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With a population of 3,500 Mozambicans, Ibo Island in East Africa is bestowed with tropical beauty that’s unfathomable. The verdant island, with its white and golden sand beaches, allows you to indulge in various activities right from treks to scuba. But that’s not it. There is a police station with almost no criminal record. The locals are welcoming and warm hearted, practicing a colorful culture. The history flaunts a blend of Portuguese and Oman colonization. Further adding on to the magnificence is the rich birdlife, which you can glance at from your luxurious lodge, or even a budget-stay, if that’s what you’re seeking.

By now, you’d surely want to know everything about this paradisiacal island. Well, so read forth to understand essential tourist information, like the location, attractions, best time to visit, and accommodation!

Ibo island map

Tourist attractions in Ibo Island

1. Dhow cruise

Dhow Cruise in Ibo

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What’s the point of being in a tropical paradise if you aren’t hopping across the islands. The Dhow Cruise, in and around Ibo, is the traditional island safari which has said to be taken by Dutch royalties and celebrities as well. Today, the cruises have been motorized take you through the gems of Quirimbas, and can be docked in remote islands for you to connect with unperturbed beauty of nature.

2. Bird watching

A woman watching birds from a swimming pool in Ibo

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Ibo Island is home to about 700 bird species, of which 10 are endangered. Pass through mudflats and you may catch a sight of reef heron, egrets and storks. African hoopoe is just another of many birds you can expect to spot while in this heaven.

3. Kayaking

Kayaking in Ibo Island

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If you’re up for an exploration of the second largest mangrove forest in Africa, then Kayaking in Ibo Island is the best way to do it! Don’t worry about being lost, the kayaking tours are guided by professionals, so you know what’s coming your way.

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3. Swimming with dolphins

Swim with dolphins

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You must have watched the dolphins galloping from afar, but in Ibo Island you get to swim with these adorable creatures. The dolphin safari lasts for two to three hours and begins with safety brief, and introduction to marine life and of course dolphin behavior.

4. Festivals

Celebrating festival in Ibo Island

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The locals in Ibo Island love to celebrate each day. And when you attend any of its festivals, you holiday will become even more fun. The festivals mainly consist of cultural display, colors, singing, dancing, drumming, and of course Mozambique’s finest culinary delights. Kueto Siriwala Festival is among the much-awaited festivals here.

5. History and architecture

Fort in Ibo Island

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Beside its picturesque beaches and wooded landscape, Ibo Island boasts of a past dating back to many centuries, when it was oscillating under the rule of the Portuguese and Oman Arab rulers. A guided historic tour of Ibo Island will get you acquainted with its legendary tales. You’ll dive back to a time as old as AD600, when Ibo was first discovered by Arabs.

6. Gold sand beaches

Tidal Beach in Ibo

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Though there aren’t many beaches to hop, you’ll never have enough of what it has on offer. The intriguing tidal beach is surely a catch, which keeps appearing and vanishing according to tidal flow.

7. Local cuisine


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Whether you’re someone who loves seafood or want to gorge on fresh fruits and vegetables, you’ll love what Ibo has for you! Matapa, calamari, Pãozinho, and lobster are some of the most beloved species served here.

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Places to stay

1. Ibo Island Lodge

ibo island lodge

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The grandest place to stay in Ibo Island, Ibo Island Lodge is for the luxury seekers. This is an experiential retreat with 14 individually designed rooms reflecting local heritage. There are a number of facilities that will spoil you; such as Bela Vista lounge for soulful sunset viewing, traditional massages, bird safaris, guided kayaking tour, and the list is actually quite long.

Tariff per night: USD 729 onwards

2. Miti Miwiri Boutique Hotel

Stay in Ibo

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Meant for the mid-budget travelers, Miti Miwiri Boutique Hotel comes with spacious rooms with private balconies. The lounge is a lovely place to enjoy shisha, cocktail and sunset views.
Tariff per night: USD 65 onwards

3. Cinco Portas Lodge

cinco portas

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A perfect pick for travelers on a budget, Cinco Portas Lodge is an old Colonial resident that’s converted into a lovely stay. Alongside different room types for different budgets, the lodge features a stunning restaurant with sea view. There are also a number of activities like Scuba that can be arranged on request.

Tariff per night: USD 50 onwards

Best time to visit

Ibo Island top view

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The region experiences subtropical climate, with dry season staying between April and December. January to March are the months of rainy season. If you ask the best time to visit Ibo Island, it is September to November. This is a perfect time for game viewing, the weather stays pleasant and calm, and you may also be able to spot whale migration.

So, if you are planning to book a honeymoon tour package, make sure this one stays at the top of your priority list. 

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