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The majestic mountains, the verdant terrains, and the famous lake in Bhimtal serve as an enchanting retreat for nature lovers. Those looking to dwell in solitude have a magical time hanging hats in the serene valleys of Bhimtal Snowfall. While the hill station is a pleasure to visit around the year, the dip in temperature and the chilly winter feels make it even more special and splendid. Wondering if Bhimtal experiences snowfall in the frosty winter months? Frankly, temperatures in the valley do wind down to a freezing zero degrees, and the frosty squall makes winters in Bhimtal unbelievably cold. However, the chances of experiencing Bhimtal snowfall are skimpy.
White snow-filled valleys or lush green burrows, Bhimtal is undeniably a sight to attract. But, the wintry feel in Bhimtal is what adds to a striking experience.

Explore The Places Near Bhimtal That Will Leave You Spell-Bound

Here are some places in and around Bhimtal to make your trip more serene and beautiful:

1. Bhimtal Lake

Some colorful boats at the Bhimtal Lake amidst the Bhimtal Snowfall in winters

Image Credit: Cruze17 for Wikimedia Commons

The Bhimtal Lake will surely be added to your itinerary if you wish to spend a day of solitude and tranquillity. It is a visual marvel that definitely needs to be relished. One of the highlights of Bhimtal Lake is the Victoria Dam, which was built at an elevation of 40 feet. The views from the dam are surely going to leave you spellbound. Spot a wide array of species as the Bhimtal Lake is surrounded by rich biodiversity. The colourful boats add to the charm of the lake. Boating is a great activity you can enjoy at Bhimtal Lake. Strolling around the Bhimtal Lake is one of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful setting sun.

Location – Bhimtal, Uttarakhand 263136
Timings – 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Nearby Restaurants – Pine Wood Restaurant, The Lake Hill Restaurant Cafe, New Do Baattii Restaurant

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2. Starscapes Observatory

Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of the Bhimtal lake after a heavy snowfall

Image Credit: Krishan09 for Wikimedia Commons

Observing the celestial wonders in the big sky in a small city like Bhimtal, away from the noise and pollution of city life, is just one of those rare opportunities you would not want to miss. It is a must-try, and you would get to observe the moon, the stars, and galaxies, and the sun during the day. There are many other activities and workshops that you can take part in, especially for curious minds and sky lovers.

Location – Naukuchia Tal Road Dungsil Malla Naukuchia, Tal, Uttarakhand 263136
Timings – 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Nearby Restaurants – Spice Restaurant, Balaji Kitchen Restaurant, Alt Cafe, New Do Baatti Restaurant

3. Hanuman Garhi

The Majestic Lord Hanuman Statue at the Hanuman Garhi Temple in Uttarakhand.

Image Credit: Sujit33471999 for Wikimedia Commons

The Hanuman Garhi Temple in Nainital is devoted to Lord Hanuman. Devotees of the mighty Hanuman come from faraway places to experience the spiritual charm of this beautiful temple surrounded by picturesque landscapes. The temple’s architecture is stunning, and the majestic statue of Lord Hanuman is a highlight.

Location – 9F85+5H8, Haldwani Road, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002
Timings – 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Nearby Restaurants – iHeart Cafe Himalayas, Belpatra Cafe and Kitchen, Naomi Cafe and Bakery

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4. Garg Parvat

The breathtaking view of Garg Parvat after Bhimtal snowfall

Image Credit: Diego Delso for Wikimedia Commons

No itinerary to Nainital is complete without a beautiful hill, all mountain lovers are definitely going to relate. Garg Parvat is adorned with lush green forests all around offering the most awe-striking views to all the tourists! The picturesque view of the breathtaking lake from the Garg Parvat is definitely going to leave you enchanted. Plan a visit to the Garg Parvat during the evening to watch the orange setting sun which is going to add even more charm to the charming Garg Parvat.

Location – Bhimtal, Nainital District, Uttarakhand
Timings – 24/7
Nearby Restaurants – Machan Restaurant Bhimtal, The Silverspoon, Hillway Bar And Restaurant

5. Butterfly Research Center

Explore the wide array of butterfly species at the Butterfly Research Center

Image Credit: ইব্রাহিম হাসান for Wikimedia Commons

All nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts are in for a treat if they plan to visit the Butterfly Research Center in the beautiful city of Bhimtal. At the Butterfly Research Center, spot the most beautiful exotic and various butterflies. The Butterfly Research Center is home to almost more than 240 species from all over the world, making it the fourth largest center to hold these stunning species. Attacus Atlas moth, Parnassiys, and the Snow Apollo are just some of the rare species to be found at this centre. These butterfly walks will let you enjoy the scenic views of the greenery all around as well. There is a very minimal fee of just 100 rupees to spend a day at the Butterfly Research Center.

Location – June’s Estate, Bhimtal, Bhowali Range, Uttarakhand 263136
Timings – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Nearby Restaurants – Let Me Dine Restaurant, The Colonial By Sea Hawk, Belpatra Cafe and Kitchen

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6. Bhimtal Island Aquarium

The Blue Oscar Fish in the Bhimtal Island Aquarium

Image Credit: Subhrajyoti07 for Wikimedia Commons

The Bhimtal Island Aquarium is surrounded by the famous and serene Bhimtal lake and dense greenery all around is not only a must-add for all wildlife enthusiasts but also for all foodies. A unique experience that should definitely be on your itinerary to explore the beautiful marine life consisting of more than 40 species of fish from many locations worldwide. Relish the most scrumptious food and the visual marvels all around. Enjoy dishes from various cuisines and some of Uttarakhand’s tastiest local delicacies; the local flavours will surely be toothsome!

Location – Aquarium Island, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand 263136
Timings – 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Nearby Restaurants – Cafe Veranda, Cafe Kumaon Local, Zooby’s Kitchen

7. Nal Damyanti Tal

The beautiful Nal Damyanti Tal after the snowfall in Bhimtal

Image Credit: Slyronit for Wikimedia Commons

Another gorgeous lake that is at a distance of just 2 km from Bhimtal is the Nal Damyanti Tal. It is very small in size and is located amidst the beautiful lush green trees all around. The lake gets its name from the love story of Damyanti and Nala, which we see in the Mahabharata. It is the perfect place to stroll around or plan a picnic and gives you the perfect quiet!

Location – 9G7M+3J8, Bhowali Range, Uttarakhand 263136
Timings – 24/7
Nearby Restaurants – Machan Restaurant Bhimtal, Let Me Dine Restaurant, HimRatna – The Junction Inn

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A trip to Bhimtal is the perfect retreat from the bustle of city life. All these locations are so close to each other that you only need a couple of days to cover all the famous tourist spots in Bhimtal snowfall. So, what are you waiting for? Take some days off from work and plan your trip to Bhimtal, a beautiful haven, as soon as possible; we promise it will send you back refreshed and rejuvenated!

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Cover Image Credit: Vyacheslav Argenberg for wikimedia commons

Frequently Asked Questions About Bhimtal Snowfall

When should I plan a vacation to Bhimtal?

Even though the weather is pleasant throughout the year, go to Bhimtal during winter for an even better experience of visiting all the beautiful spots.

What are some restaurants that I can eat at that are located in Bhimtal?

Enjoy some of the most scrumptious food at Cafe Veranda, Zooby’s Kitchen, The Silverspoon, and Hillway Bar And Restaurant.

If I want to enjoy the snowfall when should I plan a vacation to Bhimtal?

If you want to enjoy the beautiful snowfall, plan your vacation anytime between December and February.

What are the languages most commonly spoken in Bhimtal?

The most commonly spoken languages in Bhimtal are Garhwali and Hindi.

What are some great tourist attractions that I can add to my itinerary for Uttarakhand?

Jim Corbett National Park, Ranikhet, Dhanaulti, Joshimath, Shree Badrinath Temple, and Triveni Ghat Rishikesh.

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