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Jacksonville is known for its beautiful riverfront and mesmerizing beaches ultimately attracting tourists to its long saved coastline and temperate climate. However many holidaymakers are seen to roam around this wonderful place at night and experiencing the buzzing Jacksonville Nightlife. Yes, that’s right nightlife in Jacksonville, Florida is a major factor that attracts a huge chunk of humans, of course, the alcoholics. Many are seen hanging out at the nightclubs in Jacksonville. All these are flooded with various drinks, cocktails and amazing music to offer you with your favorite picks. So here are some majorly listed places, bars for you to check out while roaming the place and relish the buzzing places around.

6 Places To Relish Jacksonville Nightlife

Here is a list of the best nightclubs in Jacksonville Florida where you can experience the ongoing nightlife.

1. Dos Gatos


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The place offers great handmade cocktails, yummy martinis which are paired with many choices of games, trippy music and many unique themes that vary accordingly. Well lit and highly crowded the place is bound to give you the actual scenes to relish the Jacksonville Nightlife. Even the ambiance is fashioned according to the latest clubs and it is well updated with many aesthetics. Visit the club while touring Jacksonville and gather the experience of clubs in Jacksonville, Florida.

Location: 123 E Forsyth St, Jacksonville, FL 32202, USA

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2. The Loft


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If you wish to dance on King Street then this is the perfect place to go to. The weekends here at this bar are usually packed with a great crowd. The choice of music is pretty good and all the numbers played here are the latest and top beats. Coming to the drinks and the choice of snacks offered here, every kind of cocktail and martini the place offers is one of a kind. So try as many as you can and luxuriate yourself with the best dishes while experiencing the popular Jacksonville Nightlife.

Location: 925 King St, Jacksonville, FL 32204, USA

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3. Cuba Libre Dance Club


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This place is favored by many natives, it is advised to not to go to this place on weekdays if you are a party person. The place is usually crowded on weekends and many humans are seen partying at this bar. If you want to relate to the latest music and fashion trends then you might want to visit this bar, usually this place is visited by the luxury class and the DJ plays the trending modern music.

Location: 2578 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32207, USA

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4. The Elbow


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The Elbow is a place that is always hopping and is well crowded in all the festivals and special occasions. While traversing around this bar spare some time to check out this musical place and gather some amazing memories with your cronies to make most from the Jacksonville nightlife. The best promotes the local music with a compilation of the best amplified series. Here you can feature listen to the best of Jacksonville’s local music and actually treat your ears with new and amazing music. The place has many events in lines and the nights are usually bouncing while in here don’t worry at all as this place promises a fantastic time.

Location: 7 Ocean St, Jacksonville, FL 32202, USA

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5. The Volstead


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The Volstead holds many great reviews and appreciations from many travelers and holidaymakers. So the place might interest you for the same as it has never bored anyone with it’s music and ambiance. The live performances, karaoke nights and relaxing drinks add to the list of unending great reviews of one of the best nightclubs in Jacksonville, Florida. Even live jazz band and courteous staff here will fill entertainment in your relaxing holiday.

Location: 115 W Adams St, Jacksonville, FL 32202, USA

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6. Sidecar


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The place is voted as one of the happening places which can offer you the actual experience of Jacksonville nightlife. Visit this place to witness the greatest night and dance all night with your cronies across after spending a great time roaming around the renowned places in Jacksonville. The lighting here is low which is soothing and pleasant. Savor the one of a kind drinks here and relish the luscious finger food too.

Location: 1406 Hendricks Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32207, USA

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Stop by at these amazing places to have the best of Jacksonville nightlife. All these will amaze you with their choice of drinks, music, events and the varying themes. Don’t delay any further and book your holiday to the US and enjoy the fun places at the best nightclubs in Jacksonville, Florida.

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