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A trip to Johannesburg wouldn’t be complete if you missed going to the Johannesburg Zoo. The zoo is famous not only for all the animals that one can find there but much more. They have various exhibits ranging from history to animals and even a farmyard. There is also an amusement park which happens to be one of the biggest in South Africa.

The zoo is indeed a lovely place to be! It is fun, informative and a good way to bond with your family over the next holidays.

The Johannesburg Zoo Overview

Johannesburg Zoo Address: Jan Smuts Ave, Parkview, Johannesburg, 2193, South Africa
Johannesburg Zoo Coordinates: 26.1666° S, 28.0376° E26.1666° S, 28.0376° E
Johannesburg Zoo Entrance Fee: Adults – 90 R, Children – 55 R, Students – 60 R
Johannesburg Zoo Timing: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, open on all days

Johannesburg Zoo Map

Johannesburg Zoo Animals

Johannesburg Zoo Animals

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The Johannesburg Zoo is famous for its wide and inclusive species of animals. It is a treat to see so many different species in one place! There are over 365 different species in this zoo. One thing which sets the zoo apart is that all the animals have been kept in replicas of their natural habitats. Here are the few Johannesburg Zoo animals that you must not miss –

1. Pygmy Hippo,
2. Charles the Chimp,
3. Rain tailed lemur,
4. Black and White Ruffed Lemur,
5. Diana Monkey,
6. Hartmans Zebra,
7. Rhino,
8. Antelope,
9. The Tweeting Honey Badger,
10. Forest the Leopard,
11. Red-Bellied Lemur,
12. Siamango Gibbon Endangered

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Johannesburg Zoo Restaurant

Johannesburg Zoo Restaurant

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There is a very nice restaurant in Johannesburg Zoo which offers a great variety of food and drinks. If you plan to eat at the restaurant, be ready to wait in lines. It does get a little crowded during meal times. However, they sell great food at affordable prices.

You can try their fast food options for a quick bite without getting into the hassle of plates and forks. There are also several smaller snack stalls in the zoo area. They mostly sell knick-knacks.

Johannesburg Zoo Activities

Johannesburg Zoo Activities

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The zoo authorities hold various fests, plays, walks, and various other events or activities for the visitors on a weekly basis. These activities are usually based on a particular theme like Environment Day, Mothers Day and more. They also hold regular concerts during the lunch hours. All the activities are included in the Johannesburg Zoo fees.

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These are a few other things you can enjoy at the park:

1. Amusement World

The park is one of the best amusement parks in South Africa. They have the fastest, craziest rides in town. They have separate rides for children and adolescents or adults.

2. Temple of the Ancients

If you enjoy finding out about the ancient customs, beliefs and other such things then you must visit this part of the zoo. It is an informative program and you won’t get bored.

3. Walk through Aviary

The Aviary at Johannesburg Zoo has one of the largest collection of bees. You can find the most exotic species in this enclosure. It is a great opportunity to learn about bees, different kinds, the making of honey and more.

4. Historical Site

This is the perfect place for all the history lovers! You can get in and dirty with the old art pieces, artifacts, etc., on your trip to the zoo.

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Johannesburg Zoo Exhibits

Johannesburg Zoo Exhibits

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The Johannesburg Zoo exhibits are one of the best ways to learn and explore more about the wildlife in various parts of the world. Here are the exhibits that you must see –

1. Amazonia

This exhibit has various animals brought from the Amazon forest. You can easily spot the Spider Monkey, Pumas, Armadillos and Gorillas.

2. AngloGold Lion Enclosure

The enclosure houses 3 Pride males and Pride females from the Amazon forests. These lions are a main attraction of the zoo. The enclosure is large enough to allow the lions to roam around freely. There are also white lions in the enclosure.

3. The Ape House

The Ape House is home to all the various species of monkeys, apes, gorillas, chimpanzee, and orangutans. The house has several males, females, adolescents and infants which keep the place lively and interesting.

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4. Cheetah Slopes

This place is one of the most thrilling exhibits. You can spot the cheetah, African wild dog, and the Ethiopian jackal.

5. Crocodile Country

The exhibit has various crocodile varieties from the Nile along with rock monitored lizards. If you visit during the summer months, you can also see the feeding patterns of the crocodiles.

6. Farm Yard

The yard has all the friendly animals where kids can go and play. It is a fun learning experience for kids as well as adults. The yard has all the sheep species like Shetland Pony and Shire Horse.

7. Madagascar

This exhibit houses all the lemurs from the thick jungles of Madagascar. You can spot the Black and White Lemur, Ring-tailed Lemur, Crowned Lemur and more. It is centrally located in the zoo.

8. House

This enclosure doesn’t only house the scary, venomous reptiles but also some freshwater fishes. Here you can find reptiles like Puff Adder, Green Mamba, Dwarf Crocodile and more. The Pygmy Hippo also inhabits this enclosure.

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9. Animals of Amazon

This is the newest enclosure which houses all the reptiles, amphibians and several invertebrate species from Amazon forest.

10. Education Centre

In the education centre you can get up close with the lions and tigers without getting harmed. These animals are stuffed toys that you can learn from. It is a great place for the children. The centre is open only on weekdays.

Johannesburg Zoo prices will give you access to all the enclosures, exhibits and more. If there are any other charges applicable, you will be informed while buying the tickets. You can also rent a Johannesburg Zoo buggy to enjoy your visit without walking too much. The rental of buggies is optional during the weekdays, but it is mandatory on the weekends.

Zoo Lake In Johannesburg

Zoo Lake In Johannesburg

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Zoo Lake in Johannesburg is a very nice picnic spot for the entire family. You can either get packed food from home or your hotel or buy food from the tiny restaurants near the lake. There is also a Zoo Lake Bowl Club which offers great options for recreational activities like boating. They also have arrangements for a couple of games like badminton.

The Lake is a good place to spend a day relaxing with friends and family. The plus point being, nothing in the area is too expensive. It is very pocket-friendly.

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Johannesburg zoo is the perfect weekend getaway for your entire family. All the activities, exhibits and others are included in the fees. So, plan a trip to South Africa and visit the zoo for an amazing experience!

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