanjangud Forest Reserve has various kinds of plant and animal life and, therefore, can be a favourite spot for all those who love nature and wildlife. Tourism interests include hiking into areas with a high density of trees, meeting different animals, and watching birds. Its natural beauty makes it a place for those interested in the area’s flora and fauna.

2. Kabini River Bridge

Scenic beauty of Kabini River to explore on the next visit.

Image Credit: Ingo Mehling for Wikimedia Commons

Being located over the Kabini River, Kabini River Bridge is another well-known bridge in the state of Karnataka. The Kabini River is formed by the confluence of the Panamaram River and the Mananthavady River, both originating from the Western Ghats. This bridge on the Kabini River helps the regions cross over the river by offering a view of vegetation and calm water. Tourism is the focus of the local population and visitors where they can take pictures and watch birds or just relax. There is a dam over the Kabini River near Beechanahalli village in Karnataka that forms the Kabini Reservoir.

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3. Hadinaru Lake

Bar-headed geese wing flapping in Hadinaru Lake, Mysore at the hotels in Nanjangud.

Image Credit: Vinay bhat for Wikimedia Commons

It is one of the calm lakes situated in Karnataka state. With its beautiful natural setting and serene environment, it is a perfect place for bird watching and anyone interested in biodiversity and the environment. It provides shelter to several migratory and resident birds, offering good opportunities for bird watching and taking Instagram-worthy photos. Located about 25 kilometres from Mysore, the lake is popular for nature lovers and bird watchers. The lake is well connected by road with Nanjangud.

4. The Kapila River

The Kapila River bank in Nanjangud

Image Credit: Likhith N.P for Wikimedia Commons

The city of Mysore usually enjoys the passing of the Kapila River. Travellers can enjoy their time swimming in the water. Also, they can enjoy a walk along the riverbank having a peaceful ambience. Travellers and visitors can gather by the river for picnics, where they can capture the natural beauty of the surroundings. Nearby, in Mysore city, one can try the best regional food. The town is well-known for its best traditional South Indian food, especially the well-known dish Rasabale, a special banana. One can enjoy food along with street food vendors surrounding the town so that they may experience the real deal.
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Practical Tips To Keep In Mind

an aerial view of the temple to explore at the hotels in Nanjangud.

Image Credit: Dineshkannambadi for Wikipedia
The best time to visit Nanjangud is from November to February. During this time, the weather is good and cool. The temperature here remains comfortable and is good for sightseeing in this season. You can always bring layers, a rain jacket, and sports shoes for emergencies. Always carry the necessary items, such as a reusable water bottle, sunscreen, and bug repellent. Next, be ready for some lengthy drives and twisty roads regarding transportation. Overall, Mysore has some of the world’s most breathtaking natural beauty and culture for tourists to enjoy.

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One of India’s most ancient and revered temples is Nanjangud, where Lord Shiva took the poison to save the world. Travellers visiting this place can see pilgrims and tourists yearly because of its cultural nature, stunning architecture, historical myth, and rich history. It is a must-see location for travellers to experience the perfect stay at the top hotels In Nanjangud for rich culture and traditions and make memories. So why wait? Just book a trip to Karnataka and get ready for an amazing and thrilling adventure.

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Cover Image credit : By Dineshkannambadi for Wikipedia.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hotels In Nanjangud

What is the importance of the Srikanteshwara Temple?

It is dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is known for its Dravidian architecture.

Which is the best time to visit Nanjangud?

October to March is the best time to visit Nanjangud as it is the winter season, when the weather is dry.

Is there any entry fee to visit the temple?

There is no entry fee to visit the temple. You can seek blessings and find peace in your eternal soul.

Is there any bus available to Nanjangud?

Yes, there are regular bus services from Mysore and other nearby cities to Nanjangud. You can take the local bus or taxi to reach the exotic place.

What are some famous dishes in Nanjangud?

Traditional South Indian dishes including dosas, idlis, Vadas, and Mysore Pak are some of the common and famous dishes to try in Nanjangud.

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