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Kanatal is a small village in Uttarakhand that is a hill station. Kanatal in winter is the best time to visit because of its fresh snow-covered mountains, giving tourists a memorable experience. Kanatal is 18 km from Chamba and 38 km from Mussoorie. This place is famous for trekking, adventures, temples, sightseeing, waterfalls and many more activities. Many people every year visit this place around winter for a serene and peaceful trip.

Things To Remember Before Visiting Kanatal In Winter

Beautiful Views of Kanatal

Image Credit: RajatVash for Wikipedia Commons

Visiting Kanatal between October to March is the best time to consider because during these months the place is covered with snow for a beautiful experience. Many festivals are held during this time giving tourists exposure to the joy and culture. Dussehra is especially celebrated all over the village grandly. It is celebrated for 10 days with various activities and fairs held.

The temperature drops to 15 degrees to 1 degree Celsius, so woollen and thick clothes are essential. There are also many trekking spots, so people should plan ahead. There are many places to visit in Kanatal, which will make your trip an amazing experience.

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Places To Visit Near Kanatal In Winter

Here are a few places to visit near Kanatal in winter for a memorable trip.

1. Surkanda Devi Temple

The famous Surkanda Devi temple

Image Credit: Vaibhav 369 for Wikipedia

Surkanda Devi temple is one of the most famous Hindu temples located near Kanatal, Uttarakhand. People visiting this temple need to walk for about 2 km from the place where they park the vehicles. The temple’s surroundings on the hill with the mesmerising beauty of hills covered with snow and fog most of the time. The temple is surrounded by Rounslii trees and also tall trees in dense forest.

This temple is one of the Shakti Peethas of Goddess Sati who is the wife of Lord Shiva. When her body was destroyed into 51 pieces, her head fell in Surkanda which holds a spiritual significance. Ganga Dussehra is a famous festival celebrated with thousands of tourists visiting this place.

Distance From Kanatal: 9.6 km
Best Known For: Goddess Sati, Shakti Peetha, View of Himalayas from North to South
Best Time To Visit: May to June

2. Tehri Dam

Tallest Dam in India

Image Credit: Arvind Iyer for Wikipedia

Tehri Dam located in Garhwal district, Uttarakhand is the tallest dam in India and the 13th tallest dam in the world. It is 855 feet high. It was constructed under the ministry of Jawaharlal Nehru. This dam generates hydroelectricity, a reservoir for irrigation and municipal water supply.

The dam generates 1000 megawatts of hydroelectricity which has been a power source to states like Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi, Punjab and many more. This dam provides 27o million gallons of water every day to Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. However, due to various environmental and construction defects, many protests have been happening to object to the planning of the dam. The dam is located in the middle of Verdant Hills, with beautiful views and various activities like boating, which attract thousands of tourists. Tehri Lake offers adventurous activities like paragliding, jet skiing, banana boat rides, etc., and accommodation is available in houseboats and floating huts, which provide an amazing experience for tourists.

Distance From Kanatal: 35.1 km
Best Known For: Tallest dam, water sports, mountain view, adventures
Best Time To Visit: March to June

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3. Kaudia Forest

Tall trees of Kaudia forest

Image Credit: Anand.osuri for Wikimedia Commons

Kudia forest, located on the hills of Kanatal, Garhwal district, Uttarakhand, is a famous place for trekking and picnics. The trek is about 6 km into dense forest, which expands to beautiful hills and valleys. Jeeps are available throughout the trek. Tourists also spot many wild animals throughout the trek for a thrilling and adventurous experience.

Prior booking and permissions are required for a safe and amazing jeep safari. Many tourists visit this place for bird and nature photography because they can walk around the woods deep inside the forest. Stunning views of valleys, mountains, and plateaus seen from the forest give visitors an unforgettable experience. The entry to the trek opens at 9 am and ends at 5 pm. The entry fee is Rs. 20 per person. For jeep safari, contacting the locals would help.

Distance From Kanatal: 5 km
Best Known For: Trekking, jeep safari, nature and bird photography, Kanatal hills and valleys
Best Time To Visit: January to December

4. Dobra Chanti Suspension Bridge

Longest bridge in Uttarakhand

Image Credit: Asis K. Chatterjee for Wikimedia Commons

Dobra Chanti Bridge located in Tehri, Uttarakhand is the longest suspension bridge in India. The bridge is connected to the Tehri Dam hydroelectricity power plant project. The bridge is a single-lane suspension. The bridge is built between Tehri and Pratap Nagar districts which cuts down the travel time from 5 hours to 1.5 hours. The bridge is nearly 725 metres long and 80 metres above sea level. This bridge can withstand earthquakes up to a certain extent. This bridge construction was completed in 2006 and inaugurated by Uttarakhand’s Chief Minister.

The bridge is built with high-quality equipment to withstand heavy winds and heavy vehicles. Tourists walk through the bridge holding the railings for safety measures. It is a famous tourist attraction because of its wonderful views of hills from the bridge. Transportation is not a problem because buses and taxis are always available. The bridge is open throughout the day and is especially beautiful at night because of its colourful lights.

Distance From Kanatal: 39.6 km
Best Known For: Tehri dam, reservoir, mountain view, water sports
Best Time To Visit: October – December

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5. Dhanaulti

The forest of Dhanaulti

Image Credit: Alokprasad for Wikipedia

Dhanaulti located in Tehri Garhwal district, Uttarakhand, is a hill station with beautiful views of nature and is also a very quiet place. It is a very famous tourist destination that is busy in both summer and winter. Many people prefer to visit in winter because of its stunning views of forest covered with snow. There are various types of trees like Deodar trees and tall oak trees.

There are many adventurous activities like plant-sapling activity, sky walking, sky bridge, flying fox, burma bridges, zip-line, quad-biking and horse rides. All these activities are conducted by the forest department for the tourists to have a fun experience. There are also two eco parks called Amber and Dhara and eco-tourist huts. Even Surkanda Devi temple is near to this place which is within 8 km. It is also a base point for many treks to the Himalayas. In the eco parks, there are various types of flora and fauna to explore, giving tourists a perfect destination to visit to spend a peaceful time in nature. The parks are open from 9 am – 5 pm and entry fee is Rs. 15 for adults and Rs. 10 for children. It takes about 2 hours to roam around the park and take amazing pictures.

Distance From Kanatal: 53.4 km
Best Known For: Dense forest, eco-parks, horse riding, plant sapling, eco-tourist huts
Best Time To Visit: March to June

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Now that you have a list of things to remember while planning a trip to Uttarakhand in winter have an amazing and adventurous trip through the beautiful forests and mountains. Kanatal is a beautiful place in Uttarakhand. This place offers various thrilling activities like trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, etc. Kanatal in winter offers mesmerising views that will leave a long-lasting impact on visitors. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kanatal In Winter

What are the measures to be taken while visiting Kanatal in winter?

The climate can be extremely cold during the winter which can go down to 1 degree Celsius or into minus temperature. It is recommended to carry thick and woollen clothing with gloves and caps to protect yourself.

Are there any adventurous activities in Kanatal?

There are many activities like hiking mountains, horse riding in the forests, jeep safari with visuals of wild animals, zip-line activity, skiing and many more.

Are there any campaigning options on the Kanatal Hill station?

Yes, there are a few options for staycation on the hills. There are also eco hunts and house boats and different types of house stays for unique experiences for the tourists.

Are there any popular fests conducted in Kanatal?

Dussehra is the most celebrated festival in Kanatal. There are many fairs and markets conducted and this festival is grandly celebrated with colourful streets and with many tourists. Carrying a camera to this festival would capture some unforgettable memories.

What is the mode of transport available to Kanatal?

There are all three modes of transport i.e., roadways, railways and airways are available. There are different routes available like one from Delhi and one from Rishikesh.

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