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Known for its historical and cultural charm, the island city state of Singapore never fails to surprise its tourists who frequent here from all over the world. It is essentially because the country has various tourist attractions – some of them are renowned all round the world because of their architectural brilliance, some depict the historical significance, while others are naturally beautiful. There’s a lot to explore in this country that will make you want to revisit.

Amongst various attractions in Singapore, there’s a building of The Istana that is quite imperative in this Southeast Asian country. This place is an official abode to the President of the country and working place for the Prime Minister. People from all over the world come to visit this place in order to familiarise themselves with the heritage as well as political significance of Singapore. While you make a visit to this venue, you can also consider visiting the various islands near The Istana.

The country of Singapore has 63 islands – one of them is the main island, Pulau Ujong, while others are offshore islands. Every island here is culturally as well as historically rich. After independence, the country of Singapore gained various developments in all the spheres – from technology and finance to trade and tourism and it didn’t even take long for the country to reach economic stability. During this time, a lot of planning areas and residential towns were also established, with each of them signifying modernity in architecture.

Best Time To Visit Singapore

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If you want to take part in the adventurous and fun outdoor activities in Singapore, then plan your vacation in this country during the time period between February to April. It is during this time that the weather is at its best and is the most pleasant. From November to January, Singapore receives the heaviest rainfalls while May and June are the hottest months of the year.

This country is known to have a consistent tropical rainforest climate and has no season in particular. Moreover, the temperature does not waver much throughout the year. This is why Singapore can be visited at any time of the year but if you want to make the most of your trip to this country, then consider visiting during the time period between February and April.

4 Islands Near The Istana

The country of Singapore has picturesque islands that one should visit when planning to explore this Southeast Asian country. There are various beaches, natural as well as artificial, that are a part of these islands.

Moreover, these islands can be well described as microcosms of the whole country of Singapore. When making a visit to The Istana and exploring the places around this venue, don’t forget to check out the islands located nearby. A handful of them have been listed below!

1. Kusu Island


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The Kusu islands are one of the many beautiful southern islands located in Singapore. Kusu actually means Tortoise or turtle in Mandarin. The island here is named as Pulao Tembakul or Peak Island in Malay. The island that you see was enlarged and then it was made into an island resort which sprawled out for a heavy 85,000 meters. Here you can go to pay your offerings at the popular Chinese temple known as Tua Pek Kong or Da Bo Gong. They house two main deities namely: The Guan Yin and the DA Bo Gong. After paying your respects, you can head out for swimming on the soothing island waters or maybe opting a picnic with your friends.

Location: Kusu Island, Singapore, 00074.

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2. Sentosa Island


If solo travel in Singapore, then don’t miss the major attraction of Singapore- Sentosa Island. This theme park built on the island south of Singapore linked by the road, the best way to reach here is by cable car. The journey starts from Faber Peak and takes you to this island and one explore the island having enough time. You can spend the entire day and watch parrot show, stroll the spice garden, and relax on the man-made beach. For a solo traveller, this is the perfect island to explore.

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3. St. Johns Island


St. John Island is just the perfect place to relax, chill and unwind. Formerly known as Pulau Sakijang Bendera, this island was once the rehabilitation centres for those suffering from critical ailments. Presently, its clean lagoons, azure sea and beaches have made the place rank highly in the Singapore islands day trip list.

Time to reach from Singapore city: 20 minutes
Things to do: Swimming in the lagoon, jungle biking, and beach picnic
Places to stay: Perfect for a day trip, people generally return from St. John island the same day and stay at their desired hotel in Singapore. Adventure loving souls and honeymoon couples can book beach villas, to enjoy thrilling and romantic ambience in the island after sunset.

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4. Karimun Island


Tucked between Singapore and Batam, Karimun island is a part of Riau archipelago and one of the most scenic places for vacation, near Singapore. Easily accessible in ferries, this is the most kaleidoscopic beauty around Singapore. Popular as Great Karimun or Karimun Besar, this island lies close of Straits of Malacca- an international shipping route. Its crystal-clear waters, shining beaches of Palawan and Pongkar and buzzing shacks add to the beauty of this charming destination.

Time to reach from Singapore city: 2 hours
Things to do: Explore Batu Topeng Beach and Tanjung Gelam Beach, romantic dinner at Karimun beach, island camping and spearfishing.
Places to stay: Aston Karimun City Hotel, H3 Hotel and Balai View Hotel

10 Picture-Perfect Singapore Islands For An Enchanting Vacation In 2022

To ensure a wonderful trip to Singapore, it is almost essential to cover maximum number of islands of the country. Many such islands near The Istana are there for the tourists to explore. Make sure you cover all the ones mentioned above!

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