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Kapildhara Waterfall is a picturesque natural wonder, located in Amarkantak region of Madhya Pradesh.It is the first waterfall that flows from Narmada Kund when the sacred river Narmada cascades down a 100-foot cliff into a gorge. The waterfall is surrounded by deep forests, hills, and has rich biodiversity around it, making it a gorgeous location. This Waterfall is not just a breathtaking site, but is a pilgrimage that holds religious significance. This makes the Waterfall an ideal place for nature lovers, adventure seekers and Hindu devotees. Narmada River and Narmada Kund that it forms, are the source of Kapildhara Falls. Narmada River is joined by two more rivers, Kapila and Erandi, to create the water current in the Kapildhara Falls. The gorge formed at the waterfall’s base is about 20 to 25 feet deep. It looks stunning being formed by the enormous power of the fall. There are some worn out steps leading to the waters that are difficult to use as they have been swept away. The visitors coming here should beware of the langurs and monkeys near the falls.

The Historical Significance Of Kapildhara Waterfall

The greenery around Kapildhara Waterfall

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Kapildhara Waterfall has been mentioned in old folklore. The name Kapildhara means ‘Kapil’s abode’. It is believed that the waterfall is named after the great sage Kapil, who used to be supposed to have lived there. Some scriptures claim that Sage Kapil or Kapil Muni underwent deep meditation here, which caused him to face extreme hardships, and as a result, he was granted divine illumination. This is where Kapil Muni wrote “Sankhya Philosophy,” a book on Mathematics.

The temple of Kapileshwar is located quite near to this Waterfall. The visitors to Kapildhara Falls, as a practice, gather stones from the sacred river Narmada and regard them as Shiva Lingams, called Narmadeshwar. At the temple, devotees hold the footsteps of Kapil Muni and Lord Kapileshwar Shiva sacred. Several caves in the mountains around Kapildhara waterfall are believed to be the site of various saints’ meditation and salvation experiences in the old times.

For several hundred years, this Waterfall and its surrounding area have been an integral part of not only Madhya Pradesh tourism but Indian tourism as well. For thousands of years, devotees have been visiting this sacred place, following the track of the holy Narmada River. Kapildhara Waterfall is a logical continuation of their spiritual quest.

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Activities Around Kapildhara Waterfall

The view of road to Amarkantak town

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Experience nature’s bounty while visiting Kapildhara Waterfall. Its biodiversity is a sight to behold. It is a wooded environment providing an ideal habitat for various flora and fauna. The waterfall, the surrounding hills, and the lush green valleys make the area look lovely. There are pathways and observation decks to help the visitors find their way and explore the area around them. The picturesque areas around the waterfall are photograph-worthy tourist locations, adding to Kapildhara Falls’ appeal to travel lovers. Due to the spiritual and environmental significance of the Waterfall, the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (MPTDC) has been promoting it as the state’s premier tourist site.

Eco-tourism has become quite popular here, with several tour companies promoting sustainable travel. Awareness campaigns are being run to educate visitors to absorb the natural beauty and tranquility of the area and feel a sense of responsibility towards the environment. Adventure tourism has also made a little name in Kapildhara, where organized trekking tours, camping, and wildlife safaris are conducted. These activities are a great way to enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Don’t miss out the delectable regional food at the eateries near Kapildhara Waterfall and in Amarkantak. Some good restaurants serve the flavour of Madhya Pradesh in the various dishes on the menu. Enjoy the regional specialities, such as Bhutte Ka Kees, Dal Baffla, and various local snacks, such as samosa, kachoris, jalebis, and more. You can also try the fully-loaded thali of Madhya Pradesh cuisine that will bring to you a variety of sweet and sour dishes.

Attractions Near Kapildhara Waterfall

Narmada Temple Complex at Amarkantak

Image Credit: Ms Sarah Welch for wikimedia commons

There are a lot of tourist-attracting big attractions close to Kapildhara Waterfall. The main attractions near the waterfall are Amarkantak Temple, Narmada Udgam Temple, Sangam of the Narmada and Son rivers, Kapil Dhara Waterfall, Sonmuda, Kabir Chabutra and more.

Amarkantak temple complex is a crucial pilgrimage site visited by devotees throughout the year. Several temples in the complex are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Goddess Narmada and more. Narmada Udgam temple is made on the spot of origin of River Narmada, one of the holiest rivers of India that is said to be flowing backwards. The temple holds spiritual significance for the pilgrims.

Dudh Dhara falls is another critical site near the Waterfall that is famous for its milky white water and hence its name. You can also visit Sonmuda, near Kapildhara Waterfall, which is the origin point of Sone River and offers breathtaking views during sunrise and sunset.

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Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Kapildhara Waterfall is September onwards

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The best time to visit Kapildhara Waterfall is September through January, essentially the post-monsoon season. After the monsoon, the waterfall is at its most impressive. During the Monsoon, we recommend you to avoid your visit here, as due to torrential rains, there are chances of slippages and stone fallings. Winters are enjoyable in this area as the weather becomes cool and dry.

How To Reach

Kapildhara Waterfall is easily accessible by road

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To reach Kapildhara Waterfall, you need to first reach Amarkantak, from where the falls are about six kilometers away. Amarkantak is about 120 kilometres away from Bilaspur, about 230 kilometres away from Raipur and approximately 245 kilometres away from Jabalpur. Pendra Road Railway Station is the nearest railway station to reach here. When traveling to the Waterfall, renting a car is preferable.

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While enjoying the tranquil surroundings of Kapildhara Waterfall, the visitors can also participate in yoga and meditation classes provided by several resorts here. Reaching the falls is easy due to better road infrastructure. Our guided tours also make it comfortable and hassle free for you. For those looking for a little adventure away from the busy city life, the waterfall is appealing. The Kapildhara Waterfall, located close to Kapildhara Waterfall, is revered as a long-standing holy shrine and a magnificent natural beauty. Take a trip to Madhya Pradesh to explore the natural beauty and history of Kapildhara Waterfall.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kapildhara Waterfall

Where is Kapildhara located?

Kapildhara Waterfall is a scenic natural wonder, a 100-foot tall waterfall, located in Amarkantak region of Madhya Pradesh.

Can I visit Kapildhara Waterfall during the Monsoon?

The Monsoon season in Madhya Pradesh is a time of heavy rains and often floods. The area around Kapildhara Waterfall is likely to get slippery and dangerous. Therefore, it is not recommended to visit the waterfall during the rainy season. The post Monsoon season is an optimum time to visit when the waterfall is at its scenic best.

Is there any entry fee to see Kapildhara Waterfall?

The entry to Kapildhara Waterfall is free of cost and it is open to the public.

What can I explore around Kapildhara Waterfall?

There are many attractions near Kapildhara Waterfall which you can enjoy visiting with your family, they are Amarkantak Temple, Narmada Udgam temple, Sangam of the Narmada and Son rivers, Kapil Dhara waterfall, Sonmuda, Kabir Chabutra and more.

Is Kapildhara Waterfall suitable for trekking?

Yes, the area around Kapildhara Waterfall is rich in biodiversity and therefore ideal for trekking to explore its natural beauty. There are trips organised around the waterfall to help visitors explore their way.

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