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The holy land has much to offer its tourists. There are many museums, historical sites, natural wonders, and much more. Apart from having the city of Jerusalem where Jesus was born, there are so many fascinating places that date back to centuries. If you are visiting Israel in December, there are many things that you can do at this time of the year. There are many festivals and events that take place since Hanukkah and Christmas is celebrated. If you have the question in your mind, what season is it in Israel in December? Then you don’t have to wonder anymore. It is definitely winter at this time of the year. It will most certainly be cold but that also makes festivals like Christmas so much better.

The Weather In Israel In December

The Weather

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The weather in Israel in December is usually quite cold with temperatures ranging from 10-15 degrees Celsius. The weather continues to fluctuate and there is usually heavy rainfall. Temperatures can drop down to about 5 degrees Celsius in places like Jerusalem or Galilee Hills. If you don’t know what to wear in Israel in December, then worry not. You can wear jeans, jackets, sweaters, and gloves. The midday might end up being a little warmer, so you may not need it then.

The 10 Best Experiences To Have In Israel In December

The possibility of rain is always there, especially in the month of December but worry not, we have listed some of the best things you can do even if it is rainy out. If you are travelling to Israel in December then you should make sure to find out about the weather beforehand. If the weather is on your side then you should definitely experience these things:

1. Experience Hanukkah

Experience Hanukkah

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Hanukkah or the festival of lights continues for about 8 days. If you want to experience the festivals in Israel in December, then you shouldn’t miss out on this. If you walk down the streets of Jerusalem’s old city or the neighborhood of Nachlaot, you will be able to see the menorahs which are lit and placed inside glass boxes and are kept on windowsills. You can also visit Mamilla Alrov Mall or the Western Wall for a public lighting event. There are special events that take place all around the country if you want to enjoy the lights.

Date: December 2nd to December 10th

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2. Go skiing at Mt. Hermon

Go skiing at Mt. Hermon

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There are some mountain peaks that get snowfall on some days during the year. Jerusalem is more than likely to experience snow as it gets cold. If there is enough snowfall then you can head to Mt. Hermon which lies at the tip of the North side of the country. The vertical drop from Mt. Hermon is just 1,552 feet which makes it ideal for beginners and children. You can also go sledding or tubing. This should definitely be a part of your bucket list if you are wondering what to do in Israel in December.

3. Experience the nightlife in Tel Aviv


If nightlife is what interests you, then you should definitely stop by the city of Tel Aviv. You can find anything you need for a good night out. You can find endless clubs, bars, theaters, museums, concert halls, and dance centers. If you have the time on your hands then the city can keep you up the entire night. This is one of the best things you can do if you are visiting Israel in December 2022. Spend the night meeting new people, getting VIP passes and enjoying drinks.

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4. Enjoy Hamshushalayim


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Hamshushalayim is a combination of the words Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Hebrew. This festival takes place every weekend of December at different institutions. There are special night tours, street theaters, and musical performances. There are many museums and galleries that are open to the public for free during this festival. Many restaurants and hotels even offer special deals at this time. You should have this on your bucket list if you are visiting Israel in December.

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5. Explore the mountain fortress in Masada

Explore the mountain

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The fortress stands on an isolated rock plateau in the south of Israel and overlooks the Dead Sea. There is a tale about this place. It is said that about 1000 Jewish inhabitants committed suicide to escape their Roman enemies. You can take a cable car to the top or hike up and cross the snake path if you like. The best way to enjoy the fortress is if you visit during the time of a sunset. You will be able to watch the sun strike the Dead Sea. The scene is very picturesque as you can imagine. If you are visiting Israel in December, make sure to experience the beauty of this place.

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6. Party on New Year’s Eve

Party on New Year’s Eve

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Israelis tend to call New Year ‘Sylvester’ because of the pope that died on the 31st of December. There is a feast that takes place at this time. The only thing that you can do during New Year’s Eve is to just head out for the parties that take place. Although most Kosher places won’t entertain such parties, a lot of clubs or restaurants will throw bigger celebration parties. Since the weather in Israel in December tends to be rather chilly it is important that you carry warm clothing.

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7. Dance away your blues


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If you are traveling to Israel in December, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on the parties. As most people will tell you, parties are quite popular in Israel. Tel Aviv usually has an annual festival called ‘Feelin’ Blues’. This is a great way to warm yourself up during the winters. There are usually stages where different dancers are grouped together by their level of expertise. You can get a chance to show off your moves and maybe even win a prize! However, you don’t need to be in it for the competition. You can just join in for the fun or observe from afar!

8. Check out the Hullegeb Israeli-Ethiopian festival

Check out the Hullegeb Israeli-Ethiopian Festival

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If you have wondered about what the Israeli Ethiopian community is like, well then wonder no more. Visit this festival to experience a fusion of dance, music, and shows. Ethiopian culture has actually become a large part of Israel and this festival proves it best. The traditions of Ethiopia have fused into contemporary art. The festival takes place every December and continues for a week. There are many famous singers who show up and if you visit Israel in December, you will be able to see them live!

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9. Don’t miss out on the Christmas festivities


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You don’t have to miss out on Christmas just because you are away from home. There are plenty of festivals that happen around the country and this is the time to be a part of it! If you want to really get into that Christmas mood, you can find a massive Christmas tree in Nazareth. If you want a proper Christmas banquet, make sure to reserve a place at Mike’s Place. Bethlehem is also a good place to visit if you are in Israel in December. The town is beautifully decorated and has plenty of concerts and delicious food.

10. Take a tour through the city of Jerusalem

Take a tour through the city of Jerusalem

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If you are visiting Israel in December, you should definitely visit the city of Jerusalem. There are a lot of places that are religiously important such as the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. If you feel like this is an important place to visit, surely you could spend a day here since there is plenty to see. You can write down a prayer and place it between the cracks of the Western Wall or you can visit the site where Jesus was crucified. If you have free time, you can browse the stalls of the Old City bazaar. You can find plenty of souvenirs to take back from your trip from here. Make sure to find out about the weather in Israel during December before you head out. You definitely don’t want the rains to spoil your tour of the city.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Israel in December

Which month is the best time to visit Israel?

The months of April to May and the months of September to October are the time for the spring and autumn season respectively in Israel.

How many days are enough for Israel?

To enjoy a complete tour of Israel, a minimum of 8 days in required. The best length of time for including all the major attractions would be 14 days, covering leisure days and all the popular cities.

Can you swim in Israel in December?

While it is possible to go swimming in places in Tel Aviv or Eilat, the temperature of the water can be quite cool ranging between 72°F and 67°F.

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