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The water from the river Narmada cutting through the mighty marble mountains shaping it the way she likes can be one of the best scenes of your life to watch, isn’t it? Yes, we are speaking about one of the unique beauties called Jabalpur. Jabalpur is a place where one can see the 100 feet tall mountains coming to life in various forms. The forts, the flowing river, and the lush green Nature amaze the travelers completely. The surreal beauty of Jabalpur has to be experienced by all at least once in their lifetime. Located in Central India, Jabalpur has a lot of destinations and attractions that can allure every kind of traveler.

When you are here, we are sure that the child in you would indulge in fun because of the great history and heritage the place has. The episodes of Jabalpur can be seen in some of the important history books and also the folklores. There are a number of places located around the town that are worth a visit. For instance, there are many hill stations near Jabalpur that you can consider exploring after spending quality time in this town of Madhya Pradesh.

12 Hill Stations Near Jabalpur

Apart from all these things, Jabalpur is also blessed with a lot of other hill-stations nearby that can be explored when you are here. In this write-up, we have written about a few hill-stations that are worth visiting when you are in this beautiful city.

  • Pachmarhi: Admire The Natural Views
  • Adilabad: A Hidden Gem
  • Netarhat: For Lush Green Forests
  • Ranakpur: Home To Famous Jain Temples
  • Saputara: The Place Of Bewitching Beauty
  • Nainital: Rest In The Lap Of Himalayas
  • Mount Abbott: Covered With A Sheet Of Snow
  • Papikondalu: Green Paddy Fields
  • Bhandardara: Famous For Mesmerizing Views
  • Shivpuri: Explore The Ruins
  • Amarkantak: A Pilgrimage Site
  • Tamiya: A Quaint Place For Nature Buffs

1. Pachmarhi: Admire The Natural Views


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Pachmarhi is one of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and this is one of the closest hill-stations that one must-visit when they are in Jabalpur. The lush green forests cover the entire hill-stations and make it one of the beautiful sights to behold. Traveling to Pachmarhi during the monsoon can be a treat to the pair of eyes. Pachmarhi boasts of reliable history and culture that dates back to centuries. One can visit the Pandava Caves, Bee Falls, and Jata Shankar Caves during their stay in Pachmarhi.

Places To Visit: Bee Falls, Dhoopgarh, Satpura National Park, Jata Shankar Caves
Places To Stay: Pachmarhi Ecotel, Hotel Paradise, Hotel Alka, Hotel Lucky Palace, Shree Tourist Motel
Ideal Duration: 2 Nights/3 Days

Distance from Jabalpur: 138 km
Best time to visit: October to June
Things to do:

  • Exploring some of the best waterfalls like Duchess Falls and the Bee falls that gushes vivaciously is one of the must-do things when you are in Pachmarhi.
  • Hiking to the nearby hills and exploring caves can also be an exciting activity to do when you are here.

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2. Adilabad: A Hidden Gem


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The state of Telangana also houses some of the best hill-stations, and one such gem is Adilabad. This quaint hill-station, located in the Northern region of Telangana state, is known as the ‘Gateway to the Central and South-India. The melody from the musical waterfalls and the refreshing breeze rejuvenates you the very moment you step into Adilabad. Hence, this is one of the most picturesque hill-stations that are close to Jabalpur. When you are here, you must visit the Pochera Falls, Gayatri Falls, and Kanakai Falls along with the Kadam Dam.

Distance from Jabalpur: 397 km
Best time to visit: October to March
Things to do:

  • Temple-hopping can be one of the things to be added on to the list of to-do-things when you are in Adilabad as the city boasts of some magnificent temples like the Janath Temple, Basar Saraswathi Temple, and the Kalwa Narasimha Swamy Temple.
  • Spending time taking a walk on the Kadam Dam can also be a fantastic activity to do when you are in Adilabad.

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3. Netarhat: For Lush Green Forests


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This mesmerizing hill-station is called the Queen of Chotanagpur. Located in the state of Jharkhand, Netarhat is one of the must-visit hill-stations when you are in Jabalpur. This place is an abode of the tribal community Asur; thus, the culture of the area is pretty intact. Netarhat is loaded with some of the most ravishing waterfalls like the Upper Ghaghri Falls, Lower Ghaghri Falls, Koel View Point, Lodh Falls, and Sadni Falls that gushes amidst the lush green forests. So, when you are in Jabalpur, you have yet another go-to hill-station.

Distance from Jabalpur: 479 km
Best time to visit: November to March
Things to do:

  • Take a walk to the Chotanagpur village and spend time understanding the tribal life and their customs.
  • Spend time hiking up to the nearby hills and capture the moments through your lens.

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4. Ranakpur: Home To Famous Jain Temples


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Rajasthan, the princely state, attracts every kind of travelers with its charisma. The state is blessed with numerous attractions and destinations that can allure anyone. One such beautiful and quaint hill-station that one can visit from Jabalpur is Ranakpur. The Aravali Ranges here hides this beautiful place carefully in her bosom, making it one of the best hill-stations to visit. Known for its magnificent temples, Ranakpur is worth considering a visit. Sun temple, The Muchhal Mahavir Temple, and the Gajanand Temple are some of the most famous Jain temples around this place.

Places To Visit: Ranakpur Jain Temple, Surya Narayan Temple, Muchhal Mahavir Temple, Ranakpur Dam

Distance from Jabalpur: 660 km
Best time to visit: October to February
Things to do:

  • Taking a tour around some of the cultural places nearby is the best option
  • Spending time surrendering to the divine atmosphere of the Jain temples can also be one of the things to do when you are in Ranakpur.

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5. Saputara: The Place Of Bewitching Beauty


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Nestled safely in the Sahyadri Mountains, Saputara is one of the most beguiling hill-stations located in the state of Gujarat. The pristine mountains tucked safely in the chest of Mother Nature are a bewitching beauty to enjoy. The cascading waterfalls flowing straight from the heart of the lush green forest adds charm to the place. Saputara Lake, Saputara Museum, and Purna Sanctuary are some of the prominent attractions of this mesmeric hill-station.

Places To Visit: Artist Village – Witness Saputara’s Art, Echo Point – Absorb The Surreal Views, Rose Garden – Lose Yourself In Beauty, Pandava Gufa – Explore The History
Places To Stay: The Gateway Hotel Ambad Nashik, GD Hotel, Chaitanya Green Park, IBIS Nashik, Hotel Iris
Distance from Jabalpur: 665 km
Best time to visit: March to June
Things to do:

  • Go swimming and bathing at the Gira Waterfalls
  • Saputara is rich in wildlife; hence, spotting wild animals and birds can also be one of the best things to do here.

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6. Nainital: Rest In The Lap Of Himalayas

Mango Lake

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The word Nainital is not a place; it is an emotion to a lot of people. Nainital has been one of the most charming hill-stations in the laps of Himalayas. The sight of this fabulous place is a genuine beauty, and one can make every moment of their travel a memorable one here. When you are exploring Nainital, do not miss paying a visit to the Naini Lake, Tiffin Top, and Naina Devi temple.

Places To Visit: Naini Lake, Sariyatal, Ramgarh, Lover’s Point, Pangot & Kilbury Bird Sanctuary 
Places To Stay: The Naini Retreat, Hotel Villa Astoria, Manu Maharani Regency, The Pavilion Hotel
Ideal Duration: 3 Nights/4 Days

Distance from Jabalpur: 698 km
Best time to visit: March to June and October
Things to do:

  • There are a lot of viewpoints in Nainital that are pretty famous for Sunrise and sunsets
  • Nainital is filled with abundant scenic views hence; photography can also be one of the best things to consider

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7. Mount Abbott: Covered With A Sheet Of Snow

Mount Abbott

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Cuddled in the mesmeric and the cozy Himalayan ranges, Mount Abbott in Uttarakhand is one of the prettiest hill-stations to visit from Jabalpur. It is a quiet hill-station and not known to many people; hence, the serenity of the place is intact. So, if you want to escape from the chaotic city, then, Abbott Mount is the place. Mayawati Ashram, Lohaghat, and Pancheswar are the nearby attractions that you could choose to visit from Abbott Mount.

Distance from Jabalpur: 706 km
Best time to visit: March to November
Things to do:

  • Waking up to the melody of the chirping birds and basking in the real wilderness, exploring the Himalayan ranges.
  • Trekking, photography and exploring the nearby peaks are the other things to do when you are here

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8. Papikondalu: Green Paddy Fields


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The lush green paddy fields kissing the ground can be a fantastic sight to behold. Papikondalu is one such hill-station that is surrounded by these mesmeric paddy fields, the sparkling water from the river Godavari and the lovely peaks. The sight of this hill-station can delight your heart and calm your soul completely. When you are here visiting the attractions like Gandi Pochamma temple and the Jammalapuram temple is a must.

Distance from Jabalpur: 714 km
Best time to visit: October to march
Things to do:

  • Trek to the Papikondalu hills for a breath-taking view of the nearby towns and cities
  • There is several other temple towns nearby that you could visit during your stay at Papikondalu

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9. Bhandardara: Famous For Mesmerizing Views


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The city of Mumbai is not just limited to fashion and fantasy world, and it is beyond that. One can get to explore all these things when they are slightly curious. One such hill-station that is located near Mumbai is the Bhandardara. Bhandardara has created a lot of buzz in and around Mumbai as one of the beautiful hill-stations. Its people’s favorite because of the serene ambiance and the location. The famous Kalsubai peak is located in this hill-station, making it all the more prominent.

Distance from Jabalpur: 721 km
Best time to visit: June to March
Things to do:

  • Trek to the tallest peak in Sahyadris, the Kalsubai peak
  • Photography, birding and exploring the nearby waterfalls is must when you are in Bhandardara

10. Shivpuri: Explore The Ruins


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Another one of the best hill stations near Jabalpur is this gem of a town – Shivpuri. A city that has its floors covered with a myriad of Royal timeless ruins, this town of Madhya Pradesh is like no others. Right from offering the finest blend of cultures to showcasing the richness in its natural beauty, Shivpuri steals the hearts of an extensive number of travelers. It is believed that Lord Shiva resided in this quaint town for a period, hence the name. Dense forests, exotic wildlife, glittering temples, and magnificent monuments define the experience of this town.

Distance from Jabalpur: 458 kms
Best time to visit: December to February
Things to do:

  • Pay a visit to Madhav National Park and witness some of the most exquisite local wildlife of Madhya Pradesh including Chital, Heron, Purple Sunbird, and more.
  • Stroll around and lose yourself in the enthralling beauty of the most iconic monument of Madhya Pradesh – Chhatri. Do not forget to capture its extravagant architecture!

11. Amarkantak: A Pilgrimage Site


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Amarkantak is not only one of the popular hill stations near Jabalpur but is also a famous pilgrimage site for many believers. With an extensive number of natural wonders covering its floors including waterfalls, ponds, jungles, and hills, this destination is heaven on earth for nature enthusiasts. The various ashrams located in this region are what attracts numerous pilgrims all year long. Sitting in Anuppur, this hill station is located at the spot where the ranges of Satpura and Vindhya merge into each other.

Places To Visit: Shri Yantra Mandir, Narmada Kund & Temples, Kapil Dhara Fall, Mrityunjay Ashram
Distance from Jabalpur: 223 kms
Best time to visit: October to February
Things to do:

  • Visit the Narmada Kund and pay homage to the source of the Narmada River. This is one of the holiest places located in Amarkantak.
  • Marvel at the architecture of the various ancient temples of the Kalachuri group.
  • Seek blessings at the famous Hindu Temple of Shri Yantra Mandir. This temple also exhibits a marvelous structure.

12. Tamiya: A Quaint Place For Nature Buffs


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For those who seek to visit one of the unexplored and uncommercialized hill stations near Jabalpur can definitely consider paying a visit to Tamiya. The lesser crowds are exactly what makes it a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. This hill station resides in the very heart of the renowned Satpura National Park and offers some of the most stunning views of the landscapes that are spread as far as the eye can see. This hill station is the perfect respite for all the nature lovers out there!

Distance from Jabalpur: 277 kms
Best time to visit: October to March
Things to do:

  • Explore the jungles and forests to witness the vibrant flora of the Satpura National Park.
  • Relax, rejuvenate, and embrace the tranquility that reeks from the corners of this tiny, unspoiled hill station.

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These are some of the hill-stations that one could plan to visit from Jabalpur. Getting the first-hand experience in all these places can be a fantastic thing to happen. Well, if you love weaving travel stories, then these destinations would undoubtedly have significant contributions. So, are you ready to travel to these hill-stations to explore the real beauty?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hill Stations Near Jabalpur

Is Jabalpur a safe place for traveling alone?

Yes, it is safe to travel alone since it is one of the prominent tourist spots in Madhya-Pradesh

What are the wildlife destinations that we can visit near Jabalpur?

Bandhavgarh National Park, Kanha National Park, and Panna National Park are the three main National parks that you can visit from Jabalpur.

Is Khajuraho close to Jabalpur?

Khajuraho is at a distance of 250 km; hence, planning for a day-trip from Jabalpur is entirely possible.

Is Jabalpur well-connected to all the major cities?

Yes, Jabalpur is well-connected to all the significant cities; hence, there is no need to worry about commutation.

Are all these hill-stations mentioned above, having suitable accommodation and food facilities?

Yes, all the hill-stations mentioned above are the top-most visited places. Hence, finding accommodation here is pretty straightforward.

Are all these hill-stations family-friendly destinations?

Yes, all these hill-stations are family-friendly destinations.

Are there best hotels and restaurants at all these hill-stations?

Yes, most of these hill-stations offer wide variety of food choices to everyone

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