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    A promotional poster of the Odisha tourism

    Odisha, formerly known as Orissa, is a heritage & culturally enriching state in East India. The long list of beaches, biosphere reserves, temples, museums, and other tourist places in Odisha make the state a must-visit destination. This coastal state offers marvelous architectural wonders of forts & temples and natural beauty of sun kissed beaches and serene lakes. Here is a list of the top places to visit in Odisha.

    • Bhubaneswar
    • Puri
    • Konark
    • Cuttack
    • Bargarh
    • Jeypore
    • Barbil
    • Paradip
    • Rourkela
    • Sambalpur
    • Chandipur
    • Pipli
    • Roopark Village
    • Taptapani
    • Atri
    • Baripada
    • Gopalpur
    • Berhampur
    • Dhauli
    • Daringbadi

    Places To Visit In Odisha For Pilgrims & History Buffs

    Take a look at some of the best tourist places in Odisha. While some of these are known names, others are quite uncommon.

    1. Bhubaneswar

    Ornately carved buildings inside a walled compound of Lingaraja Hindu Temple complex

    Known as the Temple City of India, Bhubaneswar is among the best tourist places to visit in Odisha. It is a classic example of history, heritage, and urbanization. The place has marvelous temples showcasing amazing artwork, wildlife sanctuaries, and exhilarating caves.

    Key attractions: Dhauli Hills, Udayagiri & Khandagiri caves, Ratnagiri Buddhist Excavations, Bindu Sarovara, Nandan Kanan Zoological Park, Satkosia Tiger Reserve, and temples of Mukteswar, Lingaraj, Brahmeswara, & Parasurameswara

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    2. Puri

    A sand artist making a beautiful piece of sand art at the Golden Beach of Puri

    Image Source

    If you are planning to visit Odisha for a relaxing vacation by the sea, Puri is the place to be. Ranked among the top tourist places in Odisha, Puri is known for its sun-kissed beaches, age-old temples, and local bustling markets that tempt tourists round the year. It is also among the original Char Dhams that hold significance in the Hindu religion.

    Key attractions: Puri Beach, Puri Beach Festival, Puri Jagannath temple, Chilika Lake & Bird Sanctuary, and Gundicha Ghar Temple

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    3. Konark

    An evening shot of the famous Sun Temple in Konark

    Image Source

    Konark is a hub of ancient art and sculpture. The carvings of the Konark Sun Temple, one of the seven wonders of India, attract large flocks of tourists throughout the year. Along with the marvelous temples, the city has a serene beach and an engrossing archaeological museum to explore. Discovering the finest artwork & sculptures of the Konark Sun Temple is surely one of the primary reasons to visit Odisha, especially for the art lovers.

    Key attractions: Archeological Museum, temple of Sun God & Ramchandi, Chandrabhaga Beach

    4. Cuttack

    The road leading to the Barabati Fort in Cuttack

    Image Source

    Cuttack is one of the vintage cities and popular tourist places in Orissa. The business capital of the state is known for many ancient pilgrim centers, forts, museums, lakes, and islands. Moreover, this place also boasts of local handicrafts.

    Key attractions: Mahanadi Barrage, Fort of Barabati, Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary, Ansupa Lake, and Temples of Singanatha & Bhattarika

    5. Bargarh

    The Shiv Temple in Bargarh

    Image Source

    Bargarh is one of the less popular tourist destinations of Odisha. However, the amazing century-old temples and the surrounding scenic beauty makes it a must-visit destination. The place has a mythological significance as Gandhamadan Parvat, which finds a mention in the Hindu epic of Ramayana, is located here.

    Key attractions: Chal Dhar Waterfall, Gandhamadan, Pampanga Hills and Temples of Nrusinghanath and Kedarnath.

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    Places To Visit In Odisha For The Nature Lovers

    Here is a list of a few places in Odisha that offer beautiful views and positive amabiance. Take a look.

    6. Jeypore

    A beautiful shot of the Duduma Falls in Jeypore

    Image Source

    Jeypore is one of the delightful tourist places in Odisha for nature lovers. It is known for offering spellbinding views of rocky outcrops, picturesque waterfalls, and lush green biosphere reserves.

    Deomali, the highest peak of the state, is another popular picnic spot is Odisha that is located not very far from Jeypore.

    Key attractions: Gupteshwar caves, Sunabeda, Deomali, Duduma Falls, Jagannath Sagar, Hatipathar, and Kolab Falls

    7. Barbil

    The serene Murga Mahadev Falls at Barbil in Orissa

    Image Source

    Located by the bank of Karo River in Keonjhar, Barbil is a lesser known tourist spot in Odisha. The place, surrounded by luxuriant forests, offers breathtaking beauty and a break away from the maddening city crowd.

    Key attractions: Hawa Mahal, Gonasika, Thakurani Hills, Murga Mahadev Waterfalls, Uliburu Reserved Forest, and temples of Hanuman & Shiva

    Other Must-visit Tourist Destinations In Orissa

    If you were thinking, that this was it, then you are wrong, beacuse the list does not just end here. Take a look at some more places to visit in Odisha.

    8. Paradip

    A beautiful shot of the dockyard at Paradip

    Image Source

    Paradip or Paradeep, the famous sea port of India, finds its place in the list of popular tourist destinations of Odisha. It is located at the confluence of Bay of Bengal and Mahanadi. In addition to the busy dockyard, the city also has some amazing beaches that offer mesmerizing views of the surroundings.

    Key attractions: Paradip Port, Gahirmatha Sanctuary & beach, lighthouse, and Jhankad

    9. Rourkela

    The tall Hanuman Statue at the Hanuman Vatika in Rourkela

    Image Source

    Rourkela is one of the largest cities of Odisha. The place is primarily known for the steel plant and associated industrial growth. However, it also pulls tourists with its vintage temples, parks, dams, and waterfalls.

    Key attractions: Darjeeng, Nehru Traffic Park, temples of Vedavyas & Vaishno Devi, Hanuman Vatika, Mandira Dam, Pitamahal Dam, Badaghagra Falls, and Khandadhar Falls

    10. Sambalpur

    The Samaleswari Temple in Sambalpur region of Orissa lit at night for the prayers

    Image Source

    Sambalpur, known for natural splendors & cultural sites, is one of the important tourist places in Odisha. The landscape is dotted with numerous waterfalls and plush green forests that allure photography buffs, nature lovers, and adventure enthusiasts.

    Key attractions: Hirakud Dam, Cattle Island, Chiplima, Huma, Samaleswari Temple, Vikramkhol, Hatibari, and Debrigarh & Ushakothi wildlife sanctuaries

    11. Chandipur

    Turtles on the vanishing beach of India, Chandipur in Orissa

    Image Source
    If you are looking for a sea resort, then this should be your pick. Other than its unique dissapearing sea, which results due to the high tide and low tide, Chandipur is famous for its seafood. Do try the prawns and pomfrets. Also, the town is quite peaceful. It is a quaint seaside town which offers complete serenity and tranquility. Head here to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

    Key attraction: Chandipur Beach, where the sea recedes up to 5 km providing the scope to walk on the sea bed see collect sea shells, red crabs, turtles, and other underwater marine particles

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    12. Pipli

    Appliqué work being sold in Pipli village in Odisha

    Image Source
    This small town of Odisha is famous in the world for its craft and handicraft. The Applique handicrafts of this town are especially famous. The artisans do a great job with embroidery and colors, making this town stand out not jist in the country but the world. If you happen to visit Odisha, then do head to this town and buy handicrafts and souvenirs from here.

    Key attraction: Beautiful Applique handicrafts and colorful bazaars

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    13. Roopark Village

    The front view of the Roopark Tribal Village Resort in Orissa

    Image Source
    This is a beautiful resort located in Odisha. The place is famous as it is eco friendly. If you want to enjoy nature then this should be your top pick. The place offers beautiful scenic vistas of the mountains and lush green lands that surround the village resort. Enjoy dreamy sunsets and energetic sunrises while on you vacay here.

    Key attraction: Roopark Tribal Village Resort

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    14. Taptapani

    Taptapani hot springs in Odisha that have a divine significance

    Image Source
    Taptapani is famous in Odisha for its hot water spring. This spring is supposed to have medicinal attributes, making it a tourist attraction amidst people. There is a pond next to the hot spring where people can bathe and make use of the medicinal properties of the hot water spring.

    Key attraction: Hot springs atop a hill surrounded by lush forest cover

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    15. Atri

    The natural hot springs of Atri

    Image Source
    This is a small village in the Khurda district of Odisha. This is again famous die to a hot spring that is present here. If you are wondering how to reach this small place in the state of Odisha, then the nearest airport is at Bhubaneswar. The medicinal properties of the spring are said can cure skin diseases.

    Key attraction: Hot springs and bathing complex maintained by Government of Odisha

    16. Baripada


    Image Source
    Baripada is a cultural centre of Odisha, situated in the Mayurbhanj district. Known for its art and culture, it is one of the famous tourist places at Odisha. One can also see a lot of stars of the Ollywood emerging from this Odisha town of Baripada. The town also has its own dance form which is quite famous in the world, known as the Chhau dance.

    Key attraction: Maa Ambika Temple, Shri Jagannath Temple, and Mayurbhanj Palace.

    17. Gopalpur


    Image Source
    If you like port towns, then Gopalpur should be your pick. Located on the Bay of Bengal coast, this town is towards the south of the state. It is one of the top tourist places of Odisha. The town is a port city and has famous beaches. Go beach hopping here, in this Odisha town and chill and relax here, on one of the beaches, on your next trip to Odisha.

    Key attraction: Gopalpur Beach, Dhabaleshwar Beach, Gopalpur Sea Beach, and Haripur Sea Beach.

    18. Berhampur


    On the eastern coastline of Odisha lies the town of Berhampur, also known as Brahmapur. Reaching here is easy as the town is connected to all the major towns of the state through roadways. The town also has its own railhead for those commuting by railways. The city has some temples that one can go to on their visit here.

    Key attraction: Kedareswar Temple, Thakurani Temple, Bhairabi Temple, and Biju Patnaik Park Brahmapur.

    19. Dhauli


    Image Source
    Situated on the banks of the river Daya, Dhauli is close to Bhubaneshwar, at a distance of 8 km from the city. This places has got its significance from the Kalinga War which is supposed to have been fought on the Dhauli Hill. There is a famous Shanti Stupa here which attracts visitors from far and wide. It also makes Dhauli one of the famous tourist places in Odisha. Do add this place in your itinerary and head to the Peace Pagoda.

    Key attraction: Dhauli Shanti Stupa, Dhabaleswar, Kalinga War Battlefield, and CIFA Aquarium.

    20. Daringbadi


    Image Source
    If you are wondering if Odisha has any hill stations, then Daringbadi is the place. It is one of the best tourist places in Odisha state which is also referred to as the ‘Kashmir of Odisha’. Take a road trip to this hill station and enjoy the scenic vistas along the way. The bearest railhead is at Brahmapur from where one can take the bus to the city.

    Key attraction: Doluri River, Putudi Waterfalls, Dasingbadi waterfalls, Badangia waterfalls, and Hill view Park.

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    So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and plan an immediate vacation to these amazing tourist places in Odisha. Let us know about the holiday, once you are back. Also, do not forget to share the list with your friends and folks.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Tourist Places In Odisha

    Q. What is Orissa famous for?

    A. Orissa is famous for its temples.

    Q. What is the best time to visit Odisha?

    A. October to March is the best time to visit Odisha.

    Q. How can I reach Orissa?

    A. If one is traveling by air, then Biju Patnaik Airport at Bhubaneswar is the best way to reach Orissa. Otherwise, the state is well connected via a rail network and roads to other parts of the country.

    Q. What is Odisha’s famous food?

    A. Chhena Podo or Milk Cake is a famous food of Odisha.



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