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Are you planning a trip to Iceland in October? Whether you are looking for an adventurous trip or solo trip, Iceland is a perfect holiday destination in the winter. But if you are stuck to make good planning for your Iceland trip and haven’t travelled to Iceland in winter before, then this article is a must-read for you. As in this article, we are going to discuss a thorough guide about travelling to Iceland in October.

In this article, you will know about various things such as the things you should pack with yourself before travelling to Iceland, some of the must-visit places, must-do activities, economic aspects of this trip and many more such things. If you want to know about everything listed above, then do follow this article till the end. But before heading towards the main article, let us first discuss something about the climatic conditions of Iceland in October.

Weather In Iceland In October


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While as mentioned above that this guide for travelling Iceland in October is for those who haven’t visited Iceland ever in winter weather, so let me tell you all that the recorded temperature range of Iceland in winter is between -10 up to 10 degree Celsius. Moreover, if we talk about the average temperature, then we can say that it remains a bit above the freezing point.

Winters in Iceland starts in October, and it remains until April. While if you are a first time visited then we will suggest you visit Iceland in October, as you can enjoy the winter season up to a larger extent this month.

Why You Should Visit Iceland In October

Iceland In October

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There are several reasons because of which you should visit Iceland in October, let us have a look at some of those reasons one by one.

The first and most important reason because of which you should visit Iceland in October is that you would be able to explore a different kind of the beauty of Iceland, which you will never be able to face in any other weather.

The most famous reason because of which people visit Iceland is northern lights, but do you know that you would not be able to have a clear look at the northern lights in the summer season. So this is also one of the reasons because of which you should visit Iceland in winter.

Moreover, if you don’t like travelling in summers, then again it’s a really important reason because of which you should visit Iceland in October. Along with that, the overall climatic condition of this place is mild, and there is a continuous flow of air in the atmosphere.

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Popular Events & Festivals Of Iceland In October

Iceland In October

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There are several popular events and festivals of Iceland in October that you can take advantage of during your winter’s trip. Some of those events and festivals are:

  • Reykjavik Winters Lights Festival: The first famous festival in the winter lights festival is Reykjavik winters lights festival. This festival is celebrated just after the end of the dark days of winter.
  • Reykjavik Pride: Don’t miss to take part in one of the popular festivals of Iceland that is Reyjkavik Pride. It is noticed that thousands of people from all over the world take part in this festival, there takes place several seminars and many more such things.
  • Secret Solstice Festival: Another famous Icelandic festival is the Secret Solstice festival that takes place during the end of winter.

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Trip’s Economic Aspect


If you are planning a trip to Iceland in winter, then here’s a suggestion for you that, you should have a higher budget. If you are a family of 4 people, then you should have a budget of $7000- $9000.

Moreover, it is said that per person’s cost per day would be near about $200-$250. It is noticed as a high- budget trip. So if you can bear this much budget, then you can go for this trip.

If we consider about the hotel cost, then you can expect the cost around USD 165 for a single night with a double room and a private bathroom, and about USD 105 for a basic room without a private bathroom.

Further, the cheapest meal you can find in Iceland is around $10 per meal. For the restaurant dishes, you can expect to spend around $15-$20 per meal.

This was all about the Iceland trip’s economic aspect.

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4 Places To Visit In Iceland In October

Here is the list of 5 places that you should must-visit in Iceland if you are travelling there in winter.

1. Watching The Northern Lights

northern lights

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 The first place that you should must-visit during your Iceland in winters is the northern lights. Here at this place, you would be able to have a look at the dazzling experience of northern lights view.

2. Jokulsarlon & Diamond Beach 

ice beach

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Here is a place that you should must-visit in Iceland during the winter season. Moreover, if you want to have a look at frozen waterfalls and icebergs, then this is the place you should visit.

3. Ice Caves


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Do you want to get for an adventurous trip then you should visit these Ice caves in Iceland. These caves are one of the best creations of nature that you will ever visit.

4. Arctic Circle in Akureyri 


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Here is a tiny city option for you which you should must-visit during your visit to Iceland in winters. If you want to take advantage of the nightlife of Iceland, then you should must-visit the Arctic circle in Akureyri.

3 Things To Do In Iceland In October

Let us have a look at some of the most famous 5 activities to do in Iceland in October

1. Go Fishing And Whale Watching

whale watching

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Everybody knows that Iceland is famous for its fish. With tons of salmon and trout fishing rivers and lakes, there are many options to check out if this floats your boat. Moreover, around Iceland, you will find more than 20 different species of whales and dolphins that frequent the waters.

2. Beach Hopping

iceland beach

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There are several beaches in Iceland where you would be able to feel the actual beauty of nature. Beaches here will make your trip worthwhile, as each one of them is a wonder of nature. You can consider visiting the Diamond Beach, Reynisfjara Black Beach, Grótta Beach, and Ylströndin beach. 

3. Spend Time Near Waterfalls

waterfall in iceland

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Don’t miss to spend the time in front of waterfalls, Iceland is the king of waterfalls. Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss, Svartifoss, and Goðafoss are the beautiful waterfalls and is set so you can walk behind it.

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Loaded with lot of adventure and fun, Iceland in October should be visited at least once in your lifetime. Overall, there is no shortage of fun in Iceland with friends or even on a solo trip.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Iceland In October

Do I need a visa for Iceland?

Yes, all tourists and visitors must have a valid visa and passport to visit in Iceland. However, Nationals of EEA (European Economic Area) countries are exempt to apply for the visa.

What should be the minimum budget for a four days visit to Iceland?

If you are a single person travelling to Iceland in winters, then this will cost you around $200 per day, which will create $800-1000 for four days.

Which is one of the must-visit places here in Iceland?

If you are visiting Iceland, then you should must-visit and have a look at the Northern lights if possible.

Does it snow in October in Iceland?

October is considered as that season where summers are settling down and winters have not yet started. So, snow in Iceland can be seen from November to February months.

Is Iceland expensive?

Yes, according to the survey, Iceland is considered an expensive country in the world, ranking in the third number.

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